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    Did anyone else ever wonder why seminaries are so expensive? why are yeshivas in the states and Israel able to charge $10,000-$14,000 for tuition with scholarships available but seminaries must charge $20,000 and above with no scholarships available. Does it not seem hypocritical, when the heads of seminaries teach the girl that they must sacrifice their lifestyles so their husbands can learn while they themselves are living comftorably off large sums of our hard earned money which they get from charging such high tuitions. Its hypocritical. Does the concept of mechanchim sacrificing their standards of living not apply to those who teach in seminaries.Does it not apply to those who themselves, teach these concepts to their students. Seminaries are an unnecessary burden on helpless parents who realize that if they dont send there daughter to seminary it will be just another strike against them for shiduchim. If yeshivas which are actually fulfilling the fathers obligation to teach there son torah as well as the sons obligation to learn torah can manage with charging less so can seminaries which are a posotive experience for the girl but not as vital as a yeshiva is for a boy. Must a family living off $80,000 a year which is not alot for frum standards, go into debt to ensure that there numerous daughters go to seminary, like everyone else. The current system is extremely problamatic and there must be some changes implimented because things canot continue like this.


    My seminary had a sticker price of $16,800, of which we were only charged about $13,000 in total, of which my parents contributed only $6,000. There are plenty of scholarships available, and plenty of seminaries are more than willing to work with students to figure out a reasonable payment plan. The problems you speak of are blown way out of proportion and in part stam not true.


    OOM, My daughter’s sem was $18,000. The only help we got was from Masa, still had to pay many thousands plus airfare etc. I’m glad for your parents it wasn’t terribly costly but for many it is.


    I second OOM.

    Welcome back OOM! I missed your posting.


    yeshivos can fund raise and fund raise and have dinners….. people give them money – no one gives seminaries money. that’s why.

    Besides, yeshivos in Israel get $ from gov.


    I think its simple supply and demand. They know you want to attend and are willing to pay. Just like most things in life.


    OOM which scholarships did u use…im going to sem in aug and i still didnt find any scholarships other than fafsa and masa


    The question is, where is the money going?

    Sem teachers don’t seem very affluent to me. Unless I’m wrong and they’re millionares dressed in tatters.

    ah talmid

    Rent, food, salaries, utilities, maintenance, supplies, etc.


    commonsense: There are a plethora of scholarships available to those who enroll in an Israel option program. Most people in my seminary ended up paying even less than I did. It’s the same as paying for college–it’s all a matter of how much you exert yourself to find resources.

    Torah613Torah: lol, thanks. Midterms–you know how it is. 😛

    ticke me pink: I actually only used Masa and FAFSA. They really covered my needs, so I didn’t look much further. Search the CR, though–I remember there being a few threads on the topic.


    They aren’t expensive at all. Any decent school costs 50k a year.


    “Any decent school costs 50k” A basic rule of ecenomics is supply and demand. Therefore Harvard and other ivy league univesities are able to charge 50k(54k to be exact).They are so sought after that they can charge this significant amount. Keep in mind that 70% of students at harvard receive financial assistance, with the average student on a scholarship paying only $11,400. Its simply not true that any decent school charges 50k, only the best of the best do so ,but they still offer generous scholarships to their students who need them. Seminaries on the other hand charge exorbitant sums of money universally, without differentiating between a highly sought after seminaries and a second class seminary. No seminaries offer generous scholarships in the amounts listed above ,so do not try to compare seminaries to “any decent school”


    A large part of the cost is for room and board but it is unfair to compare with an Ivy League college. Seminaries have a much higher staff to student ratio and they try to make their trips and Shabbatonim as nice as they can with the funds available.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    interjection- most seminaries have only a few trips the whole year. Not enough to add up to 20k.


    After scholarships my daughters tuition cost me 5600 out of pocket.


    Why are designer clothes so expensive?


    ” Any decent school costs 50k a year.”

    Decent schools man dechar shemay?

    The point about hypocrisy is absurd. They are preaching what they practice, albeit they found a more lucrative “kosher” job than 99% of girls in that lifestyle. And they are in it for the money, so what exactly would be the reason to charge less than they can?


    What is it with man dachar shamay lately?? I’m glad I looked it up the first time.

    This whole thread makes no sense. Scholarships inflate tuition inflates branding.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    VM and squeak, +1 (each).

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