why hasn't the pre-geula teshuva movement started?

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    Due to the tragedies that are occuring/have occured to klal yisroel, it wouldn’t take a genius to realize that all these tragic events (from 9/11 to leiby kletzky to the economy & 7 tzaddikim niftar in 5 weeks etc… i can go on Gush Katif…) don’t happen by coincidence & that each tragedy has a message straight from Hashem (ex. 9/11 did not become a sad day 10 years ago. it has been our sad day for over 2000 years already. 9/11 is Tisha B’av 9 is tisha, 11 is the month of av elul is 12 & tishrei is 1 how does that shock you? a shocking message straight from Hashem i.e. can’t be found in a sefer or newspaper nor is it from me or a Rav)

    Why have we still not started doing teshuva towards mashiach? how much does it take for a person to wake up & see that everything happening comes straight from Hashem? how much longer will it take until Klal yisroel starts doing teshuva & calling out to hashem for mashiach?

    The pre-geula teshuva movement is not the yom kippur teshuva. It’s the teshuva from the heart, where noone will be afraid/embarassed to confront his friend & ask his forgiveness from something that happened even 5 years ago. This is what Hashem is waiting for.

    Perhaps maybe some of us here can help with some truthful answers

    YW Band

    You asked the million $ question & it bothered me since 9/11!

    I believe its a repeat of shibud mitzrayim “Nistimu Einei Yisrael”. We are so engrossed in the materialistic based & the natural course of events that we closed our eyes (nebach!) to all the calls. Most of us give a crechtz and say “Oy terrible tragedy” but it didn’t happen to me, I’m still alive….How could we?! It’s got to the point where it’s inevitable that by just moving on that things can change. Who are fooling? Ourselves!

    Once we work on bain adam l’chaveiro, only then can we achieve bain admam l’makom b’shleimus-in its full state. May the Gadol Hador and all other cholim have a refuah shlaima, and if we treat our chaver properly (say Good morning!!!) only then can the geulah process begin!


    Av is the 5th month, not the 11th month.


    in todays generation rosh hashana is the new year. i.e. if nissan was still considered to be the first month to klal yisroel it would have happened in shevat


    It has started. It just hasn’t finished yet.


    to YW BAND

    in regards to your reply here is another message from Hashem.

    [here in America]


    start with yourself

    and start right now.


    Hate to respond negatively to an overall positive message, but Av is not the 9th month, it is the 5th (we refer to the tzom harivii, tzom hachamishi and tzom haasiri, for example). Even if we were to ignore the fact that Nissan is the first month and count from Tishrei, the date would be 11/9, not 9/11 (month/date).



    Easier said than done. You can scream from today until tomorrow. Its very hard to change and Im sure there are many people who are working on it and trying to change.

    I dont know who you are but Im sure there are things that you need to fix as well. Dont assume people arent working on themselves because most of us are.


    to apushatayid

    do we read it tisha b’av or av b’tisha?

    we have as a major problem in todays society (yidden or not) . & its called FACING REALITY.

    whenever tragedy strikes or theres a big issue, the person blocks it from his face & convinces himself not to apply the message to him,so that we can just continue our fancy & happy lavish life.

    first WE ALL need to admit to ourselves that i have a issue/problem here, then we need to work on solving it. BUT %80 of solving it, is each person admitting to the problems he has



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