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    I was wondering why, considering the overwhelming universal need in this area, is it so difficult for the few established Shidduchim organazations to raise even minimum funds to keep their organizations going? Speaking to a few organizations like Invei Hagefen, Kesher-Lkwd, and others, I hear the same story how much they are struggling to stay afloat. Additionally, the programs initiated by a few communities to hire full time shadchanim with salaries in order to work exclusively for girls from their community, are likewise struggling to keep up with their commitments? It seems that both outside benfactors are’nt motivated to give, and also inside beneficiaries are hardly motivated to show their appreciation/support in a monetary way? For this very reason, many other communities have yet to hire a full time shadchan to care for their own girls. Are we contributing to our helplessness by not showing/giving support to the very organizations that are dedicated to trying to help us with this trying nisoyon that is affecting all of us? Some imput/insight please?


    They take away funds from limud torah?

    Tzedaka is a zero sum game, and giving more to one means less to another.

    We do have an exclusive shadchan, and don’t seen to have a problem with funds (it comes out of the shul’s general budget).


    I don’t believe it is intentional that ppl are not giving-there are just so many organizations out there.


    There are plenty worthy organizations that arent well funded. Its usually the big names that get all the money and the lesser known organizations that have a very hard time raising funds. Maybe because you are only involved with this organization it seems that it is only your organization that cant seem to get funds. In truth there are plenty yeshivos and other organizations struggling.

    Its important to have good fundraisers.


    W.I.Y.: You make a good point. However, from my observation in this field it seems that there isn’t even one organization in the shidduchim field that has well fundraising abilities; hence my assumption that the difficulty in fundraising is related to the helplessness people feel surrounding shidduchim in general, rather than it being related to professional marketing and lack thereof.

    My question is, why isn’t shidduchim perceived as a communal resposibility in the same way like a city eiruv/mikvah/cheder, given that it actually is one of the primary needs of a community? I think that if it were perceived in that way, fundraising would be alot more easier/welcome. Every community should hire at least one full time shadchan to work exclusively on their girls.


    Lomed Mkol Adam:

    Maybe the reason why its hard to get rich people to give for such an organization is because in general, the rich people have an easier time marrying off their kids so they are less sympathetic?

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