Why does chicken say OU glatt on it when glatt doesn't apply to it?

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    My friend who went off the D, ask me a very interesting question; Why does chicken say OU glatt on it when it doesn’t have to be glatt, glatt only refers to basar, not birds. Can anyone answer this..


    People like seeing the Glatt. It’s a marketing technique, pure and simple. It’s the same reason that the dairy meals on the planes are OU Glatt too.


    I always wondered about that too.

    If sam2’s answer is correct, then i think it’s a silly reason.

    if you know the halacha, then you don’t need the word glatt.

    and for ppl who aren’t so makpid about kashrus, what does that one little word mean to them anyway?


    Glatt, to many people, implies a higher standard of kashrut. (but I do think that glatt fruits and vegetables is a bit over the top)


    Because it’s technically true- if the lungs weren’t smooth, the chickens would be treif. So by definition, they’re glatt kosher.


    Glatt is a borrowed term which evolved from it’s original meaning and implies extra strict hashgacha. Ask your off the D friend if he ever used the word “walkman” on brands other than sony and there are many other such examples.


    Chicken has to be Glatt in order to be Kosher. Here is a quote from the Star-K’s website.

    However, deer, sheep, lambs, calves, and all fowl (chickens, turkeys, and ducks) always have to be glatt to be considered kosher.


    As jothar said fowl always has to.be glatt,just like sefardim hold by meat.

    Menachem Melamed

    At one time organized crime was interfering with the kashrus standards of meat. To address this issue leading rabbanim made a separate track of kashrus which was free of this interference. It is for this reason that the term “glatt” in America came to mean “a higher standard”. Knowing this bit of history explains quite of few things about the way kashrus has developed in America.


    Glatt doesnt mean what it really means. To the average consumer it means higher level of kashrus standards


    hand me the kleenex please. i need to wipe off the vaseline from my hand.


    gefen jut what is that suppose to mean?

    Jersey Jew

    Why not call the OU at 212-613-8241 and ask them. Then post the answer here.


    ignorance is certainly bliss. The sefer bais Dovid helps to define Glatt/chalak. perhaps in the place of postulating and if indeed halocha is a serious issue, then treat it as such. derech agav in the USA glatt or chalak = money. In the sefer of the Bais Dovid on shechita, there and i quote; mi she’oichel chalak harai ze me’shubach.

    shmoolik 1

    glatt chicks refer to the music played during the flicking

    non glatt chicks are not as smoothe


    He’s (she’s?) saying he used the word Kleenex instead of tissue and vaseline instead of petroleum jelly or whatever it actually is. Like xerox.

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