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    This may have been discussed before and if it has, then I apologize. I did do a search to check if it has been but I could have missed it.

    Why is abuse so widely hidden in our communities? Why can’t it be spoken about more openly so it doesn’t happen to others?

    Sorry if I’m opening up a sore topic.


    what kind of abuse are you talking about? domestic abuse? child abuse? molestation?

    They are all kept hidden for the same reasons: shame and stigma.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    There are ads for organizations which help abused spouses and children published in our most widely read newspapers. There are public forums and speeches about it. Mishpacha just finished a serial about it. What more do you think should be done?


    read the thread that bomb…started


    Its hidden because the victim(s) wrongfully blame themselves for letting it happen. If only I’d have been more careful, or if only I’d seen the warning signs, ect.

    And the community “blames” or judges the victim, so the easiest way out is to cover up.

    Sad but true. Same goes for illness that is contracted. Get into a car accident, and the world is your friend. Have a nervous breakdowm, and you are the subject of the rumor mill.

    Seen both senarios up close, so I speak from experience.


    I am talking about child/ sexual abuse.

    Daas, because one magazine wrote a series of articles about it and because there are ads in some newspapers doesn’t make it a KNOWN and talked about thing in our communities.

    It is still hidden, parents still do not talk about it with their children. Many still do not believe their children when the children approach them with ‘situations’ that have happened to them. It is brushed off and thrown on a back burner.


    Why should it be spoken about a lot, it is a horrible topic. Yes, parents should warn their children in an appropriate manner, without frightening them, about untollerable behavior of older people and that they shouldn’t keep secrets from their parents and so on. But why should it be an open topic of everyday conversation? Besides, don’t overblow the situation. While any incident is too much and there were several incidents, it is not a rampant issue. It does not warrant dominating the conversations the way almost all other blogs are busy with it. If you really enjoy this topic you can find a lot of company on all those sites.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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