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    im dealing with alot right now.had a question. why does hashem challenge us.also any personal storys how ynu grew from a challenge


    Thats an awesome question and one thats hard to answer. I dont know why hashem tests us but when He does, you cone out a better person. what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I myself have been dealing with anorexia for the last few years. Bh I got the help I needed in time and im much better. However, its something im going to have to deal with for the rest of my life. I often complain “why me” and why can everyone eat whatever they want and not gain weight but I cant and I would only enjoy life if I wouldn’t have this pressure… its a daily struggle. But one thing I know for sure. Since it all started, Im able to understand people so much better. Im not an innocent teenager anymore who doesnt know what the world is all about. I know that everybody has problems and i wish I can solve them all! Unfortunately I can’t. But I can be there for my friends when theyre going through hard times. And its not like im preaching when I encourage them because I know what pain is like. Life isnt about avoiding problems and pain; its learning how to deal with it. You emerge a better person with the ability to understand and help others and the ability to deal with any hardship life may throw you. I personally am of the opinion that a perfect life (which basically doesnt even exist) is not a life!!! Were meant to go through things to learn lessons and become better people. And if everything is going well for a while and then you fall upon hard times, show yourself how strong you really are. Pick yourself up and carry on!


    i always think that no one besides me has problems and ive ruined that *perfect life* for myself.but i guess its not true.btw can you still be happy despite the problems


    Its so interesting that you mention ruining the “perfect life.” By nature im a perfectionist. It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that im not perfect. I fail just like everyone else. I do the best I can and after that, it isnt up to me anymore. About being happy… honestly,it is hard! Sometimes I dont want to get out of bed in the morning because I dont want to face a new day. But I started learning to appreciate the small things. A new outfit, a day off from school,a good mark on a test and now finally gorgeous weather! To answer your question: yes, it is possible to be happy despite problems. It takes work but its all worth it. Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. You need to believe in yourself and your worth. Concentrate on being happy and feeling fulfilled and it will come.


    Challenges us so we earn our own good in olam haba.

    Makes us suffer either because of our sins or out of love to earn even more good in olam haba. pretty simple.


    So that our reward will not be Nahama d’Kisufa.


    Read the book holy woman- Rebetzin chaya Sara Kramer. It is a story about her challanges and gives practical tips on how to face challenges with adversity.


    “i always think that no one besides me has problems and ive ruined that *perfect life* for myself.but i guess its not true.btw can you still be happy despite the problems ”

    first of all, there is no one, absolutely no one with a perfect life. what I mean by that is that you will make many choices in your life, for each one there is a positive, negative, or neutral outcome. there are many possible positive outcomes in life but perfection is not possible on this necessarily imperfect world

    I had a friend who was terminally ill, and who always had a smile on his face. his words when asked about it?” It wasn’t my choice to get sick, I cant control that. but what I can control is being happy”


    I think Hashem challenges us so that we never become complacent or take anything for granted.


    Picture a skyscraper being built, as long as the spire is not up, the scaffolding stands, the construction trucks( and union protesters) are parked outside, the tower can still be built taller and bigger. But once it’s done there is no more fixing up, no more buiding higher, no more growing. Life is similar, your goal on this world is to build your own skyscraper. It isn’t easy, you gotta start by mixing the cement, making the bricks by yourself, sometimes having to shlep up 100 floors with huge cinder blocks with no one to help you . but in the end, you have a beautiful, shining, golden tower. there are challenges along the way, permits, building codes, angry neighbors, and bad weather. You also need to build that all important twin tower side by side with yours. but if you persist, and continue with your God-given talents, you will have a beautiful, shining, golden tower complex and you will be able to lean back on your penthouse porch, looking over the city of towers spreading out from your tower complex. with a smile ,knowing that this is yours, and thanking hashem for a wonderful life


    Beautiful moshul


    You may have heard this mashul before, but, it keeps me going when times are so tough!

    A man leased a farm from boris, who was a very kind landowner, and every time this man wasn’t able to pay that month’s rent, Boris excused him and let him lease on credit.

    Once, Boris went away and let his son Nikolai in charge of the lease. And unfortunately there was no rain that month and the man didn’t have enough to pay up. Nikolai was furious and beat him 5 times.

    When Boris came back and heard what his son had done, he called the man over to his house.

    Quite scared, the man went and knocked timidly on the door of Borris’ statelt mansion.

    WHen he came in, Boris greeted him warmly and asked him how things have been. Then he commanded his servants to bring five big bags. He then gave the bags to the man and told him to fill them from his treasury one bag for each slap he received.

    As soon as he heard boris’ words, the tenant burst out crying.

    shocked, boris asked him why?

    the answer he gave was “had i known how good this beating was for me, I wouldve asked him to beat me more!”

    That’s us…

    Every time we get a beating, oh yeah, it’s hard and sometimes almost insurmountable, But, when we come up there, we may just cry when we see how worth it these pains were…..

    Hatzlacha, and stay strong!

    If he gave these tests to you, He knows that you can ace them!

    Give them your all!


    great mashalim.hashtagposter i have a question.why did hashem give goyim chalenges too.to reward them?


    #Good question!!!!

    I think the reason is so that the other nations should’t say,

    Look the jews are supposedly his beloved nation and they suffer so much, glad we’re not…

    We know that the whole world revolves around us….. So the non-jews have challenges to camouflage our challenges…

    But, our challenges are blessings in diguise..


    maybe in order to give them schar on this world


    when everything is going great for a person they sometimes come to think it’s because of them that they are successful. Sometimes we are given challenges as a wake up call to make us realize where it’s all coming from. To grow and to become closer to hashem.


    I’m going through a lot. This year is hard. I tell myself one day at a time. I hope Bezras Hashem, next year will be more enjoyable. For now, I try to make the most of the moment and try to keep busy with different things. Accomplishing different errands helps, B’H. Talking to someone helps too. I agree that challenges help us to grow. I try to work on how to use it productively, like if I need to have patience etc. I read this book called, “Reaching for G-d” By R. Gurkow which is good. One thing it mentions in there is about Yaakov making the evening prayer to give us hope for tomorrow. Also videos by Rabbi Brody on emunah help. It has nice music with inspiring words

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