Why are tefillin removed before the recitation of hallel?

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    Why are tefillin removed before the recitation of hallel?


    To clarify, The OP probably means on chol hamoed.

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    copy paste from torah musings . com

    By: Rabbi Ari Enkin

    On Rosh Chodesh the tefillin are removed before Mussaf.[1] [2]

    The second reason tefillin are removed before Mussaf is in order to add a Yom Tov flavor to the day. As Mussaf represents the Yom Tov nature of Rosh Chodesh the tefillin are removed at that time.[3] In fact, some authorities recommend removing the tefillin before the Torah reading as it also represents the Yom Tov nature of the day.[4] There are also those who recommend removing the tefillin before Hallel for the same reason.[5] Some suggest removing the tefillin after the Torah is returned to the aron kodesh.[6] Nevertheless, the halacha is not in accordance with any of these views.[7]

    [8] Once the tefillin are removed they are usually just placed on a table and not properly put away and in most cases they are not even wrapped up. The reason for this is in order to minimize the interruption between the kaddish and the start of Mussaf.[9] Nevertheless, the tefillin should at least be covered before one begins Mussaf.[10]

    Although this approach is normative and based on kabbalisitc considerations,[12] [13] [14] Indeed, this approach is consistent with other occasions when there is some form of an interruption before Mussaf. For example, in most congregations the rabbi delivers the Shabbat morning drasha *before* the kaddish is recited. In this way, Mussaf can commence immediately after the kaddish with no interruptions.[15]

    Furthermore, leaving the tefillin exposed and unwrapped for the duration of Mussaf is unbecoming the reverence owed to them. In fact, according to halacha, whenever one removes tefillin one is to wrap and put away the shel-rosh before even removing the shel yad! There does not seem to be any good reason why this halacha should be ignored on Rosh Chodesh.[16] Folding the tefillin during the repetition of Mussaf is also not an option as one is required to listen attentively to the repetition and not engage in any other activities.[17] As such, the tefillin are left unwrapped and exposed for an exceptionally long time.[18]

    Therefore, it appears to me that the ideal procedure on Rosh Chodesh would be to remove, wrap, and put away the tefillin before the kaddish is recited. Once everyone finishes putting away their tefillin the kaddish can be recited and the entire congregation can begin Mussaf at once without any interruption. As mentoned, this is conssitent with other occasions when there is an interruption before Mussaf.

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    Who wears tefilin on chol hamoed? Litfaks!


    I believe that among those who wear tefilin on chol hamoed, when they lein kol habechor, they leave tefillin on through leining instead of removing before hallel that day.

    In EY, almost no one wears tefillin on chol hamoed because they follow the hanhagos of the GR”A.



    On Chol hamoed tefilin are removed before hallel, except 1st day chh”m pesach, because we lain (not kol habechor) kadesh and vehoyo ki yeviacho which are two of the parshes in the tfilin

    GG yekke

    Aaron Chaim: on 1st day chh”m pesach when do you take off your tefilin; straight after Hagbah or once the sefer torah is back in the aron hakodesh?


    Good question. I don’t know. What do they do in the GGBH?

    Most people I have seen taking them off during revi’i, or hagba etc, but i don’t feel this is correct. (I personally don’t wear tfilin in shul on chol hamoed, but that is another story)


    A hasid would point out that only occurs among misnagdim and only on Hol ha-Moed (not on Rosh Hodesh or Hanukah), and is due to the fact that deep in their hearts the misnagdim know they weren’t really supposed to be putting on tefillin on Hol ha-Moed to begin with. :–)


    “due to the fact that deep in their hearts the misnagdim know they weren’t really supposed to be putting on tefillin on Hol ha-Moed to begin with. :–)”

    Interesting theory considering the RMA not only writes that one should wear tefillin on chol hamoed, but he says one should make a bracha on the tefillin (siman lamed alef sif beis).


    GG Yekke,

    I found out that in GGBH (Munks) tfilin are removed during hagba glila of the first sefer torah on 1st day chol hamoed pesach.

    I would be very interested to hear what other established minhagim there are around the world.

    I also know that in Bobov, bochurim wear tfilin on chol hamoed. Does anyone know the reason for this?

    GG yekke

    In GGBH most people take off during hagbah but we (my family) take off once the sefer torah is back in the aron hakodesh as my grandfather showed us a halacha that one can’t take off ones teffilin when the sefer torah is out of the aron hakodesh because when you take off your teffilin you are being megaleh your head – i’ll try find where the halachah is


    the taz holds that those who don’t say keser should wear tfillin by mussaf. the ‘yom tov flavor’ theory is weak. lan’d even those who say keser should wear tfillin by mussaf as it states in the torah to wear tfillin v’dok.


    A major reason not to wear Tefilin on Chol Hamoed is the Zohar.


    the gemara in moed katan and yerushalmi are very mashma that we wear tfillin chol hamoed. the shvus Yaakov has a major tshuva regarding this where he demonstrates quite conclusively that we wear tfillin chol hamoed. the Zohar is a medrash and can be understood differently.


    1st weekday Chol haMoed Pesach waiting until after Sheslishi is not exlusive to Yekkes, and is kept on till then, so one can Kiss the tefiilin as Parshas Tefillin is being read from the Toroh.

    On Chol haMoed Sukkos Tefillin must be removed prior to Hallel as they may possibly constitute a Chatzitzah when when holding Arba Minim, such that even Chazzan has to remove them prior to Hallel, whereas on Chol haMoed Pesach the Chazzan keeps them on until after Hallel since avoiding Tircho dTzibur trumps the Yom Tov atmosphere of removing Hallel prior to Hallel.

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