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    Why must we learn Gemoras and halachas that are inapplicable without a Sanhedrin (or inapplicable for other reasons)?

    If it is to be prepared for when Moshiach comes and reestablishes a Sanhedrin, some of the laws will be inapplicable even after Moshiach.


    So that Jews will have better things to do than waste time on forums. 🙂


    I belive Ir Miklat and Ben Sorer o’morer never happend and never will


    Torah hi, v’lilmod ani tzarich


    first of all because learning torah is worthwhile in and of itself. doesnt matter what part of tha torah. second of all how will you know what to do when moshiach comes if you dont learn the “irrelevant” stuff


    Because we learn Torah lishmah. Whichever definition of lishmah you use.


    Droish V’Kabel Schar


    Zahavasdad, you mean Ir Hanidachas.

    Miswesterner, more appropriate would be Lehagdil Torah Ulehaadira. That is what Chazal answer to this question.

    Learning Torah is a Mitzva, no matter which topic. Therefore it is very applicable for you to learn it. How about another question, why do we learn Gemara at all? Why can’t we just go through the Kitzur?

    The Maharal explains that the Torah is the logic of Hashem. When you adapt your thinking to that of Hashem, you are making yourself more similar to Him.

    When you learn about a certain Mitzva it is as if you performed it. If you know that you can never do a specific Mitzva, then surely you should learn its Halachos.


    If you can understand learning history and astronomy even if its not relevent, why not gemarah?


    Who should decide what is “relevant” and what isn’t? Many times things that may seem irrelevant are accessed as an example to how to apply halacha to different complicated situations. How would anyone even know that there is a reference made somewhere in the past if everything in the past would be considered irrelevant and was NOT studied? Everything in the Torah is relevant but we may not know why or when it will have to be used.


    aries, You are right. I read a story about a cong. that hired a chazan who brought along his own choir for Rosh Hasanah/Yom Kipur and it turned out that one of them was not jewish and the cong. refused to pay. It went to court and the judge asked the cong. to prove there is an halachic ishue with a non jew who was not the actual chazan but part of the choir. So they turned to one of the gedolim who told them that since tefilah is in place of korbanos it has the same halachah. A none jew was not alowed to even enter the beis hamikdash. My point is that if we wouldn’t learn hilchos korbanos how would we be able to draw a paralal for tefilah.


    Do not forget there are four layers Pshat,remez ,drush and sod.In one realm one may think it is inapplicable,but in essence it has extreme importance.


    Who is to decide what Halachos are applicable or not!

    A Rebbi of mine told me that he was learning Hilchos Pesach before the Yom Tov. He was doing the part where the Mechaber discusses what to do if you forget the Affikomen.

    He thought that this Halchah is irrelevant because how can you forget the Affikomen in a house full of kids! So he skipped it.

    Anyways, two night before Pesach his wife gives birth to twins. He was in the hospital the whole night with her.

    The next whole day an night he is busy doing all the last minute things himself, arranging places for all his kids to stay, last minute cleaning, Bedikas Chametz etc so he had no sleep again. Erev Pesach he was again running around.

    He sits down to the seder all by himself. Sure enough after two nights of no sleep, and the busiest 48 hours of his life, he finishes Shulchan Orech and Bentches, forgetting to eat the Affikomen.

    With his eyelids weighing as much as a loaded Airbus A380 (or 747 for the old folks) he drags his body to the shelf to get a Mishna Berurah to see the Halachah.

    That was his lesson to us never to skip over any Halachos claiming they are irrelevant.


    Deiye: I don’t understand that story. Just because Tefillah is K’negged the Korbanos that doesn’t mean that someone in a choir who isn’t Jewish would Passul the Tefillah. We don’t insist that Chazzanim be Kohanim.

    am yisrael chai


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