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    The best


    I want to only cry


    My Neshama is riddled with sin

    I ask,


    It is I who endure?

    They have understood life far more

    But they have left

    Me, life I do not know

    How do I know?

    So I ask,

    Why them, not me?



    1. We don’t know Hashems cheshbonos.

    2. How do you know they were better than you maybe you are better than them?

    3. Even if they were better that can be the reason Hashem took them. We are sent here to do a mission. Once completed there’s no longer a purpose to be here so in most cases Hashem takes the person away unless they are a gadol and the generation needs their guidance…

    4. You are likely a lot better than you think you are.

    5. Since you are still alive and Hashem did not take you back it means He believes you still have what to do on this world.

    6. You are still young and you can change, improve, do teshuvah and be as great or greater than the person you are writing about.

    Oh Shreck!


    One must never be ???? ??? ????, we learn that from the Haftorah of this coming week. ?”? DO NOT wish any harm on yourself (or any other Jew).

    As to your question “Why them, not me?”, obviously HaShem chose to keep you alive, for a VERY IMPORTANT REASON. You have a mission to accomplish, a specific mission that only you can fulfill, no one else.

    Furthermore, as long as a person is alive he/she has potential. We can reach the sky (or further), we can become what HaShem had in mind for us to be. As long as there is living breath in a person, he/she can strive for greatness. For shleimus.

    No, we might not be famous stars, from the shining greats of our nation. We may not be noticed by our own neighbors. However each and every one of us is a SHINING STAR to HaShem. ???? ???? ??????? ????? ???? ????. Each “star” a particular name, identity, “chashivus”. That should be enough to be ????? ?????? ??.

    Live. Breathe. And reach for the stars!!


    pixelate- a thought and feeling i’ve struggled with many times… And still do. I know the feeling, the way it seems so backwards, so incomprehensible why it doesn’t follow our logic, why they, those good, strong, full ones, are taken away… And there is no answer, for that’s the world we live in, one of confusion, shadow, distortion, seemingly lacking logic. May Hashem bring you comfort, direction, help you come to peace with the lack of understanding, and perhaps understand an inkling of His hidden ways. And may I be zoche to that too

    Shopping613 🌠

    I know the feeling, but in different way, not with someone dying, but with anything bad happening to a friend….

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