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    Trying to understand why The Yeshiva World constantly post anti Trump articles when He is the most pro Israel and a majority of frum people back him? A little Hakaras Hatov would be nice.


    I believe they syndicate AP or Reuters articles. I wish they would edit them, as many are sensationalized headlines designed for ultra-left loons.


    I believe it’s because they probably syndicate from AP or Reuters… It bothers me as well.


    Probably because they get a good deal financially on the AP (Associated Press) which has become a leading purveyor of “fake news”, whereas the more reliable new sources such as Fox and the Wall Street Journal are disinclined to be aggregated at a reasonable price. Note the bias is not “anti-Trump” as much as anti-Republican and anti-Conservative.


    Well as a one of the gedolim said “Reality has a well known liberal bias”


    @ywn why are you holding back the replies?


    I think that YWN published TOO MANY PRO_Trump articles.

    A news outlet should have no bias in news articles, they should not be pro or anti. That is what editorials are for.


    They’re actually pretty well balanced. At least compared to CNN, Vin, NBC etc


    I think you’re confused. The YWN and most frum news outlets have a decided pro-Trump bias. Just look at the numerous YWN headlines that include the term MAGA.


    He has done some good things, but that doesn’t cancel out what a disgusting person he is.

    Reb Eliezer

    When you go and tear apart families, children from parents against the Agudas stand, there is no hakoras hatov for that.


    @YWN please answer this.

    Avi K

    Laskern, actually their parents abandoned them. They could have taken them back but did not.They are then kept in excellent conditions with no one being hidden.


    Are you trolling or simply confused? As a resident anti-Trumpkopf, I can assure you the YWN editorial Staff certainly are not promoting a leftist, Trump hating agenda. I personally would like to see more frequent articles addressing some of the Trumpkopf’s mindless and egotistical actions that seemingly treat the world as some kind of reality show. However, there certainly is no anti-Trump bias reflected in the editorial coverage.


    They post some pro and some anti. This is good, because we get opinions on both sides.


    Are you being serious right now? You DO realize that if you, as a citizen, commit a crime punishable by jail and you happen to tote your kids with you that your children will be taken away, right? Would you rather the kids be put in jail with the supposed “parents”
    (who most likely are really just human traffickers), or would you rather just the police let people use the presence of a child as a get-out-of-jail-free card?


    Because we are Americans and we should care about our own country as well.

    We should be concerned when the president uses his position to attack free enterprises such as Amazon with lies and slander.
    We should be concerned when the President attacks the independent judiciary such as saying a judge of Mexican heritage is biased.
    We should be concerned when the president fabricates falsehoods against law enforcement such as claiming that the FBI planted a spy in his campaign even though every Reuplican with access to the intelligence says that this is a lie.
    We should be concerned when the president publicly states that he can just do away with due process by saying we don’t need judges at the border to process asylum seekers and detainees.
    We should be concerned – as Agudah, RCA and OU have all stated – when children are ripped away from their parents due to Trump’s zero tolerance policy.
    We should be concerned when the president verbally attacks our allies such as Canada.
    We should be concerned when the president showers praise on unrepentant dictators such as Putin, Kim Jong Uhn and Dutarte.
    We should be concerned when the president attacks the free press and demonizes reporters who are doing their job and claims that any story that portrays in an unflattering light is fake news.

    And as Jews we should recognize that Trump has stoked hatred of others and played to racial biases.
    As Jews we should recognize that when it is OK to stereotype and attack Mexicans, Muslims, Immigrants and others it is not a big leap for it to be OK to stereotype Jews.
    And when Trump refuses to distance himself from David Duke for three days and says that there were good people marching with NeoNazi’s in Charlottetown that should be enough to make every Jew shudder.

    Even Trump’s withdrawal from Iran deal is of questionable benefit and may actually increase the threat of a nuclear Iran and much like Obama, Trump has done basically nothing to reign in Hizbullah in Syria.

    YWN is doing a service that most of the frum media have been unwilling to do. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are not Daas Torah. The wholesale adoption of their views by many in the frum community is tragic. YWN keep the articles coming.


    I will never understand Jewish Anti Trumpers. Clearly Hashem is giving him incredible siyata disamaya and he is a genuine friend of the Jewish People and our Torah.

    Yes he can get very competitve (which you have to have if you want a chance at becoming president) and has an extreme Yetzer Harah but we didnt appoint him as our Kohen Gadol


    Whitecar – Hard to understand pro Trumpers who rightly considered Bill Clinton unfit for office but excuse away every nivalah of Trump. Sorry but being competitive is not an excuse to mock POW’s, disabled people, ladies looks, wives of other candidates etc. Nor is it an excuse to label and name call all of your opponents. No other politician has stooped so low in his interactions with others. The fact that so many who ostensibly care about morals and middos worship Trump like a hero is what is truly shocking and revolting.


    Whitecar – True Friends of Jews do not say that people who march with Nazi flags chanting Jews will not displace us are fine people. True friends of Jews do not claim they dint know David Duke. True friends of Jews dont tell Rolling Stone that they like little men in yarmulkas counting their money. True friends of Jews dont say that evangelicals are more thankful to him them “the Jews”

    True friends of Torah dont engage in the vile, repulsive and abhorrent behavior that Trump engages in.


    crayzykanoi is far far away from dass torah as seen in his posts all over. sean hannety etc is much closer to dass torah. simple the left including crazy kanoi are for toaivah, etc etc as opposed to positions of sean etc

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Most people around me are glad trump won and haopy with much of what he has accomplished. None are idolizing him, none consider him a role model, none have considered him predictable and dependable.
    On the other hand, those who DONT like him, are hostile to the point of aggressive, not just toward him, but his supporters as well. I and others aroind me have experienced situations at work where the “haters of hate” have made thi gs so uncomfortable for us that we left the job or at least considered it. There is no excuse for that. Forget the fact that they excuse the clintons and obama for sick behaviors and political moves they made – if they were honest enough to be consistent Id have much more respect for them. They aggression and spitting angry posts all over the cr and out are at unacceptable levels of aggression and hatred under the guise of “hating hatred”.
    Try printing these for your lawns to replace the other signs: “Hate has no home here….unless you dont agree with us”


    There’s not a single goy in the world who’s perfect and neither is Trump. But Donald Trump has proven himself to be an Oheiv Yisroel and a supporter of policies that we very good for Klal Yisroel. He’s proven this long before he ran for President and he’s proven it again after assuming the office of the presidency.


    Shimen – typical Sean type of response. Label all those whom you disagree with. Accuse them of holding positions without providing any evidence. Provide no context or nuance . ignore the very real issues that they bring up. Thank you for being exhibit “A” in how the approach of right wing talk radio has corrupted our community

    Avi K

    What Trump has done for Jews:
    1. Appointed strong friend of religious freedom to SCOTUS.
    2. Apparently going to appoint another one.
    3. Appointing others to lower courts.
    4. Moving embassy to Jerusalem
    5. Cancelling Iran deal
    6. Appointing Nikki Haley to UN
    7. Getting out of anti-Israel “Human Rights” Council.

    What has Trump actually done that is in violation of the sheva mitzvot? OK he is not a choir boy. Neither was Salazar but the head of Portugal’s Jewish community supported him because he denounced antisemitism in general and Nazi racial in particular and saved Jews.


    8. Freed Reb Sholom Rubashkin, something both his predecessors refused to do.

    Reb Eliezer

    By getting out of human rights council we lost our say to change anything.


    @crazykanoiy ur reasons for hating Trump would be funny if not for the fact that its sad.

    I honestly believe you have some deep hatrwd due to maybe jealousy or perhaps you are upset at someone else who greatly supports the president, so you invent excuses to dislike everything this guy likes in peace.

    You’re argument would be valid in not for the fact that his ProJewish actions and agenda outweighed the cons. Its a shame that we are living in the era with probably the greatest president we will ever have, and you cant appreciate it.


    @AviK you forgot releasing Rubashkin

    Reb Eliezer

    We have a Hungarian saying “Don’t throw out the dirty water until you have clean” we should not have broken the Iran deal until we have something better.


    America is the strongest country in the world. It is the richest and most powerful. America has gained tremendously from the post WW2 world order. It is a danger to America and Jews in America to recklessly try to destroy it. Creating fights and tensions with our allies in the west, threatening to disband NATO calling the EU worse than China does not bode well for America. Historically Jews do not do well in times when countries ratchet up tensions and leaders ferment hatred of others. Trump’s right wing populusm is dangerous for America and the world.

    Trumpism is not conseevatism it is a grotesque corruption of Conservative values and ideas. That is why true conservatives like George Will and Bret Stephens, the editorial board of the National Review and Weekly Standard and senators Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse and John McCain and Congressman like Freedom caucus members Justin Amash and Mark Sanford have spoken out strongly and forcefully against the dangers of Trmpism.

    Trumps policies have also directly caused higher gas prices, higher insurance premiums and higher taxes for NY, NJ and MD.

    Avi K

    Whitte car, you’re right. TY for reminding me.

    1. What he does is much more important then what he says.
    2. If you made a bad deal you get out and cut your losses.
    3. Let the blue states cut their enormous expenses.


    crazykanoiy -“Accuse them of holding positions without providing any evidence. Provide no context or nuance . ignore the very real issues that they bring up. Thank you for being exhibit “A” in how the approach of right wing talk radio has corrupted our community”

    It’s very sad how your mind is so corrupted! We have hundreds of libs protesting Immigration policies, but look at all the crime in the inner cities.
    How come Libs aren’t the least bit bothered by it?
    Do you know that illegals don’t have any Constitutional rights?
    Did you know that the guy knocked down, by minorities, had his legal rights Violated?!?
    The Left is trying very hard to make us a country that is a Free for All, with No normal Laws!


    I believe that YWN believes that the AP is considered ‘neutral’ politically, and are therefore neither biased towards the right or the left. This is how the mainstream media views news agencies like AP and Reuters. Of course all one has to do is look at the AP reporting re: Israel to see that this reputation of neutrality is a myth. Even though not as extreme as say CNN and MSN C, These news organizations are firmly planted in liberal political viewpoints, and their coverage of any news issue involving Trump is accordingly slanted and skewed. I definitely agree that for this reason YWN should seriously reconsider being a feeder of these AP articles to the YWN readership!


    Avi K.
    1) His policies are the problem. Read them above.
    2) You get out of a bad deal if you have some other way of solving the problem. Destroying existing deals with no backup plan is not a productive policy. Trump has destroyed existing structures on climate, trade, immigration, healthcare, Iran and promised somthing better in the place of each one. So far he has produced nothing. Even his grand overtures to North Korea are begining to look more foolosh by the day as satellite imagery shows NK beefing up nuclear activities even after Trump foolishly boasted about solving the problem. He is apparently very good at destroying but not very good at building.
    3) The “blue state” expenses are what many in our community survive on. It is what pays for busing to our schools, special ed and therapies for kids in need, assistance with utility bills for the poor, housing assistance and much more. The frum world depends heavily on government aid and these services are more plentiful in blue states like NY and NJ than low tax states like Florida where there is no school busing and very limited government help with housing and therapies.


    Pulling out of the Iran deal seems to be a good thing. The Iranians are scared stiff. They’re still bound to their part of the agreement even though the US is now sanctioning trade with. The Iranian economy is tanking again and their citizens are again rioting.

    If the North Korea deal works that’s another good thing.

    The Paris climate deal was good thing to pull out of that farce agreement.

    And the tax cuts were good.

    Reb Eliezer

    The tax cuts very good. For whom? 21T National Debt and increasing.


    crazykanoiy -“1) His policies are the problem. Read them above.
    Creating fights and tensions with our allies in the west, threatening to disband NATO calling the EU worse than China does not bode well for America.”

    Why are so worried how Trump deals with foreign policy?
    He seems to know what he’s doing. He actually got N. Korea to sit down and talk.

    I was trying to say previously – why is the Left only concered with foreign policy, but you don’t hear a peep about domestic issues?!? Did you know that crime is abundant in some inner cities?!?
    Is that also Trump’s Fault??? Or is it the liberal laws that were put in by the Leftists?!?

    Reb Eliezer

    What is so good about his domestic issues?


    Health –

    North Korea is not an example of successful foreign policy

    Trump goes to Asia and,
    Gives Kim prestige by giving a one on one meeting with sitting US president.
    Salutes NK general.
    Praises Kim as a very talentes leader that cares about his country and is beloved by his people.

    Trump leaves Asia and,
    Claims that the nuclear issue is solved.
    Claims that NK is returning bodies of US servicemen.
    Is unable to get NK to commit to verifiable and irreversible denuclearization.

    This weekend,
    Pompeo says no bodies of servicemen have been returned.
    Satellite imagery shows NK continuing to develop its nuclear arsenal.

    NK proves the point that Trump’s ego is dangerous and leads to recklessness.

    Avi K

    1. I disagree.
    2. I disagree.
    3. It is a major problem and chillul Hashem that the frum world depends on these programs. It will come back to haunt them if the increasingly leftist Dems get back in power c”v just as it is in the UK and Belgium. Unless of course Trump’s judicial nominations get in the way. Just for that frum Jews should vote Rep.

    Avram in MD


    “You DO realize that if you, as a citizen, commit a crime punishable by jail and you happen to tote your kids with you that your children will be taken away, right?”

    Since when is it a crime to request asylum?

    Avram in MD


    “He seems to know what he’s doing. He actually got N. Korea to sit down and talk.”

    Sitting down one on one with the U.S. president was Kim Jong Un’s dream come true, and it was a propaganda bonanza for him. A big point of contention over the years has been U.S. insistence that North Korea engage in multi-lateral talks. North Korea’s demand has always been bi-lateral talks with the U.S. alone, and they just got it for free. It’s not like it was difficult to get them to the table. Getting actual results – that’s where the real challenge lies. I hope the Trump Administration is successful in their efforts to denuclearize North Korea through diplomacy, but let’s not pretend that there has been victory yet.


    crazykanoiy – thank you for saying all things I would have had to weary my ancient fingers typing out. My beef is that

    1) Trump is incompetent and inexperienced. He’s a television personality with no experience running a real business (licensing your name to somebody else’s hotel is not “experience.”). He has an ego, not a character. You can’t trust a word he says because tomorrow morning at 4 am he’ll tweet something different. So down the tubes go our trade policy, and the economic comeback we enjoyed until now. And good-bye to our position as “leader of the free world.”

    2) He’s alienating everybody except Putin. Guess who used to be our worst enemy? The Soviet Union. And remember that Putin was KGB – an official Soviet Communist spy. And for the icing on the cake – the current idiom is to refer to the Republican states as “red” – the color of the Communist flag. Has the world been turned upside down?

    3) He’s personally objectionable, in his private life and in his public communications. How does the rest of the world see us as making this questionable person our leader?

    With someone like Rubio or Kasich as president, even though they’re Republicans too, the country would have continued its growth. Now?


    crazykanoiy -“Health – North Korea is not an example of successful foreign policy”

    Don’t put words in my mouth! All I said was this -“He actually got N. Korea to sit down and talk.”
    Did any other Pres get that far?!?

    You still didn’t answer my questions -“why is the Left only concered with foreign policy, but you don’t hear a peep about domestic issues?!? Did you know that crime is abundant in some inner cities?!?
    Is that also Trump’s Fault??? Or is it the liberal laws that were put in by the Leftists?!?”

    Reb Eliezer

    Thank for both of you crazykanoiy and Midwest2 for expressing my feelings which I am unable to do as eloquently.


    I dont know why some think giving critisim is against the torah

    Avi K

    Avram, it is a crime to try and enter the US illegally. See The Truth about Separating Kids By Rich Lowry in National review.

    Midwest, which of the sheva mitzvot did he violate? That is not to say that he will be a choir boy or get an Artscroll bio. However, many politicians did the same things he did and are leftist icons. JFK was just the tip of the iceberg. Then there was Teddy the drunken murderer who dared to lecture the Senate on morality during the Bork confirmation hearings.. What about the moll of the Clinton crime family who declared war on traditional religion?

    Avram in MD

    Avi K,

    “Avram, it is a crime to try and enter the US illegally. See The Truth about Separating Kids By Rich Lowry in National review.”

    The article was well written, but quite misleading.

    1. There have been numerous cases of migrants being deported swiftly after prosecution for illegal entry while their children continue to be detained in the US by HHS, so the claim that kids are returned to their parents quickly if they leave the country is false. The National Review piece uses clever weasel words, “the adult should be reunited quickly with his or her child” … “in this scenario, there’s only a very brief separation”, but “should be” does not mean “is”, and “in this [hypothetical] scenario” does not mean reality. Not to mention that the very detrimental psychological impacts of detaining young children are completely whitewashed.

    2. The dip (not dry-up) in migrant apprehensions at the start of the Trump presidency says nothing about the motivations of the migrants, but rather their fear of the potential new policies. Migrants are not required to seek asylum in the first country to which they arrive – the US only has an agreement with Canada in this regard because the two countries have similar asylum apparatuses. Mexico’s asylum apparatus is much smaller – many applicants are turned away – and there are reports of human rights abuses within the system. Furthermore, many asylum seekers are not safe in Mexico. And as for the ideal way to seek asylum in the US, many asylum seekers are turned away at official U.S. ports of entry. Legally, one cannot request asylum unless they are physically inside the U.S., so if turned away at a legal point of entry, what recourse is there to get your asylum claim in?

    3. Implying that the Trump Administration’s zero-tolerance policy is a must because some people attempt fraud, or there is a limited amount of resources, is a false dilemma. Previous administrations prioritized the deportations of fraudsters, criminals, smugglers, etc. Furthermore, if you’re worried about asylum seekers “disappearing” into the U.S., resources can be used to better monitor them. As for the law and order moral argument – tens of thousands of Americans are killed each year in traffic accidents, and speeding is a contributing factor to many of these deaths. Should adults given speeding citations (also a misdemeanor) be detained, and their kids sent to shelters until they can be placed with relatives?


    Thank you Midwest 2 and Laskern.
    “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

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