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    Avram in MD

    Most of the focus on Whoopi Goldberg’s assertion that the Holocaust was not about race is its historical inaccuracy – the Nazis were obviously motivated by racial animus, whether or not their categorizations of Jews were correct. This, however, is not what bothered me about her statement. At the end of the day, who cares whether she can answer quiz questions about the Holocaust? The really problematic statement was her assertion that Jews are indeed a race: white. Sure, this ignores the existence of Jews of color, but even if all Jews in the world looked white, why did she feel the need to vehemently label them white in that particular discussion? The answer is insidious. By declaring Jews to be white, antisemites of color place them into a “privileged” group that needs to be protected from, not protected. Therefore, the concept of Jewish suffering from antisemitic discrimination or attacks becomes de-legitimatized.


    She was defining race by skin pigmentation and physical characteristics, as supposed to ethnicity. In general, not a problem. In the context of the Holocaust, it is.


    The truth is the most Americans regard the word “race” (in reference to a group of humans) as referring exclusively to skin color. By this definition the Nazis were not racist (they had no problem with recruiting dark skinned Aryans for India who were anxious to fight the Brits). In the WOKE world, it is a point of faith the skin color is what matters, and aspects such as culture, ethnicity, community, ancestry, or language are irrelevant except to the extent they correlate with skin color. And to the WOKE, facts are automatically ignored when they clash with their dogmas of political correctness.

    And like many WOKE personalities, she got confused when having to deal with facts that contradict political correctness.


    avram: maybe she meant that there are other evils in this world besides white v black. not that white/white evil is lesser than black/white evil. If there was any priors with whoopie and anti-semitism (like if it was AOC who said such a thing or Ilan Omhar) then I get why everyone would rightfully assume the statement is designed to minimize the atrocity but why do we assume whoopie meant it that way?

    i think this whole tumhult exposed a very simple fact: there is no such thing as race. it is a made up word that people use to divide and hate on one another. race cannot be the pigmentation of the skin because Moroccans, african americans and dominicans all run the same color but are three different races. how are indians and chinese both of the same race – asian? it makes no sense. there is no such as thing as race and i wish people would stop using the word. i know i long ago refused to answer any questions anywhere on race. as a child, already. i never imagined that “sex/gender” would get eliminated before race.

    Zaphod Beeblebrox

    See, but what I don’t get is, if race is defined solely on the basis of color, then
    a) there are no black Jews,
    b) there is no such thing as a African American albino (google it), and therefore they must have been kidnapped which spreads the cultural stereotype of black crime,
    c) all light skinned African Americans are actually tanned whites or Latinos and are therefore guilty of cultural appropriation whenever they celebrate black culture, and d) I’m not related to about half my family who have dark skin, because how can we be related if we’re not even the same race?

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