Why do many people in Lakewood drive way to fast?

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    The Alter

    I was just in Lakewood and i was amazed at the speed of the drivers there, even though many of the streets have very little room to drive. It’s a big sakanah that should be addressed.


    Because the traffic is ridiculous and if you drive normally, you’ll reach your destination by tomorrow.

    And yet, they’re still building townhouses that put 4+ Cars each on the street.


    I only wish you could drive fast in Lakewwod. Average speed on Madison/River (Rt 9) is about 6 mph!!


    Ha, you must,ve been that guy going 30 on pine where the limit is 45. (after sommerset walk toward New Hampshire).
    Its confusing to newcomers, but once familiar you get the feel. Thats your answer


    Same question can be asked in Boro Park and Flatbush.


    The erhliche yidden of Lakewood are always in a rush to perform mitzvos so that sometimes results in their moving at a rate of speed that conflicts with dina d’malchush.


    Mistykins: Driving faster will only save a couple of minutes, ifeven that. Not worth it.


    Joseph- trust me, I’d rather be late than get a ticket, which would make me late anyway. And lately, I think the entire town went colorblind and thinks that red means go.

    I could’ve picked “getting all their kids from various stops”, “did you hear about the new cholent“, or “stayed too late at shul”. Never a good enough excuse for the accidents that happen here daily.

    (If you check the Lakewood scoop, there are weekly videos)


    I’m poster #8! Just curious why nobody until now has even noticed the egregious spelling error in the author’s title! Come-on! …”way too fast!” Not “way to fast!” We’re not illiterate dumbos! Come on people!

    Avi K

    Yaapchik, maybe they on their way to fast for their sins. They remind me of the cohen who stabbed another cohen so that he could do terumat hadeshen (Yoma 23a).


    This is new? In Monroe almost everyone drives like an entitled lord in a hurry. I hate driving in Monroe. And in Monsey every goyisher car service drives like they’re on a Sunday drive, slow as molasses, without blinking before turns.


    Perhaps if the police were to set up a series of roving radar traps with a Minivan with the police officer dressed in yeshivish lvush, (including a wide brimmed black hat), the speeders would “get religion” and slow down.


    There are a number of factors. Here are a few:

    1. Younger drivers commonly drive faster. Lakewood has a large proportion of younger people relative to other areas.
    2. Many people are originally from certain places that have a more aggressive style of driving.
    3. Any place that is overcrowded tends to make [some] people try to overcompensate and go as fast as possible.[Lakewood is definitely overcrowded]
    4. When there are many people driving too fast, others are influenced to do the same.

    Reb Eliezer

    I was in Israel in 1972 and we are told to be careful because of the fast driving.

    The little I know

    They take Bittul Torah seriously, and are willing to be Moseir Nefesh for it.


    I took a drivers education class once and what Joseph is says about saving a few minutes, MAYBE is spot on. And if you are somewhere where the traffic signals are linked, synced or programmed, you actually save zero.
    And the increase in the severity of injuries rocket up much faster than those 2 minutes saved.

    Ed in Miani

    Please see my answer to the draft registration question. We need to follow the law. And it’s not just excessive speed—it’s stop-sign and red light running, illegal passing and turning, parking violations, you name it. Besides posing a danger to everyone on or near the public roads, how is our conduct viewed by the public at large—don’t we have enough trouble today with anti-Semitism that we have to give the Goyim another reason to hate us?


    The question always should be “What does our Creator want us to do”. Of course the answer is obvious.

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