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    Like in the days of Purim with Mordechai Hatzadik in Shushan


    I think we’ve all been wondering the same thing.


    I don’t understand – why do the ????? ???? need to make a ??? of ????? ????? ????? if God did already?

    just me

    why don’t YOU work on yourself to be a better person. I’m sure that would influence the people around you and the movement would grow. By sitting and wringing your hands wondering why SOMEONE ELSE hasn’t done anything, nothing is accomplished.


    “why don’t YOU work on yourself to be a better person. I’m sure that would influence the people around you and the would grow.”

    “I don’t understand – why do the ????? ???? need to make a ??? of ????? ????? ????? if God did already?”

    Your advice is commonsense and in an ideal world it would be practical. Instead, we are all busy with our lives and unless our Gedolim (whom we tend to listen to as if they have nevuah direct from God) tell us how serious the situation is, we will believe someone else’s merits will save all our necks.

    This severity of a threat has been on our people time and time again in our history, and the above suggestions didn’t save the day. It took until the Gedolim explained how grave the situation was and set aside time for fasting/mourning/repentance that our people took it seriously and merited a yeshuah.

    far east

    another one of these rants. yeah yeah the world is going to pieces its never been this bad bla bla bla. Listen If your living the right way nothing needs to change. Just be the best YOU can be and theres no reason for all this hype about facing reality. Honestly it turns people off by just looking at the negatives in this world. Why not look at the positives, Jews are better off now than they’ve been in longer than any of us can remember. As long as we keep doing the best we can theres no reason to panic and scare the masses. Moshiach will come when hes supposed to and God willing that will be ASAP.

    And the gedolim dont need to make days for doing teshuva, we have that and were going through that right now. It’s called Aseres Yemai Teshuva


    “Unfortunately there have been Takanos and other things where the Gedolim spoke up and very few people listened or took it seriously.”

    When were all our gedolim united without any politics?


    I agree with you & think you should go to the gedolim in Eretz yisroel & chutz la’aretz & ask them to start very soon so nothing else happens to our holy nation g-d forbid


    It is good to know that you agree with yourself.


    People don’t learn mussar anymore, they think this is only for if you want to be a tzaddik. This would be better than having one day off for fasting. They have too many agendas of their own to be their best them.


    It’s terrible. We must spread the message of Torah and make sure that everyone becomes a Talmid Chacham.

    Therefore I think that the Gedolim should setup a system where everyone sends their children and we hire someone to teach them. And we should hire someone to be in charge of these teachers and arrange the curriculum. They should also get busses to bring the children to this learning place so that they can start at an arranged time.

    We might have to hire some other people to make this run smoothly, like say an administrator, a building manger, secretary, and some helpers.

    That’s what the Gedolim should do.


    HaL, your idea sounds good on paper, but you don’t seem to realize how impossibly difficult it would be.

    You’ll never make the parents happy. If you invite everyone to benefit from your ‘system’, they’ll complain about their children being exposed to a child from a home where they don’t eat galla on Shabbos, or the mother wears nail polish, or the father was once seen wearing a shirt with a stripe that was not pure white. If you are more selective then there will be an outcry over that.

    Everyone will disagree about what you are teaching those little kids- too much, too little, and everything in between. Don’t even get me started on translating a passuk of Chumash into Yiddish. And learning Gemara too fast, or too slow, too much bekius, too much b’iyun, or just not perfectly enough for their little geniuses.

    And who, may I ask, is going to pay for this venture? Ha! Didn’t even occur to you, did it?! Every single parent will tell you they can’t afford to pay for your service. And just wait until a parent sees one of your teachers or administrators buying more than a milk and a bread at their local grocery, or actually driving a car, or wearing shoes that are still attached to their soles… Do you realize the implications? the horror? that you would have the chutzpah to ask them to fund this?

    No. I vote your idea has too many pitfalls to be viable.

    Let’s go back to yungerman’s idea.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    HaLeiVi and golfer, terrific.

    old man

    Dear Golfer,

    In regard to your response to Haleivi, please look up the expression, tongue-in-cheek. Heleivi was merely describing the current yeshiva system.

    I may be wrong but I think golfer may respond in kind to you regarding her post -29


    Do you really belive that if Today Rav Shteinman declared tommorrow a day of Tshuva alot of people would listen outside of the Litvish yeshiva community?


    Thanks -29!

    Of course you are not wrong!


    Just those words show arrogance. Who died and made you the judge of Gedolim?

    Seriously, you are treading on thin ice.


    “Just those words show arrogance. Who died and made you the judge of Gedolim?

    Seriously, you are treading on thin ice.”

    Just those words show arrogance. Who died and made you the judge of other posters?

    Seriously, you are treading on thin ice.

    (note that this doesn’t apply to me because of Anonymous’s Law of Incorrigibility and Long Names For Laws That Could Really Just Use a Really Short Name But Choose Not To)


    the answer is cause in todays generation everyone thinks their way is right

    & theres nothing for him to do teshuva on. so with this situation R”L hashem need to just keep putting tzaros upon klal yisroel until we finally wake up


    methinks that if a gadol would get up and say something like that the laitzonim and backbenchers would have a field day,thus causing many good souls to be embarassed to listen, thus negating the whole point, sadly


    Hashem is waiting for klal yisroel to come together as one loving nation to do teshuva together AND THE GEDOLEI HADOR OUR LEADERS OF TODAY’S GENERATION who guide us are the one’s responsible to bring klal yisroel together as one loving nation just like Mordechai Hatzaddik and Esther the leaders did in the story of purim.

    So what are we waiting for as a loving nation? Do we C”V want any situation to get any worse then it already is in order for us to wake up and accept Hashems wake up call for serious national teshuva together as a loving nation so Hashem can finally send the geula and the coming of Mashiach bkarov?

    Waiting to hear the shofar of Mashiach very soon…..


    The mitzva of teshuva is at all times. If it would be a mitzva only when appropriate, women would be exempt………

    Sam Klein


    Now during this time of non stop horrific tragedies hitting klal yisroel R”L in all different ways from infants NIFTAR R”L to Gedolim in klal yisroel tragically NIFTAR young R”L etc… And many other horrific tragedies shaking klal yisroel. There’s no more serious wake up call directly from Hashem for serious Teshuva and Achdus ASAP together so Hashem can send us the Geula and Mashiach bkarov.

    Besides for also being in the month of Elul of Teshuva.

    Sam Klein

    Look at how many serious tragedies have hit klal yisroel since this letter was originally written, from the coronavirus Mageifa which is still going on Rachmana litzlan in which MILLIONS of lives were lost with thousands of them being yidden. To this Israeli-Hamas war with thousands killed already and tons more in captivity. And many other serious tragedies between these two that hit klal yisroel since this letter was written. How does it make me feel when we as a nation know that all this could’ve been avoided if we only accepted Hashems wake up call for serious Teshuva and Achdus together as one loving nation so Hashem can send mashiach already bkarov

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