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    I am still reeling from shock reading about the terrible tragedy that occurred. Why though? Did YWN or Matzav not mention anything? My yetser Horah caused me to go to non-kosher websites to find out what Rabbi Rotberg was speaking about. I know I should have just waited, or perhaps not looked it up at all, but I was to my shame triggered to find out what people were talking about. Why not being open about this?


    What Tragedy? and who is Rabbi Rotberg?
    PS You need to brush up on your English.


    I, too, had NO idea what tragedy YWN was referring to . I asked around but no one knew what it was. I guess the Yeshiva World (?) News revolves around Lakewood?? There wasn’t ANY WRITE UP IN YWN, how are we OOT supposed to know what is going on?


    If we pretend it didn’t happen, we can resume talking about how these things are very rare in the frum community. And we can continue not learning the warning signs of dangerous mental health disorders, domestic abuse and child abuse. A tragic self fulfilling prophecy


    Why does anyone need to know? There’s no need to know this story. It’s better for everyone to not know or talk about.


    @Commonsaychel My English might not be on mother tongue level, because it is not my mother tongue. Rabbi Rotberg shlitah was on YWN and speaking about how we should respond to this tragedy, all while we, whom are not privileged to live in USA, had no idea what he was talking about, because YWN had not reported about it!

    Sam Klein

    Welcome to today’s generation of living in denial instead of waking up and FACING REALITY and doing something about the issue….

    Let’s be honest. What happens today when Chas Vshalom a tragedy strikes klal yisroel? %98 of people -yes yóu read that correctly-will block it from their face and let their corrupt mind tell them what does this have to do with me, I’m not from Lakewood or even know the family etc……? When the truth is that in the back of our heads we ALL get Hashems wake up call for serious teshuva and Achdus together as one loving nation and we also know that there’s no such a thing as coincidence including the famous truth of “ain poranius baolam ela bishvil yisroel” which means even if Chas Vshalom a tragedy happens in China with not a single jew involved we all know the truth that it is still a message DIRECTLY FROM HASHEM AND STRAIGHT TO KLAL YISROEL sometimes the wake up call message is for serious teshuva and Achdus together while other tragedies rachmana litzlan have been wake up call messages relating to the tumah of the technology generation of smart phones that are destroying the kedusha in yisroel.

    May we all finally wake up and FACE REALITY and openly confess and accept Hashems wake up call for serious teshuva and Achdus together so Hashem can send mashiach already bkarov.

    May the innocent neshamos have an aliya.


    Mental illness is a real serious condition. However if this mother was having a break down I wonder if she could of reached out to a neighbor, Hatzalah or a friend. It is such a loss for all involved. These events happen on rear occasions in the secular world but it for sure it hits home much more when it is for sure one of us. Lets not blame Yeshiva news or Rabbi Rotberg for his mistakes in his delivery. Lets use this horrible story to show more love and joy and once more extra hug to our kids. There is no doubt this mother was sick and out of her right mind. it is my braucha that we am Yisroel never know of such tragedy and and sadness


    It was journalistic malpractice to publish News Site stories about some absract horrific even in Lakewood referenced only as “the tragedy” and leave readers from outside the community speculating what might have happened and to whom. I’m assuming local media and gossip spread their understanding of the events but those of us outside of NJ had no clue with one speculating that the “tragedy” may have been linked to the last minute event scheduled in the heat on Sunday afternoon to honor the five elderly rabbonim from EY who flew over to raise money for yeshivos in EY who are losing government stipends for bochurim who don enlist, some of whom fraudulently claim they are learning to get the money. When we finally learned of the tragedy of a mother murdering her two young children it became clear that YWN simply felt that it would be somehow helpful to the tzibur to hide the facts of what had happened and address the issue from 50,000 ft. when any context.nbn

    ☕️coffee addict


    There was a YWN article about it

    Go search for it


    1. It is Lashon Ho’ra.
    2. There is nothing you can do about it, or could have done about it.


    It’s a terrible tragedy, and it’s a complete disaster that people aren’t talking about this. YWN had the chutzpah to put out an editorial criticizing people for talking about it, while claiming to be in favor of spreading mental health awareness. I am so disgusted by YWN’s actions right now with their hypocritical editorial claiming to care about spreading mental health awareness while lambasting anybody who dares to mention the tragedy.


    You can make awareness about mental health without publicizing a story that can scare people, is lashon hara, etc .
    There is plenty of awareness and everyone already knows that just because someone is “from” – comes to shul, wears a white shirt, doesn’t mean he’s any different than a non frum jew and doesn’t mean the things that non Jews do, he can’t do (obviously a jew is a jew in the inside)

    Happy new year

    @Sam Klein
    Where does it say “bishvil yisrael”

    אין פורענות בא לעולם אלא בשביל עמי הארץ
    (בבא בתרא ט)

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