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    a friend of mine was dating a guy for her first time, the guy dumped her based on her inexperiencce in dating otherwise I see it as being a wonderful match! My friend was heartbroken ’cause she really liked him. anyway she ended up getting engaged last month and now I hear rumours this guy is very jelous that he lost out… Too bad now!! My friend deserves better. and she definitely did get better than that stuborn guy that wouldn’t even give the her a chance. He baldly took advantage of the fact that she was a first timer. and he used her to raise his self esteem, that is probably very low… Apparently this guy does it to a zilion girls, she’s not the only oneit has happened to… he makes believe he’s really interested when in truth he’s not planning to commit in the slightest.. more over theres rumour hes afraid to commit. the nebach, he would just date a girl for the fun of it and then dump her. I really feel it’s something I should take up with a rav, as this guy should not be redt anymore girls until he’s mature enough to date girls that are compatible with him, and not to just lead them on for the fun of it!! It poshut makes me sick, just thinking about it. theres sooo many AMAZING girls and theres no good boys around. All the garbage is being labled good ’cause there is nothing else.. I honestly feel like publishing his name if not for the fact that it’s lashon hara. This guy is poshut a lowlife that has a frum costume. Girls learn to choose your cards carefully when it comes to agreeing to go out. Don’t go out with a guy unless youve checked him out tharoughly, cause some think that they can do whatever they want, since there is a shortage of boys they will get a great girl anyway!! GIRLS BE PICKY!!!! so what if there is so many of us we should still get what we deserve!! It’s a lifetime decision. every person is worth far more than a million bucks, don’t sell yourself cheap.

    am yisrael chai
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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