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    Why BDE? Isn’t BDH or BDHE more correct?


    How about a little more respectful for a tzelem elokim? Can’t we take an extra five seconds to write Boruch Dayan Haemes when it comes to a priceless human being that C”V just left the world and is gone forever until we as one loving nation do serious Teshuva and Achdus to bring Mashiach already and then everyone will be blessed to have Techiyas Hameisim.

    May it all happen very soon.


    This is a transliteration to another language, using a different alphabet. There’s no official rules or right and wrong.

    Resident Mortal



    @yungermanS Unfortunately, not everyone will be zoiche to techiyas hamaisim.

    It is always, everytime, transliterated incorrectly.


    This is longtime pet peeve of mine. Not a big deal in the Scheme of Things, but – I agree.


    Once the general topic has been raised:
    Why write BDE or Baruch Dayan Haemes in a comment?
    Are you adding something ? Giving someone something to think about? The headline of the article usually already says it. You are Yehuda ViOd LiKra.
    Obviously, when one hears a Besura one SAYS Baruch Dayan Haemes.
    But I can’t figure the thought process of the five or so people who feel it necessary to respond in the comments and reiterate that which already has been stated for one and all.

    Anan Sahadi

    I think that is the way people express their personal grief in the public setting.
    nothing is wrong with that



    “Unfortunately, not everyone will be zoiche to techiyas hamaisim.”

    Are you G-d? Are you privy to His decision making?


    I was referring to Chazal (Kesubos 111b) and sefer Chofetz Chaim (Choivas Hashmirah) on the posuk Kiv Tal Torah Hu etc…


    Does the Gadol Hador that tragically just left klal yisroel. Harav Gershon Eidelstein ZTL deserve full respect of Boruch Dayan Haemes versus just writing BDE?

    for such a Gadol hador that devoted his entire life to Torah and klal yisroel from all angels I think we can all agree that we can all take an extra few seconds to write it fully with respect.

    Boruch Dayan Haemes

    Wish we had davened harder for his complete refuah and then we would be writing Shlita like we need such tzaddikim to guide us in today’s generation.

    May his neshama have an aliya.


    The passing of Rav Edelstein ZT’L, while sad, is not a tragedy. He lived to be 100 years old and had a life filled with Torah. Every person dies, even Moshe Rabbeinu. We should be celebrating that we were zoiche to have lived in his time and were able to share in his knowledge.

    Sam Klein

    Boruch Dayan Haemes

    Another Tzaddik Hador Harav Ezriel Bergman ZT”L at the age of 70 has left the world and we are now all mourners including the Niftars father Harav Meir Tzvi Bergman Shlita who was on his way to America to the Adirei Hatorah event but instead Hashem runs the entire world and had other plans the Gadol Hador will continue on his trip to America but will miss the Adirei Hatorah event and be sitting Shiva in Lakewood instead of Bnei Brak

    YungermanS is correct that Tzaddikim and even regular people deserve respect and instead of just squeezing them with a BDE each human being deserves it written in full and definitely our leaders of klal yisroel

    May his Neshama have an Aliya

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    YungermanS is correct


    It’s a sockpuppet account. How many accounts do you have?


    > while sad, is not a tragedy

    R Yaakov Kamenetsky’s son writes against this attitude (about his father). He says that people who think this way do not appreciate that the longer you know the person, the greater the loss.


    Another Gadol hador has just left the world and was a father to all of us. Leaving us all behind and all yesomim losing such a tzaddik in klal yisroel.
    The Rachmastrivka Rebbe, HaRav Chai Yitzchak Twerski ZT”L.

    Maybe if we just take a few seconds extra to give the proper respect for tzaddikim who devoted their entire life to Torah and klal yisroel-by writing it in full instead of just in short BDE-then Hashem will stop taking away these holy tzaddikim from us.

    May his neshama have an aliya.



    So true we all know how muhc Hshem hates abbrevitions and that is why Misah exists. IF we ju

    Please help end the gezeira of misa, avoid writing ZT”L

    Maybe if we just take a few seconds extra to give the proper respect for tzaddikim who devoted their entire life to Torah and klal yisroel-by writing it in full instead of just in short ZT”L-then Hashem will stop taking away these holy tzaddikim from us.


    Actually, regarding the Gemara in Kiddushin, which says, when a son mentions his father who was niftar, he should append to mentioning his father “Zichronoi leveracha lechayei ha’olam haba,” (after the first year of saing (Hareini Kaparas Mishkovoi,) the poiskim in Yoreh Dei’ah Hilchos Aveilus (I believe the TA”Z) say this should be done in writing too. However, they do say, roshei teivos “Zllh”h” is sufficient. In other words, nothing wrong with roshei teivos.

    I was wondering recently, why is it that you do it see it often in print “zllh”h,” however, I never hear anyone say in speaking “my father zichroinoi leveracha lechayei ha’olam haba.? Even in Brisk, where they often quote “der Tatte” they do not say it.
    Any answers?
    I should check the Aruch Hashulchan.


    I see

    שיטת הט”ז (יור”ד רמ יג): שהחותמים זלה”ה טועים ומחסרים וצריך לחתום זללה”ה.

    יש אומרים: שיכול לומר שאר לשונות כגון “עליו השלום” “מנוחתו כבוד” מנוחותו בג”ע וכד’ (בן איש חי שופטים יד).

    המנהג לומר ז”ל ויש מקצת שנוהגים לכתוב זללה”ה (ערוה”ש יור”ד רמ ל).

    כתיבת מכתב שמזכיר בו את אביו
    יש אומרים: שאף בתוך י”ב חודש צריך לכתוב זכרונו לברכה לחיי העולם הבא (רמ”א בדרכי משה רמ ד בשם שלטי גיבורים), והטעם: כיון שכתיבתו מתקיימת אף לאחר י”ב חודש.

    יש שהשמיטו: את תיבה “לברכה” (רי”ף דף לד , ב בדפי הרי”ף בסוף העמוד ורמב”ם).

    יש שהשמיטו: תיבות “לחיי העולם הבא” (טור שו”ע רמ ט).

    כמה פעמים לומר באותו שיעור יש אומרים: מסתבר שתוך הספד או דרשה או שיעור לא צריך לומר
    הריני כפרת משכבו כל פעם ופעם שמזכירו אלא פעם אחת סגי (הגרח”ק והגרנ”ק הובא בספר זכרון יוסף צבי דינר).

    הדפסת כתבי ידי אביו: המדפיס כתבי יד של אביו מקיים מצות כיבוד אב (על פי שו”ת התעוררות תשובה ח”ג סימן יט).


    Then he says his own Shtikel Toirah, but not bad

    הטעם שמוסיפים לחיי עולם הבא: כדי לשנות ממה שנהגו שאמרו על אדם חיי “זכור לטוב” כמו שמצאנו ביומא (לח, א) אצל אברהם לכן הוסיפו “לחיי העולם הבא” (מהרש”א קידושין לא, ב ד”ה מכאן ואילך).
    ולדבריו שפיר מנהג העולם שלא מקפידים לומר לחיי העולם הבא כיון שלא נוהגים לומר על אדם חי “זכור לטוב” שהוספה זו נוספה רק להבדיל בין חיים למתים.


    For those who lack the depth of knowledge of some of the CR posters regarding the niftar and may have had personal interactions with a particular Rav, the “BDE” response or similiar acronyms are simply the most expedient way of expressing respect when no other words or thoughts come to mind. It seems mindless to many who share more substantive words of hesped but it satisfies a need many feel so just acknowledge the loss.

    Sam Klein


    Perhaps the reason why these people talking about their father or Rebbe who was Niftar instead of saying all the words you mentioned and only say ZT”L perhaps it’s because of Humility for their greatness of their father or Rebbe even if he’s no longer alive but they still want to keep their rebbe’s humility and simplicity instead of speaking out about all his greatness so they just keep it simple and say ZT”L

    may all the Niftar we have lost in the past have an Aliya rather they we’re leading Gedolei Hador Worldwide or not. Maybe in truth in their simplicity and humility without being a leader in klal yisroel they really were great people staying simple and humble and running away from honor and respect.


    I have objections to the entire shorthand BDE. If you care enough to say this, then it’s not too much to ask to write out the whole thing.

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