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    Sometimes people write opinions without too much explanation and we don’t even know who they are so why would we care about a random opinion from someone who may have zero credentials? other times people present things as fact when they are clearly not. then you have the guy that says something so outrageous that hes probably joking and just trying to see what you’ll respond… and there are probably many other options… so I was wondering what are ur motives when u comment in the coffee room?


    1) fun
    2) to flesh out my own ideas

    Thats it.
    note: changing other’s mind is not on my list I doubt its on too many other’s here

    Sam Klein

    To help out another brother asking for help or advice on a certain topic


    I’ve been thanked a number of times for expressing points that others recognized as correct but were either inarticulate to express or too bashful to post (possibly concerned about being on the aggressive end of leftist respondents.)

    Other times some folks said I convinced them to my side of the argument, where before they had the opposite opinion.

    Doing my best

    Life can be boring.

    Little Froggie


    Oh do I remember this one!!! This is one of those questions that come around from year (or maybe 2, or maybe 3 or maybe 4, but definitely not 5) years. That’s how I gauge how much time (what’s that?) has passed. So if I remember correctly from last time, the first answer is that I don’t comment here. That answers all questions.

    The second answer is mostly to drive people off the web, back into the world of reality – of people, places and things. So when I go and rant my mind off, that in of itself is a great incentive.

    The third answer is the sometimes I may THINK I have something important enough to broadcast to the world at large, something I felt the world is just waiting for…

    Fourth – sometimes just a quip, a joke (r”l) or a line, maybe a word of Chizuk, something to share with another, something which to brighten up another person’s day. A kind word, a virtual smile / giggle, a thoughtful piece of comfort… Bringing a lift to another, to changes another’s bleak, dismal outlook to that of a bright, sunny future…

    Olam Chesed Yibaneh – that’s what we’re all here for, no?


    Dear Joseph,
    Thank you!

    P. S. Sam – I find that very helpful. But Ubiquitin changed my mind.

    Send regards to Just!!!!!!!!


    Many people really feel that they the right approach to matters and want a platform to speak. I certainly think anyone writing kn here wants to convince others of their argument. They probably would deny that, but I am sure it is true. I made this account just now, after seeing years of discussion in the CR that I would never consider commenting on. Its nice that people have a platform.


    if they are looking for a platform, why do it in a place where more often than not u never know if anyone is maskim, or even cares about what u have to say?


    A few points. First of all, the comments section of YWN seems not to be working so the CR is the only place to comment? Second, it’s loads of fun to give answers to people who think that so called important topics asked anonymously on the CR are going to get a serious reply. Even the few topics that are genuinely interesting and important, asking from behind the cover of the internet seems to detract from the issue at hand.


    Because there are some things best said/run by people you don’t know who don’t live in your immediate surroundings

    Reb Eliezer

    To disseminate Torah, discuss halachic issues and political toics.


    It’s like a modern day Gemara, and we’re wannabe Amoraim.


    For the same reason you might have any of the same conversations you have in this online coffee room as you would have with friends and family in your living room, lunch room, conference room or at the restaurant.

    There’s no significant difference whenever you had the same conversation here or in real life.


    dear joseph,
    one difference is i know who the person is so i can decide based on that how much credence to give to their opinion.
    another difference when i say something to someone in person i will always get a response and know if they agree or disagree etc.
    so i guess u dont consider these differences significant?
    when u converse u dont care for a response? many comments in the coffee room are never validated the way most comment are validated in person. whats a platform if u have no idea if anyone is listening?
    you think everyone should care about anything anyone says regardless of if they have any clue if they know what they are talking about?


    justsaying001: How about shiurim given by phone now, with everyone muted, due to the coronavirus preventing it being given in person in shul, as they were previously given.


    Joseph, in response to your first comment, thank you.
    Just, in response to your 2 comments, I agree with them, and I also agree with you in the recent discussion regarding minyan.
    I think my opinion on this matter is very much along the lines of CTL that we live in echo chambers for most of our lives with family members who generally share our values, and we often choose friends based on their similarities to ourselves. This is a rare opportunity to have discussions with such a wide swath of personalities and viewpoints.


    Rabbi Greenspan: Thank You. I agree with you here as well as other posts you’ve made such as regarding Israel’s memorial day holiday.


    shiurim are for the most part just for giving over and explaining content. although you can call up the magid shiur to ask ur questions. some conference call systems allow you to unmute urself and ask ur questions. and i hope the magid shiur knows theres a demand for his shiur and hes not talking to no-one.

    for example, why would anyone care about an anonymous opinion on if america should reopen, sounds like a really complex question thats most probably above the pay-grade of a bored coffee room participant, no? shouldn’t we look to the people that understand all the aspects of the big picture of what it means to reopen for an educated opinion on this topic? so why do people post on these topics? do they care if anyone cares? they just want to see what other people think about their opinion? do they think they’re right and want to somehow change the world by opening up the eyes of the other bored ppl in the coffee room? do they need the validation that someone reads it and responds or that is just an extra plus?
    if ur wondering why im posting and asking this, the answer is pure curiosity, in general i dont post for the validation, its usually to post a widely accepted source-based fact to offer insight into a discussion or to offer an opinion on something that the average person would be considered a man-d’amar in. otherwise i dont really see the point in many of the posts in the coffee room.


    To show everybody how smart I am.


    js001: “for example, why would anyone care about an anonymous opinion on if america should reopen”

    Why do newspapers (from the NY Times and WSJ down to your local newspaper) virtually all have anonymous Opinion/Editorials every day? As well as make political endorsements during elections.


    And, may I add, I don’t think it’s working.


    Aw huju, that’s only because I keep editing out the good stuff.


    Tell that to Dean Baquet.

    Yechi Hamelech

    To show everyone how dumb they are

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