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    And no, I don’t mean that in the Mesillas Yesharim sense…

    Time and time again, I’ve come across discussion of what the Coffee Room is the “appropriate forum” for. People show up with halachic questions, and many of the denizens here flock immediately to the thread with the intention of either answering these questions or roundly criticizing the OP for the idiocy of bringing a halachic query to us in the first place.

    Other times, people are variously criticized for posting about:

    1. Personal problems

    2. “Inflammatory” subjects, usually involving a hot button issue such as tznius, various and sundry secular mediums, dating or being machmir/meikel in various common situations.

    3. Kashrus

    4. Personal minhagim.

    5. Pretty much anything.

    So here’s a meta-post for you guys: why are we here? What is it that you think the Coffee Room exists to accomplish? What subjects do or do not belong here, and why do you think so?

    Sound off, ladies and gentlemen.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Mostly, to have fun. We enjoy the discussion.


    So that people can give their opions and not feel emberassed by them or feel they will be judged,wich i feel is a major problem in the Jewish community. Plus people can get advice from all sorts of people they wouldnt noramly be able to


    those who come for #1 have problems with 2,3,4… Those who come for 3,4 have problems with 1 and 2. Those who come to troll are #5. Ah, the beauty of a machlokes 🙂


    saysme-so true,nothing more right or beautiful in the world then Jews argueing….over Torah of course..,or anything in the cr


    Why am I here? Because I like it here!

    YWN CR is a place where I can use my native Yeshivish rather than speaking pure English; where I don’t have to google every other reference and then regret it; where I can use the internet and still be frum, and other reasons.

    For intellectual stimulation there are my academic peers, for spiritual aspirations there are my Bais Yaakov friends, for support I have family and close friends and mentors.

    But when it comes to the intersection of dealing with being frum in the outside world – the CR comes closest to a place where I can talk about both, and there are others in the same boat.

    And that is my serious answer to your somewhat serious question.

    Oh Shreck!

    To keep myself off the streets..

    (I’m here less now, because of the “Mesillas Yesharim sense”)


    People enjoy spending time (even over the internet) with others that they have something in common with. It is mainly because they fell validation for the way they are. It also reinforces ideas that one believes to be true to see that others hold those same beliefs.


    to serve Hashem


    secularfrummy, is that why you are here?


    I’m here to see the narishkeit the frum community is up to next, straight from the source…Yeshiva World Coffee Room.


    A good portion of folks are here to do as I said in my first post, though.


    I am here because I have nothing better to do Bein Hasdorim, and I enjoy the banter (before it gets worse) and the occasional intellectual challenge. The humour, as well, is a great pull to the site (Although most of the good threads, unfortunately, start about 4 years ago!)

    But the main reason we are all here is to serve Popa with untainted faith and pure devotion, and to drink his every word with a thirst created by nothing less than Lethal Beans and Pickles.


    Maybe you are here to seek validation for *your* beliefs, secularfrummy. Another case of Projection.


    Perhaps. But you are pretty quick to judge that my handle has anything to do with my hashkafa…


    “Lachem. V’lo lo.”


    Are you calling me a rasha?


    No. That’s not something that can be determined by an internet forum.


    The reason I ask is because the quote you responded to me with was clearly from the rasha portion of the hagaddah. So I am only inferring. I need to work on being dan lekaf zechus.


    But, you are correct. Nobody can be judged on an internet forum. Perhaps that is why we all come here. A step away from our regular lives.


    That’s the real point. Express your own thoughts and try to let other people express theirs without trying to think for them.


    My rebbi told me to come here, and never told me to leave. So I guess I’m stuck here.


    secularfrummy-you just made a very good point,nobody can be judged on an internet forum AND no one can be judged in day to day life,Hashem is the only judge and we alll have to remember that in our lives! one of the reasons people like the cr is because they can say their opinions and know they wont be looked at diffrently something not gaurnteed in life at all


    Yiddishemeidle…I totally agree. But doesn’t that bother you? That you can only express your true opinions on an internet forum? Wouldn’t it be great to, in person, speak you opinion, to your family, friends and community with no fear of being ostracized?

    Papa…I always get a laugh from you. You are great


    Ari free…No one is trying to think for anybody. I am simply expressing my opinion and allowing others to respond. Not to different from what you and I are engaging in at this moment.


    I’m here for the taco’s where are they?


    secularfrumy- you have no idea how much that bothers me! for on e thing you have to becaful what you “think in public” becasue people judge so easily, and its natural really i find myself automatically judging sometimes becasue thats just human nature,but in yiddeshkeit there is just so much to judge on that it is very hard and sadly that leads to not being able to speak your mind with your friends,i actually recently wrote a poem about how i feel on this i have been botehred by it for a long while

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