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    Be Happy

    The Bobover Rebbe Reb Shlomo zt”l said in the heim one heard of the machla and perhaps one or two people in a town were stricken. Nowadays there is hardly a family that is not touched by this dreaded disease. The Bobover Rebbe zt”l said it is our lack of proper davening and he used to beg his kehilla to refrain from talking during davening. As a sufferer I daven that no one should have to travel this lonely painful road. I feel we need to strengthen bein odom lechavaro. What do you think?

    tomim tihye

    R’fuah Sh’laima B’karov! If you post your name and mother’s name, I will daven for you.

    As you do travel this loney and painful road, know that “Eemo anochi b’tzara”- I and many others, I’m sure, feel some of your pain and cry for you. At least weekly, at night, I think about what you are enduring, physically and emotionally, and my heart feels like it’s breaking as I focus on your pain and I can’t stop crying.

    Since each person knows what his strengths are, it’s probably a good idea for each of us to determine which area to perfect.

    Pashuteh Yid

    Dear EstherH,

    My family has gone through this with what seems to be a full recovery. May you have the same, and know no more tzaar.


    In my community, we started having gatherings to strenghthen our bein adam lchavero, and to discuss how we will refrain from speaking during davening in shul. We did this because we did have quite a few cases of yeneh machla in our community lately L”A.

    This way we feel that we are doing something as a zchus for these cholim. The least we can do is try!

    While we don’t know the reason for all these tzaros, we have to improve each in our own individual ways. In this zchus may every yid have a yeshuah where they need it.

    Refuah shelaime.


    I think that along with improving one’s mitzvos, whether bain odom l’mokom or bain odom l’chaveiro, it’s vital that the choleh makes the right histadlus. In our generation especially when there are a lot of medical options everyone all of a sudden becomes an expert. I believe the pt. should seek out the best; when it comes to cancer, the best is Memorial Sloan-Kettering.


    If people put in garbage in their bodies, how do we expect the body to function normally? In the past 40 years we have seen an increase in alot of additives in food which is not good for us ,and when our diet is not the way it used to be or the way the RAMBAM says it should be, then our bodies dont function corectly anymore.


    Chance you are 100% right. Having a strong Immune System helps by eating a healthy diet (no smoking and drinking very little even on Purim) with good Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation. Antioxidants can also help support a strong and vibrant Immune System. Praying to Hashem the real healer for a healing so one can do ones Avodas Hashem is also part of healing. Maintaing a positive attitude by doing chesed is also a part of it. Exercising which produce oxygen to the organs is vital.

    Be Happy

    We have to try to keep ourselves healthy. This illness hits with no consideration how healthy you are.

    I started this thread to impress 2 things:

    1.Tefillah. PLEASE dont talk in Shul. It is NOT a social gathering. By talking you hold back other peoples tefillas in your Shul from going straight to Shamayim,

    2. Working on our Bein Odom Lchaveiroh. I don’t think I need to give details. By working on this hopefuly we can promote Sholom among Klal Yisroel.

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