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    Why did Hashem take Leibby HY”D?

    Obviously, Hashem is our Merciful father and everything he does is only for the good, even if it is not understood. And certainly Leibby is now sitting under the Keisei Hakavod and he is enjoying Gan Eden more than we can imagine.

    However, Hashem is obviously angry about something. There was a rainbow over New York City yesterday. We know what that means.

    I can not help but look back to the very very short past when the senate passed a pro gay rights bill for New York State. Something Hashem calls an abomination and the Gemorah says that when the Dor Hamabul started legal documentation for gays the decree for the Mabul was set.

    Is Hashem perhaps sending a scary message that we did not do enough to protest and fight this ugly abomination? Could that be one of the messages we are supposed to be gleaning from this?

    In general, how are we supposed to figure out what exactly Hashem wants aside from simply saying to do Tshuva?


    I have the same question. What specific message is Hashem trying to send to us all?


    I don’t know what the reason is. But We can deffinately do something to turn things around and do something postive. What we each need to do is look at what we each need to work on. Whether it is better Middos, ahavas yisrael, ethics, more kavana in prayer, etc. we can each make a difference. May we improve ourselves in good ways, and may the geula sheleima come soon



    We are a major minority & thinking that we could actually stop

    the way the world is heading by mere votes is ridiculous!

    ( I don’t wanna Ma’arich, but it is necessary to get the point across.)

    I would back Reb Eisenberger that unfortunately the newest technology & our obsessive embrace with it at all times, even in shul,

    (fatal to our neshama) even while driving (fatal to our lives & others) even while at home (fatal to our Shalom Bayis) & (fatal to our chinuch habonim,) as well as being downright rude and not giving proper attention to our kids and spouses.

    This shows that all our Technology, cannot get us out of a Gezeira.

    Only using these tools to serve Hashem, like Forwarding

    Tehillim, Shiurim, Shiur hotlines, Chesed, & Simchas,


    can get us out of a Gezeira and turn it into a Simcha.

    Do we realize the astounding Chutzpah that we show when we talk

    on our phone or check our text, browse news while davening?!!

    Or even coming in to shul without making 100% sure your phone is off

    or at least on silent! I dont mean a ringer that is slightly lower,

    I mean SILENT!

    I have seen the most astounding abnormal behavior by some people who

    after their phone rings in middle Shemonei Esrei, disturbing the whole minyan, they press the side button to temporarily silence it.

    Then it ring again, they do it again, shockeling away like a lulav

    looking so disturbed that their phone is interrupting his holy

    ascent through the clouds.

    CHUTZPAH!! You’re nowhere near the clouds! you are in shul

    disturbing a Tzibur that their prayers ARE listen to.

    CLOSE your phone you foolish faker!!!

    Believe me Hashem wants you to stop your lulav act,

    (its not Succahs all year round, maybe Purim to you)

    and close your phone. Next time dont even enter w/o checking to make sure its off.

    Are we ready to give a Din V’Cheshbon on the many or few times our phone went off in shul totally Shtering a Rabim a Tzibur or even a Yochid from davening to Hashem??!!

    There is no such an excuse for an adult sane Yid to forgot,

    after the many times it has already happened that one or many orchestras erupt in middle of Shema Kolienu!!

    Forgive me, but have you ever brought a spoon or fork with food up to your mouth and forgot to open your mouth? just poking yourself?

    When you are walking into a shul, you should be aware why it is,

    that you are walking into this building. Is it to pray?

    Please close your phone as you are already in front of the shul,

    before you enter, and i’m sure that if we all show proper kavod for a

    Beis HaTefillah, then Hashem will definitely answer our tefillos and send refuos, and yeshos, shidduchim, and kiderlach, for us and all Klal Yisroel along with the Geuloh Hashleimah!


    When is it proper that ‘HY”D’ be used? Only when a Yid is murdered by a Goy (i.e. Al Kiddush Hashem) or even if c”v one Yid murders another?


    (Dear Mods; please transfer my post, from “( I don’t wanna Ma’arich,” to what can we learn from a tragedy like this. Thanks)

    (I C”V don’t want my post to seem Like a why this happened)

    (please don’t post this post)


    ‘HYD’ is for anyone who is killed, ‘HaKadosh’ is for someone who is killed because he is a jew. The killers religion/race is totaly irelevent. The fact he is a jew makes it worse not better.


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    Ragachovers Assistant

    His name is Yehuda not Yehuda Leib.


    I found this really helpful in dealing with this tragedy, from the Short Vort by Rabbi Eisenman in Passaic, with permission-

    .by Sarah Fisher Hurwitz on Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 12:16pm.Dear Leiby,

    I just returned from your Levaya (funeral). You might be wondering why I went.

    After all, I never met you and I am almost a half century older than you.

    I know that where you are now, you realize the reasons things occurred the way they did.

    However, we down here are struggling to make sense out of the senseless; to comprehend the incomprehensible.

    Why then did I trek out to Borough Park to be at your Levaya?

    The reason Leiby is simple, I went because you are a very special young man.

    Leiby, more people cried today for you than for anyone I can recall in many years.

    These tears shed openly and unabashedly certainly indicate that you are a special young boy.

    However, there is another, more important reason I went to your Levaya.

    The reason I went to the Levaya is because you are one of the most precious souls that Hashem has given us and to give proper respect and kavod to your special Neshama, I went to the Levaya.

    Leiby, I cannot recall a single person has caused such unity; such an outpouring of togetherness; such fervent recitation of Tehillim as you caused these two days.

    Leiby, today when I came to your Borough Park neighborhood, your presence could be felt by all. Everyone and I mean everyone, Jew and Gentile were more somber, more serious, indeed, nicer to each other.

    Leiby, only a special person could have been chosen by Hashem to be the conduit of such an outpouring of care and consideration.

    Leiby, you are obviously a young man with much merit; why else would Hashem choose you to be His agent to send His people so many opportunities for mitzvohs?

    Leiby, I do not know why this happened. Indeed, this is not the way life is supposed to be.

    The way of life is that young people are not supposed to die young. They are not supposed to be abducted by anyone, certainly not by a fellow Jew.

    The way of the world should be that old people pass on and that young people live on.

    However, in your case, the opposite has occurred.

    I know you are a special young man; and I know your parents must be special people to have been blessed with you.

    Leiby, it seems to us that you were with us much too short a time.

    However, in your too short life you gave us the gift of appreciating the importance of unity.

    You gave us a wake-up call to remind us to take the mundane incidents in life and place them in their proper perspective.

    For two too short days you allowed us to be more forgiving, more accepting of each other and ultimately more loving of each other.

    For that and for so much more, I and thousands like me went to your Levaya.

    Please Leiby, do what you can for us and help all of us maintain the unity and togetherness which you caused these last two days.

    May we merit to see each other one day.



    The answer to the question we are all asking, as to what should we learn from this (and WHY did this happen) can be found very clearly from the Torah in the war from Amalek. The man who killed Leiby, Z’l acted just like Amalek and was also successful in kidnapping and killing our dear Yehuda ben Nachman, Z’l the SAME way our people died in the war with Amelek. The reason Amalek was able to lure out (or kidnap – through false pretenses) our people and mutilate them like this, was because the Jewish people began to doubt that Hashem was truly among them and therefore quarreled with Him by “putting their complaint in the form of a challenge” (Artscroll commentary on Parshas Beshalach 17 (2-9) regarding the water they awaited. “They should have realized by now that He(Hashem) was their Healer and Provider”. Moshe reminded them that the way to express their needs is through prayer, not insolent challenges. When they did not do this, Amalek attacked and was successful (EXACTLY what we have seen here with Yehuda Z”l – who was the korben to remind of us this principle in the Torah). We must all begin to thank Hashem that only one of us has been taken in this way, and try to stop such events IMMEDIATELY before things get worse, has v’shalom.

    But here is the greatest most INSPIRING part of the Parsha which we are seeing repeated today:

    After Amalek began to attack (NOW PLEASE – LET’s NOT WAIT TO RESPOND IN THE RIGHT WAY), The Jews began to LEARN TORAH AND PRAY FERVENTLY. Moshe Rabbeinu prayed the most fervently and held up his hands – he did not let them drop in the battle (this is the definition of EMUNA), until finally, Hashem stopped the sun (interrupting the NORMAL way the world runs) and helped them win the war, which IMMEDIATELY PRECEDED the coming of Yisro, who validated the miracles Hashem did for the Jews before Har Sinai.


    It’s really not as hard as people think, and I suggest we all start doing our jobs right now. The key to our success is today is to follow in the ways of our forefathers and be like Moshe – DON’T LET YOUR HANDS DOWN. Don’t let the cell phones, computers, and other gadgets distract you into worldly matters. Start praying now – teaching others to learn Torah BCHOL LEVAVECHA – and the geula will come. Hatlochah and may we merit it soon and in our IMMEDIATE days!


    Its interesting, even though it was actually a translation of his Hebrew name, he was called Leib. Its so similar to the word lev, maybe thats also part of the message.



    I read the above letter too and was really shaken up. I just cannot think about anything else. I know that unfortunately we’ll all move on (look what happened after Mumbai killing….) but right now all I can think about is how Leiby made a kiddush Hashem (I heard them saying that this happens all the time in the non Jewish world but they are making it such a huge thing this time because of the outpour from the community which he grew up in) and how he brought a not normal amount of achdus. May it be a zechus for his very special and very pure and holy neshama.

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