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    The democrats want Trump to win.

    As soon as he’s in the next four years of reaping democrat policies will be blamed on Trump.

    Let’s get four more years of Biden to drive this beast into the ground completely.

    ☕️coffee addict

    If by beast you mean America then I sure hope it doesn’t get driven into the ground


    Jonathan Pollard said this on 2024 March 19:

    “The Biden Administration IS an enemy
    of the Jewish people and State of Israel.”

    SOURCE: Youtube video titled: “Jonathan Pollard:
    The New American Pier and Rescuing Gazan Refugees” by Machon Shilo


    It sounds to me that the reason you are voting for Biden is because you are a Tipesh just like him


    It sounds like you are more concerned about Trump’s reputation than about America’s success.


    Surely we can more reliable sources that Mr. Pollard. As we see now that US-Israeli military is so important and very fragile, his contribution is duly noted.


    Look, Biden’s critics claim he’s a bad person, untrustworthy, with bad ideas. They also claim he’s old and weak. Well, if the former is true, the latter is a good thing.


    There isn’t much of a Republican ruling class to begin with. There was a primary and it showed the weakness of the party overall. Republicans are always going to be blamed for years.


    Square Root:
    Johnathon Pollard betrayed America and took money and gifts in return. He lied under oath. His actions made life difficult for yidden working in national security jobs or trying to get security clearances. Whatever one thinks about Biden’s policies in relation to Gaza and Netanyahu, I could care less what this lowlife has to say about anything.

    ☕️coffee addict

    You just have to look at spies from other countries and how their sentences were a lot shorter than Pollards to see the fallacy of GH’s statement


    Better yet they should run a Hillary Hunter ticket.


    coffee, just because GH is saying something, does not mean tht he is necessarily wrong.

    Just look for a crooked pattern: you see posters trying to defend Biden resort to saying “even dead Biden is better …”; you defense of JP is similar – alleged lower sentence than other spies is not a proof of innocence.

    The little I know

    The reason to not vote for Biden is that his advisers and controllers are immoral evil people with dangerous ideologies. His decline suggests greater odds that he might not survive the full term. Kamala is precisely what the Dems say about Trump – a threat to democracy. Firstly, she is a menacing and mean boss. Secondly, her political views are radical and a serious threat to America. Thirdly, she is completely unreliable. Check what her progress was on the border issue. Fourthly, she is nowhere close to genuine. Fifthly, she is an incoherent babbler. I’ve tried in vain to hear her express something rational and understandable. If she won’t succeed at boring her cabinet to sleep at meetings, she might succeed in doing that to herself.

    No, I cannot think of anything redeeming about Biden. But his choice of Kamala is more dangerous that we can imagine.

    Dr. Pepper


    I normally agree with @coffee addict and don’t see eye to eye with @Gadolhadorah but this is a rare exception.

    For many years I was davening for Jonathan Pollards health and for his immediate release. With that being said, when I was in college someone mentioned Jonathan Pollards name during class and our normally soft spoken professor flew into an uncontrollable tirade and started yelling about many things Pollard did which were never publicly published and had nothing to do with Israel. (The professor was working at the Pentagon during the Pollard saga and still held some sort of top level clearance there although I’m not sure at what level.)

    I continued to daven for his release, not that I felt he was being victimized but out of compassion for a fellow Yid who should be given the opportunity to do תשובה. And I think he owes the US a huge thanks for not getting the death penalty.

    I don’t really care for what he says anymore although I’d love to hear his (full) side of the story- they are many unanswered questions out there.


    Right, I am of the same opinion as your professor. JP might have had best (or at least good) intentions, but he did grave damage to US security; to Israel-
    US relationships (and, thus, to Israeli security) and to Jews who work on security issues. One thing to note that, as much as he believed that his contacts were from Israeli services, it is entirely possible that they were not, or that Israeli services were infiltrated. He played the game that was way over his head, did not and still does not admit to what he did.


    And davening for his teshuva and release is ok, I guess, but those who were continuously demanding his release and blaming Regan officials were contributing to the damage caused by him.


    you “don’t see eye to eye with sicko”? do you also not “see eye to eye” with sinwar?
    I don’t know what Pollard did or didn’t do but don’t bring up possible crimes that never went to trial.

    ☕️coffee addict

    “alleged lower sentence than other spies is not a proof of innocence.“

    Pollard had a higher sentence (not sure what you’re saying) spying for enemies is given a lower sentence than spying for allies

    Makes you wonder

    Dr Pepper,

    And what does that have to do with what he was charged for? Spying

    Dr. Pepper


    I’m not sure what you’re getting at. If I don’t see eye to eye with “sicko” or “sinwar” on just about anything but they claim that 1+1=2 I’m going to have to agree with them on that even if it means going against a respected person who claims that 1+1=3.

    You mentioned that you don’t know what Pollard did or didn’t do but I shouldn’t bring up possible crimes that never went to trial. Are you familiar with his case? He didn’t go to trial- he pled guilty and then violated the terms of his plea agreement with is probably why he got the maximum.

    @coffee addict

    What does what have to do with the spying he was charged with?

    How does him spying make him relevant close to 40 years after he was caught?

    said that what he says is irrelevant. I normally don’t agree with Gadolhadorah but in this case I do. How does the length of his sentence make him more relevant?


    There are articles now how power people around the world are preparing for T presidency, which they didn’t do last time around. Their biggest concern is unpredictability that they don’t like in their nature. Their preparation includes (1) doing things T might like and that they found made sense – increase NATO budgets (2) find contacts close to T (3) try to create defenses against decisions they don’t want in case T goes there – transfer Ukraine support from US to NATO. So, the world seems to learn how to live with T, so I suggest you do too.


    The term “normally don’t see eye to eye” is very mild, fitting when you’re talking about your colleague or neighbor, not reshaim who use every opportunity they have to vilify all things sacred. תכלית שנאה שנאתים.

    I am indeed unfamiliar with JP’s case, but either way it seemed you’re saying he deserved his sentence due to additional crimes, not the crime(s) that he was actually sentence for. Sorry if I misunderstood.


    President Joe Biden recently made a public statement
    in which he said that he was “proud” to be
    “the first black woman to serve under a black president”.

    President Joe Biden confused himself several times in the sentence:
    He confused himself with his own vice president,
    Kamala Harris, and referred to her time
    as vice president under Barack Obama.

    None of this surprised me.

    When Joe Biden became USA President 4 years ago,
    I said: “Congratulations!
    You just elected America’s first senile President!”

    Those were my exact words, 4 years ago.

    Over the past 4 years, the neo-Marxists and Stalinists
    who dominate the MSM (Mainstream News Media)
    have conspired to conceal and deny the senility
    of President Joe Biden.

    But the recent debates made Joe Biden’s senility undeniable.

    The Mainstream News Media should be held accountable
    for their conspiracy to conceal and deny the senility
    of President Joe Biden.


    RebYidd23, yeah obviously his incompetence doesn’t actually bother his opponents, and they are just using any tool at their disposal. However, there is something to be said about the fact that it makes it obvious that some unelected people are getting to make important decisions thanks to this incompetence.

    Dr. Pepper


    Thanks for taking the time to respond- I’m going to try to better explain my choice of words.

    There are two categories (in my opinion- there may be more) of people who identify as Frum yet vote Democrat.

    1. Those that are clueless and vote Democrat because they are told to but would be horrified if they knew what the party stood for and

    2. Those that are knowledgeable as to what the party stands for but vote for the party anyway (to get free money) and try to justify it.

    I was curious about how those in the second category justify their position so I tried discussing it with posters who seemed intelligent enough to know what the party stands for (unsurprisingly I either get no response, a dodgy response or an incoherent response).

    Out of respect for the clueless posters I’d refer to a difference in opinion as “not seeing eye to eye”. I’d have no problem referring to a difference of opinion with those in the second category as “I’m totally opposed to what they stand for”. I don’t recall discussing anything political with @Gadolhadorah so to be דן לכף זכות I used the former wording.

    As far as Jonathan Pollard is concerned- I probably should have explained my position a little better. The main thing I was trying to convey is that his opinion is irrelevant. He may have provided Israel with top secret information but he didn’t do it with altruistic intentions- he would have sold (and tried to sell) the information to others. This is well documented and public information.

    As far as his sentence goes- he made a plea deal with the US Government (it was in the best interest of all parties as he would have gotten a shorter sentence and the US wouldn’t have had to make public some of the information he disclosed). I’m not sure why he violated the terms of the plea deal by granting an interview with Wolf Blitzer (and I’m not sure why Wolf Blitzer was allowed in jail to conduct the interview) but he did violate the terms and as much as I felt bad for him for the 30 years that he was rotting in prison- he shouldn’t have done that.

    I’m not going to say if someone deserves something or not- thankfully that’s not my job.


    the little i know – perfect name for you
    “The reason to not vote for Biden is that his advisers and controllers are immoral evil people with dangerous ideologies”.
    really? meanwhile most of trump’s advisers are either in jail or going to jail.
    haven’t heard of a single biden adviser in jail. evil? in what way?
    all poppycock by people who know little, if anything

    ☕️coffee addict

    I was thinking about this today

    The reason one should vote for Biden is that if Trump wins in November; Russia, China, and Iran will take it as a time to ramp up things while they have the chance

    If Biden wins in November they have another four years to prepare

    The little I know


    I’m not ashamed of my screen name. I’m much less concerned about the “in jail or gaoing to jail” of Trump’s folks than I am about Biden’s. Fact remains that today’s courts that are involved in bring these cases and the judges presiding are politicized Bidenites. This is a travesty that the Democrats have inflicted on American politics. I am actually worried that Trump, whose first term in presidency was choked by the Dems obsession with finding a crime that they could charge Trump with. They first labeled him a criminal, then set out to find something. That crippled our Legislative branch of government. They finally managed to fabricate a dossier, and make a case that was eventually proven a hoax. When Trump returns to office, will he allow the government to be obsessed with retaliation? I would feel bad if he does, but I wouldn’t blame him a bit.

    No, Biden’s crew are getting away with murder. The prosecutors and judges are Democrats, and they will never charge them with anything. The Bidens have been corrupt for years, with Hunter being the symptom that finally emerged. There not being Bidenites in jail is not because they are not crooks.

    Dr. Pepper


    You Leftists/ Libs/ Laszlos never cease to crack me up 😂 .

    Even with (according to you) “most of President Trump’s advisors in jail or going to jail” he still managed to be the best president the country has ever been lucky enough to have by a huge margin while you “haven’t heard of a single biden adviser in jail” yet he still managed to be the undisputed worst president ever, even pushing Obama into second place and Carter into third!

    Keep em coming!


    I will not go as far as Dr Pepper to consider every D voter an ignoramus or pasul, but I am very confused when people reject reasonably clear facts, whether they are Ds or Rs or Is. It seems to me that Ds suffer more from this, but I could be biased.

    Some of such things include things that were good under T (economy, support of Israel, pressure on China, Russia, NATO payup) and things that are not so good under B (inflation, illegal immigration, Afghanistan, Ukraine).

    It also includes wild manipulation of data. During the infamous debate, B showed clear mind when “quoting” statistics, conflating results of Covid disruption with normal economy. He was in clear mind at those moments, those were well-prepared and well-remembered mis-representations, not memory lapses. I understand why a politician will do that. But I am at a loss when a fellow Yid says similar things. Maybe this is cultural assimilation where we use “freedom of speech” to try to convince our brothers instead of following Jewish values of following the truth and staying away from falsehood.


    Hello Dr pepper
    Your problem is, doc, that you take an opinion, yours or someone else’s, as a fact
    Facts and opinions must be separated.
    “Best president”? On whose say?
    “Worst”? On whose say?
    Grow up.


    T he little I know
    “Judges are politicized Bidenites”
    Pure a nd simply a LIE.

    Dr. Pepper


    You’re correct, my opinions are not facts.

    “Best president”? On whose say?
    “Worst”? On whose say?

    I should have explicitly written “for those law abiding US Citizens who take responsibility for themselves but not for illegal aliens, shoplifters, carjackers, murderers, terrorists… and those who want the government to pay for everything for them”.

    I thought it was obvious but apparently not.

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