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    He has the most biased case history in history. I think its poshut he must know something the US doesnt want anyone to know, and theyll keep saying he has to finish his sentence. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but ive never heard a normal explanation. i dont mean to be callous, keep on davening.


    I’ve actually heard something very interesting. I heard that even if pollard would have the chance to be freed, he wouldn’t leave unless they said he was completely innoccent or something along those lines. He is not looking to ‘just’ be pardoned. This is what I’ve heard recently…


    Toi,that has been said for years, mainly to justify his crazy sentence and to keep him in prison. Recently however this has been proven false, as dozens of congressmen have requested his release, as well as the former head of the CIA James Woolsey. If there’s anyone who knows all the classified details of the case, it’s Woolsey, So I’m sure there’s nothing that he knows that could cause damage.


    TT: It doesn’t matter now. He gets out in a few years anyway. Guys can gain face by asking for his release. But it was very clear that he ticked someone off for some reason to stay in prison that long.


    What does he know about this, or is he just ignorant?


    YUNGER, What does he know about this, or is he just ignorant?

    and why is he willing to destroy his reputation among Jews and chance of anything big politically for his entire future? This is a biggie!

    Whether he blames himself or Obama, they blackened both their names among Jews.


    Why hasn’t Pollard applied for parole?


    Rabbosi -Right Now I feel there is a chance to help Pollard, maybe even more than petitions. Yahoo is taking questions by submissions which are going to be asked to the President. Here is what I posted:

    “Why won’t you pardon J. Pollard? This has nothing to do with Democrats and Jews or Israeli/ US relations. His incarceration is a blemish on America’s conscience because he agreed to a plea bargain. He kept his end by pleading guilty, but the prosecution didn’t keep theirs’ by making sure he received a fair and light sentence. If there is a conscience right now in the Executive Branch of the US gov., he should be pardoned on humanitarian grounds!”

    I give anybody permission to copy and paste into Yahoo.


    Please. I’d sooner help Dwek than Pollard considering how much damage the latter did to Jews.

    He was a drug addict with delusions of grandeur who tried to sell his wares to everyone from Australia to China before the dumb idiots from the supposedly savvy Mossad bought his bill of goods.

    Innocent Jews suffered because of him, and today Jews are still suspect in some branches of the civil service.

    So, daven for Yehonasan ben Malka Pollard and Shlomo (Hacohen) ben Raizel Dwek…by keeping them in mind during velamalshenim!


    mms601 -“Why hasn’t Pollard applied for parole?”

    This question keeps popping up here in the CR. Is this ignorance or is this hatred?

    Here is what I posted in the Topic –

    “Jonathan Pollard must apply for parole to get clemency”:



    From J. Pollard. org:

    “Why Pollard Doesn’t Apply for Parole?

    Parole is Impossible

    Pollard’s “pro-bono attorneys have done and continue to do everything that can be done, within the legal field, to gain Jonathan’s freedom,” Rabbi Lerner wrote. “They are outstanding professionals, stymied only by a judicial system that is strongly biased against Jonathan… The [relevant] law enforcement and intelligence agency officials… have indicated that they would oppose parole… Parole is a virtual impossibility under those circumstances. Every legal expert the Pollard camp has spoken to, and there have been many, told them that the parole board would reject Jonathan’s request out of hand.”


    Health, great idea, we should also add the chutzpa of Biden to not only have said what he did, but to boast it to a room full of Jewish possible supporters.


    600 Kilo Bear – “Please. I’d sooner help Dwek than Pollard considering how much damage the latter did to Jews.”

    I won’t get into it with you, but let’s stick to the Halacha of the Torah. Dwek is a Moiser. End of Story. Pollard -there is a Chiyuv of Pidyum Shevuyim!


    600 Kilo Bear- Why do you have so much anger in you? You seem to take this very personally. Why?


    Pollard has to appeal to the US President for clemency. He is the only person who can release him.

    Usually such clemencies are given by the President After the election in November for his successor and January when the new president takes office.

    Clinton gave out a whole bunch of such clemencies like Mark Rich and someone from Kiryat Joel.

    Bush only gave one to some border agents who killed a drug dealer (Pollards name DID come up during that time)

    minyan gal

    Does anyone know if his health has improved since his recent hospitalization? I can’t seem to find any information about his health status. His name is still on the mishaberach list at my shul.


    600 Kilo Bear…so How do you really feel?


    600 Kilo bear; I agree with you partially. About the fact that Jonathan Pollard did unspeakable damage to ALL the Jewish employees in the Government. Besides breaking the trust that the Govt. put in him. But there must be some other angle to this story. The fact that some high-ranking people who have access to classified information are so adamantly opposed to freeing him after so many years. It must be something more serious than the overt charges of turning over highly classified information to Israel. But the mystery deepens when no one (of those supposedly in the “Know”.)will even hint of the kind of specific crime or act of treason he committed.

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