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    Shopping613 🌠

    – Because you don’t have to deal with ridiculous politics about clothes and make up. In real life you can choose you groups, but in school you can’t choose your class

    – Because you don’t have nosy people who call you up when they hear your good friend’s sister broke her engagement or something equally unconnected to you and asks you if you need to speak to the school counselor about it.

    – Because you don’t have homework

    – And tests.

    – Because teachers don’t scream at you for things not in your control

    – Because you don;t have the urge to just run away from it all…

    – Because you can’t have a worse day than mine

    voos epes

    I’m assuming your day isn’t going to well but don’t worry there is always a light at the end of the tunnel


    Work and parenthood bring their own challenges and hardships. I miss my high school days, however much I

    disliked homework and school politics.


    Ouch! Sounds like you had a tough day! But you know what would be worse? Getting kicked out of the high school you hate!

    Little Froggie

    Motek, if that’s your attitude toward the blissful, happy, delightful, thrilling, exciting, exhilarating teenage years of school – what are you going to write about afterwards…..

    IT ONLY GETS BETTER (you know what I mean?)

    It’s all in the attitude!!! c’mon, hapha smile please.


    Life is full of stress regardless of what age you are hopefully as you mature you will be better able to manage the stress that comes.


    i LOVE not being in hs but i regret leaving SOO early:( bc i miss all those yrs of being able to b around friends thats the ONLY thing i miss about going to college early and now i have to make friends with girls that are like 5 yrs older than me:(

    voos epes

    @bnos trolla are you saying that ur 14? Because there 19 year olds in college (unless ur exaggerating)


    i was exaggerating a little bit but ya the girls r like 20 and im like st age?! i dont want to say my age online sorry

    voos epes

    But aren’t you looking for a seminary? Usually you go to seminary and then college something doesn’t make sense with your story


    Sometimes unusual things happen.


    i sense something is amiss

    voos epes

    @rebyidd ur bnos trolla?


    In the cr

    voos epes

    I have a feeling bnos trolla is reb yidd


    No. I am simply a person who has seen and done unusual things.

    voos epes

    I don’t want to know what Those things are


    Then I’ll tell you two of them. I wrote on a math test with a green pen in fourth grade. (It was not against the rules, but nobody else in the school did so.)

    More recently, I typed a paragraph with my eyes closed to see how well I could type. There were no mistakes.

    voos epes

    Alright that’s as much as I need to know


    high school is great. maybe for a boy it’s different.


    more reasons:

    -dont have to get up so early

    -dont have Tonz of stress

    -dont have to be up all night studying and doing homework


    Letakein Girl

    Shopping, this is not addressed to you. I understand that you’re just venting, and are not looking for a mussar shmuz. Remember: keep your head up!

    Let’s have a positive attitude, people!!

    Reasons to be happy you ARE in high school:

    voos epes

    @reb yidd I’m gonna try that to Jen dido disoriented id jeidiirrieiririekdkcnndncjd. Neicnfmdk (I guess I’m not to good at typing)


    voos epes – once again i graduated CRAZY early from an online high school and im in a 2nd yr sem where i live since theirs no 1st yr here and go to college at the same time and i didnt know until like 2 months before i went to college that i was going to be going to college SO EARLY!! im not at all reb yid lol and this is unusual for a good yeshivish girl but not for someone who goes otd so your right this is unusual

    tzviki – im not a boy if i were a boy then i think that i would have wanted to go to a certain yeshiva since i think i would have appreciated it much more than my old bais yaakov school and back in high school i dont think i would have almost went otd

    wanna be chasidish – i like the learning and studying part their were other reasons for me leaving high school

    latekein girl – i think the reason why people should be happy to be in high school is only because they get to be around friends no other reason unfortunately

    Letakein Girl

    Well, lookingforsem, it may be surprising to you, but your opinion is not the only one in the world. (GASP)

    And your opinion is not always right. (FAINTS)

    And you really shouldn’t be judging the entire BY system by your bad experience. There are far more girls going through BY and emerging as happy, succesful, and confident people than there are being kicked out or leaving on their own, disgruntled. You can’t argue against that point because you are not in the BY system right now- I am, and am therefore far more qualified to evaluate it.

    No, it is not perfect. So what? Nothing other than Hashem and His cheshbonos is perfect!

    I’m sorry if you had a bad experience, but it’s really unfair to write off the whole BY system cuz you couldn’t handle it.


    if you live in new york than your lucky because out of town where i live theirs only like 1 school to choose from and if you dont like it deal with it and i couldnt deal with it after a whole year and a half and so i left

    voos epes

    Wait a second you graduated from a online high school but you went to bais yakov?? Also what makes you yeshivish


    the same stuff that makes someone yeshivish:) kollel and stuff:) and tznius 🙂 and davening and learning:) i went to a bais yaakov school until i went to online high school


    “high school is great. maybe for a boy it’s different.

    i happen to agree, i love hs.

    but other boys aren’t as happpy in hs.

    i dont thing it has to do with boys/girls, rather on the persons experience in hs. (though the first two parts dont apply to boys, there are other problems that boys have.)

    Letakein Girl

    Hey, I’m sorry for getting WAY too personal with some of my posts… You’re right, personally insulting people is against the rules.

    I really feel bad, and would appreciate it if you could forgive me.

    This is so crazy, I keep doing the same exact thing- being completely cruel to trolls, feeling bad about it, apologizing, and then starting the cycle over again. I really gotta work on this!

    Wishing you muh hatzlacha in life!

    (And if you’re not trolling then i was ???? ?????? so here’s a Bracha:

    May you be zoche to always have siyata dishmaya, to have the strength to do the right thing in every situation life puts you in, to always be happy, to have brachos rain down from shamayim onto you. May you be zoche to build a mikdash me’at with your true zivug, and to raise children that will give Hashem nachas.)

    Letakein Girl

    Wait, LFS I think you’re a lil mixed up here. The things you mentioned above are signs of being a good frum Jew, not of being yeshivish. The only one that maybe makes you yeshivish is the fact that you wanna marry a kollel guy… But I’m not sure.


    voos epes

    @lg very nice of you &lookingforsem 🙂


    showjoe – are you in high school or out of high school you dont need to say what grade your in dont worry i have no clue who you are and i doubt anyone will be able to figure it out who you are since their are so many high school and out of high school boys!! since your a boy obviously you know better than i do about boys especially since its been years since i talked to boys i think what you mean by that is that your still frum b’h and the other boys that your talking about stopped being frum… makes sense!! thats their problem with the hs

    letakein girl – amen thank you for that bracha no im not trolling and i think your about my age!! and since you dont live where i live you dont understand me and neither do you know me!!


    looking4sem: im a boy in hs.

    NO i do not mean that other boys are off the d c”v. i mean while some boys enjoy hs on a day to day basis (me included B”H), others do not enjoy hs on a day to day basis. but that does not mean that they are off the d, it just means that they might have similar thoughts to Shopping613.

    Letakein Girl

    Thats right, and I feel truly awful about the way I’ve judged you. I’m so sorry.

    Do you forgive me?


    letakein girl – yes i do:) its totally fine:)

    show joe – the guys that i kw that thought that way were otd but once again i live “out of town”

    Shopping613 🌠

    Okay, well I’m not sure it’s worse than being kicked out of the school I hate…I’m not sure which is better, I’ve been in both sides and both are horrible!!

    Lookingforsem, I’ve been there.

    You could of boarded somewhere else, a lot of people I know have boarded in NY. or somewhere else, I used to live in a out of town place…kay?

    I’m sorry I’m so moody, high school is so hard.

    And high school is not only about friends, lookingforsem, BY system isn’t perfect, but I came to the conclusion that the system now is the best they’ve got, unless of course you have a better way to do things?

    showjoe is right, but also wrong.

    I’m in high school, have friends but aren’t fully happy.

    That’s cuz you can choose what to see, yesterday I had stuff that any normal person would of seen as bad, but after thinking about it, Hashem handed me nisyonos that are helping me work on myself, stuff that I told HASHEM erev rosh chodesh that I want to work on this month.

    Didn’t expect such hard tests so immediate, what can I say? Hashem loves me! 😉

    K, but most days are pretty good, there are bad sides to like everything, and my school has got plenty of them, but I try to look toward the good…


    “That’s cuz you can choose what to see, yesterday I had stuff that any normal person would of seen as bad, but after thinking about it, Hashem handed me nisyonos that are helping me work on myself, stuff that I told HASHEM erev rosh chodesh that I want to work on this month.

    Didn’t expect such hard tests so immediate, what can I say? Hashem loves me! ;)”

    shopping613: wow, great attitude! thats the true way to look at life!

    i find that when im mekabel on myself to do X, almost right away a nisonoy in that area comes. i think i heard this yesod bshem somebodygr8, thought i forgot who.

    “showjoe is right, but also wrong.”

    on what part?


    i did not have the easiest high school experience and i still miss it like crazy!! theres nothing like being young and carefree and almost noone(myself included)appreciates it till they leave……enjoy every minute!!


    I remember back when I had in work in high school. Now I am in high school and I don’t have work. Except for real avodah.


    shopping 613 – you were kicked out of school?!

    show joe – thank you for giving your opinion

    sketch and a half – i agree i do miss it like crazy due to my friends who i wish i could spend days with but Hashem has other plans for me

    eek – what do you mean by that? your job in high school is to learn and shteig and serve Hashem and thats the real avodah good for you!! only problem is that unfortunately my school wasnt allowing me to think that way:(

    Shopping613 🌠

    Yes, I was.

    Not because I am some evil monster, nor some OTD kid, nor some crazy kid doing dangerous stuff.

    I was kicked out for things not in my control. Things that weren’t my fault and things I didn’t do.

    Which completely sucks.

    B”H I am in a school now and things are better!

    Lookingforsem: I also thought that way about my school, I had to daven in the classroom where girls made noise, and not get enough time for davening, also speeches in a foreign language, and other such things.

    But do you really think they had meeting and said:

    “Let’s not let _________(your name) grow higher in ruchniyus!”

    Than the principal cackled evily and they all clinked glasses.


    Rules are in a place for a reason, listen I keep telling you the situation is far from perfect but they system now is the best one for catching and making the most of each girl, if they changed it to suit your needs more, more girls would fall completely through the cracks and be lost to us.

    Get it?

    Shopping613 🌠

    Don’t think I’m some teen in denial, it was because the environment/situation somewhere else. The school thought it be best to ship me off to boarding school…


    shopping 613 – are you sure their wasnt a good reason to kick you out? i think most schools find a good reason to kick students out!! if they didnt kick me out and i wanted to be kicked out than their must have been something bad that happened that they kicked you out!! Did you go to a chasidish school what do you mean by that “the speeches were in a foreign language” the only class i had in a forgein class was a hebrew class back in high school was ivrit. What do you mean that they wanted you to be in a better environment that you were in a otd school so they shipped you off to a more frumer school?! i would never have allowed my school to do anything like that to me especially since i didnt even follow the rules and tried breaking most of them since i wanted to get kicked out so thats a whole another reason not to listen to them about me going to boarding school if i dont even listen to them in their actual school!! besides for that that wouldnt have be a good reason for me to go to boarding school since i was actually friends with the less religious girls since i dont believe in staying away from the more modern girls i actually believe the opposite go close to them so that way they become like you and become more religious!!


    People naturally resent being made more religious by other people.


    reb yidd 23 – what do you mean?!

    Letakein Girl


    My philosophy on friends is as follows:

    People are friends with others for two reasons-

    A) they have something in common. (They’re the same type or something like that)

    B) they respect the other person and naturally want to get closer to them.

    So if you’re “friends with some one only to be mekarev them, I wouldn’t call that a friendship.

    There are many chazals that say to stay away from friends that are bad for you. I don’t think that teens should be friends with others to be mekarev them…

    In order to be in kiruv, you hafta be certain that you won’t be influenced by those you are spending so much time with…

    Shopping613 🌠

    I am actually litvish, and chareidi aka ultra orthodox.

    My school is in hebrew, but that may be because most people in Israel learn in hebrew.

    I am NOT OTD.

    The school felt it be best that I was in a dorm V.S. living in the environment I was in.

    It was a good reason, but I felt I could not handle another move and I would not be able to overcome such a challenge again.

    I don;t wish to say any more.

    I am a girl who want to do good and be the best daughter of Hashem as possible.

    Any more questions?

    I am probably your age. I had a different story, choices and paths. I did what is best for me!

    This is where I am now.

    Letakein Girl

    You’re amazing, Shopping.

    (As always.)


    I’m happy I’m not in high school because for sure I’d be the oldest student there.

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