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    Why don’t I do what I know I should do?

    Because in my opinion, the pain of changing my behavior seems more real than the pain of staying the same.

    So how am I expected to change and work on myself???

    live right

    stop being lazy.

    also, sometimes it takes a real feeling of disgust for your behavior to make you stand up and say, “that it!” and make a plan for change.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I think the saying goes, “keep your eyes on the prize” When something is hard for me to change, and so much is, I remind myself how good I always feel after crossing that bridge. I remind myself how proud I know Hashem is with me for working on myself, and then I tell myself that it is not really so effortful as I think, that the discouragement is coming from the Yetzer Hora trying to dupe me. That last thought gives me the push to want to one-up him. (I guess I am still operating on a primal level)

    Love the question, thanks.


    @live right – I hate to say this, but you hit it on the nail 😉

    @syag – great tips, thanks. Especially dueling with the yetzer hara. It makes it sound so much more intriguing and exciting 😉 Ever consider becoming a life coach? Your good at this, and without making me feel like a nothing!

    So my new resolution is that I’m going to:

    Write down WHAT I want to change.

    Write down WHY I want to change it.

    Write down what will happen if I DON’T change it.

    Write down what will happen if I DO change it.

    And I’m gonna do this everyday, b”n. Not here though, don’t get too excited.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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