why “early to bed, early to rise” and not “late to bed, late to rise”?

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    same amount of sleep, same amount of work.


    The Kaf HaChaim writes that one hour of learning before dawn is equal to many hours of learning during the day (1,24). Nonetheless, the Rambam indicates that it is preferable to stay up late and learn during the night (Deos 4,4). Other authorities support this view and encourage going to sleep after midnight (Arugas HaBosem 1).

    “It is better to sleep well at night than to cut back on sleep and be tired all day” (Taz, Even HaEzer 25,1).


    The best time to daven shachris is at Netz.


    My kids like to say:
    “Early to rise and early to bed
    might make you healthy, but socially dead!”


    Because when Benjamin Franklin published this adage, there was no electric or gaslights in homes and businesses.
    People had to make the most of daylight hours to be productive and earn a living.
    Go try farming in the dark….That’s why we have Daylight Savings Time…to increase farm production.
    Candles were expensive, they gave limited light for work purposes.


    Also because Benjamin Franklin was not chasidish. Perhaps if there was a meeting between and the BESHT the saying would have come out different.

    Reb Eliezer

    It is an argument between the chasiddish and litvish yeshivas. I went to the Wiener camp where we had to get up 5:30 every weekday morning to learn when the mind is clear and not at night.
    Early to bed early to rise makes the person healthy. wealthy and wise.


    zman krishma


    There are two stirah:
    1) Americans say – early bird gets the worm. Chinies – early bird gets eaten … minhag hamakom

    2) bein Rambam v’Rambam. In one place, IIRC, he suggests sleeping 8 hours and wake up with sunrise. In deot, as mentioned above, he suggests learning during day and night, which facilitate different type of learning. Resolution seems to be – even if you want to be healthy follow the first advice, if you want to learn well – the second.


    This is something to think about.

    While it’s true that the early bird gets the worm, it’s the second mouse that gets the cheese!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    same amount of sleep, same amount of work.

    Early to bed early to rise requires more self discipline. That’s the real predictor for success.



    that happens to be true for me, but not for everyone.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    No matter how early i need to get up, I’ve never been able to go to bed early.


    When one gets up early, there generally isn’t much going on outside. So one settles their thoughts before everyone is awake, does every chore of the day that can be done alone that does not require the assistance of others. The remainder of the day ends up being much more relaxing which leads to good health. If you are healthy, in essence you are more wealthy than most of those on planet earth. Wealthy does not necessarily mean money. Having a wealthy healthy life is wise. But getting up early every day is much easier said than done. Therefore, one must go to bed early to accomplish this feat.


    going to sleep is influenced by biological clock – when you feel tired. Getting up is driven by social restrictions – school and work openings. Thus, those in Eastern part of the time zone go to sleep earlier (in clock time) and sleep more than those in the Western. There is research taking pair of US cities one in the western part of their time zone, others – on the eastern in the next time zones – and the Easterners have higher average IQs and incomes.


    Hashkamas beis hamedrash shachris vaarvis
    You have to daven maariv early if you are going to daven shachris early…. (one of the Gerer Rebbes)

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