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    just a person

    I know that lots of people if they were in my situation would also be a rasha, but because they’re not they walk around being normal people and im the rasha. dont tell me that everyone has their nisyonos blah blah blah im not talking about good people who worked on themselves and everything who MAYBE would have withstood if they were me also, im talking about people who never worked on any middos who are normal people, sometimes speak lashan hara, sometimes come late to davening, sometimes bitul torah,. yet they’re not reshaim just because theyre not me. IF they’d be me they’d also be a rasha I’m sure, so why am I a rasha?


    Why do you think you are a rasha?
    You have a heilige neshame.

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    Can you translate that into English please


    rasha- evil person
    heilige neshame- Holy Soul


    Ein adam meisim atzmo rasha.

    Used to be a guy in my yeshiva who would walk around saying “oy what a rasha I am”. I went to him and said “oy lerasha oy leshcheino. Hi neighbor!”

    He wasn’t happy with that
    We’re all going to the place of fire, but at 350 you bake and at 500 you burn. Keep the fires closer to 350 not 500.

    Reb Eliezer

    A person is not believed when he says he is a rasha. He is not suppose to give up but to strive to improve himself. This is the purpose of life to climb the ladder slowly to reach the heavens as Yakov Avinu envisioned in his dream.


    “We’re all going to the place of fire, but at 350 you bake and at 500 you burn. Keep the fires closer to 350 not 500.”
    Celsius or Fahrenheit?

    just a person

    so u dont believe me. too bad.
    “We’re all going to the place of fire, but at 350 you bake and at 500 you burn. Keep the fires closer to 350 not 500.”
    why will i be at 500 and everyone else a t 350/


    If you’re complaining that it’s not fair that other people get more reward than you because they have fewer/easier nisyonos, that’s silly and simply not true.

    לפום צערא אגרא

    talmud student

    Your not a Rasha .. Evil people don’t look at themselves as evil … trust me I know from experience .
    What you are is an sensitive person in a world which the leadership are people who don’t work on the same emotional plain as you .
    My advice is
    1- accept that you are not perfect
    2- nobody else is perfect either .. some of those who look it are just smart but have many sins behind the scenes .
    3- don’t compare yourself to others altogether.
    4- accept that your perfection is going to take many years
    5- work on small things that are middos oriented and eventually ( like in a year ) you can start working on other areas of Avodas Hashem .

    Hatzlocha !!!


    Honestly speaking, assuming this isn’t yet another CR troll thread, it’s a cry for help. The CR is NOT the place for this. You need a good mashgiach/rebbe who knows you and your particular matzav. I wish you hatzlacha.


    People often mixup psychological disturbance with spiritual failure. A person who walks around thinking that others think he’s a rasha is most likely suffering from depression, OCD, or paranoia. Really evil people generally think very highly of themselves & excuse their bad behavior. Please seek the help of a doctor who’s able to treat emotional pain. There’s no reason for you to walk around feeling so much pain Inside.


    Don’t look at yourself as a rasha (Perek Aleph Tanya)


    Mr Haimy.
    Who says psychological disturbance is separate from spiritual failure. I forgot where I learnt it but it says somewher when a person does an aveirah that person went insane for that moment. If so through logic one would conclude that a rusha is insane, or in other words psychologically disturbed all the time.

    Reb Eliezer

    Lubavitcher, Don’t refer to the Tanya when you have the Mishna (יהודא ןעוד לקרא) in Pirkei Avos, פרק ב’ משנה י”ג – ואל תהי רשע בפני עצמך Don’t be a rasha before yourself.


    We are judged by the only ONE who can judge, by our context in life, by the opportunities and challenges, but our starting point and our journey. Most importantly, you have a Father with a capital letter who loves you, who yearns for the good you bring to the world. I’m not a Chabadnik, but if you have concerns about being a rasha, I recommend learning some Tanya. Most of us are beinonim. We are in the middle, we have our battles, we lose many of them, and we lose sight of the one’s we win.

    At the same time, if you find that you are hard on yourself or negative about your lot in life, you may have some anxiety or depression. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, and getting help will help you immeasurably. Find a qualified, licensed professional, do the hard work in therapy, and your life will change.

    You are not a rasha. The very fact that you feel bad, that you have charata means that you have a powerful inner strength.

    just a person

    learn tanya. what a gr8 idea. he says most people are beinonim your true but nothing to do withanything. and besides that its the most depressing book invented. i thought cghassidim are just into being happy and dancing around with shnopps but thats not chabads derech. thanx 4 ur advice.


    Evil people don’t look at themselves as evil

    I would challenge that assertion.

    The Wolf

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