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    Obviously, if there was a legitimate case for a conservative mayor in NYC, I’d be for it. Andrew Yang is at least friendly towards business, unlike the other candidates. He is an outsider; NYC needs someone who isn’t someone from the same old stock. He isn’t adverse to Yeshiva education. From all the candidates out there, he may be the best option. I don’t agree with him on many social issues, but that battle was lost years ago when Jewish Dems tolerated pro-toeiva candidates. Eric Adams has a nice relationship with the community, but I don’t know if he’ll bring home the results that this city needs. I’m warming up to the idea.


    Anfrew Yang also promised to support the Yeshivas in their fight for independence from governmental intervention.


    Eric Adams is a empty suit


    When choosing the best of the worst, I too, am leaning towards Yang.


    In the primaries of empty suits and pantsuits, he looked as the most humane one!

    His universal income idea is actually appealing if it can be used to cut out all power centers that are in charge of distributing goodies according to equities. You can see that even as part of a school voucher system. He also is pro-math!


    On most of the issues, he’s good, but he’s a little too pro math.

    yaakov doe

    Hasn’t Yang opposed circumcision?


    In a world of blithering idiots, the somewhat mad are kings.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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