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    How high an income can someone have and still qualify for WIC?

    Also, if someone gets WIC checks for the mother and several children, do you have to use the specific food items for the mother or child it was assigned to? IOW, is there a legal or halachic problem if, for example, the father or mother (or a different child) drinks some of the juice bought with a check assigned to one of the children (since the government is really giving that food item to the child)?



    i googled and found the website for the first part of your question. i dont have the answer for the 2nd part.


    I believe in NYC you need to brIng in less than $33,000 to qualify. This may not be current. As to your other point, I doubt it is illegal but IMO it is not ethical.


    You can make $100,000 and qualify for WIC (if you have enough children.) Eligibility is based upon family size.


    Good point that info was based on a 3 person household.


    MR: I don’t have wic but my neighbor gave me her WIC cheerios last year some time before pesach. (I took only 1 box, there was more to go around.) Are you saying it was unethical of me to use it and I should have told her to trash/burn it?

    As far I know Wic juice is frozen/concentrated only, does anybody expect you to have a dedicated pitcher in the fridge?

    Ask anybody with wic , they probably have more peanut butter etc. than they can use. The program is unrealistic of normal consumption by kids, with way too much of a few foods. I don’t know if Kosher plays a factor in why this is so.


    Obviously I did not mean down to the very last kernel of corn or Cheerio. But stam to just give the WIC food specifically given to you for your child, to someone else yes you bet I think that’s wrong.

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    With all the OTD going on, Its a wonder there arent more.

    Kids see that its Assur to sing in the Shower, but that its OK to steal from the government.

    Why is there there no Asifa on stealing from the government and using government benefits properly and legally.

    Kids see these things and get a very different message that what you want


    Hmm, the OTD is occurring because one child is eating the food WIC really gave to his brother?


    Who is stealing? If child A gets peanut butter and milk but not child B you think anyone is expecting me to keep 2 separate jars of peanut butter and 2 cartons of milk and shmear child A’s sandwich from one jar and child B’s from a different jar and pour out there milk from 2 different cartons?! So you use one jar/carton for both and when you run out of peanut butter and milk you buy more and both kids share that one too!


    zahavas, did you perhaps hit the wrong button?


    People are meticulus on many areas of Mitzvot, People eat Chalav Yisroel, People triple check the veggies for bug.

    I am meticulus when it comes to money issues. I dont cheat the government even if its legal or quasi legal but it smells like it might be illegal.

    If you take money from the government you need to use it EXACTLY as it was intended, If you dont like the rules, dont take the money.

    It is not a Chillul Hashem to eat a piece of Broccoli, but its a HUGE Chillul Hashem that people feel they can not pay income taxes, use Section 8 housing money to pay rent to in-laws who own the house, to get Welfare when you are an able body person who can work.

    Imagine the News goes to Lakewood and discovers all the Kollel guys who accept government assistance and then puts this on the Front page of the NY Times.

    Would you claim the NY Times is biased and hates “True Torah Jews” or would you say, Oy Rachmana Lanu that we have fallen so low that we must take from the government to support kollels and work to end the system


    1. It isn’t “stealing” if the government allows it. Food stamps and WIC are programs that, in practice, encourage many people to become “addicted” to government programs – the infamous “welfare dependancy.” Other similar programs are social security and medicaid.

    2. To the extent they help the poor, they are probably good ideas.

    3. They definitely benefit orthodox Jews.

    4. Especially since they are not sustainable and are not being paid for, they are probably a bad idea in the long run economically.

    5. They help explain why so many frum Jews vote Democratic. Good efficient government just isn’t in our economic interests.


    Yidden pay taxes and are fully entitled to accept every penny of welfare, food stamps, medicaid and section 8 that they are technically legally entitled to. If your in-laws are your landlord, it is 100% legal to use section 8 to pay them. Able bodied persons who are not working (for any reason) are 100% legally entitled to collect welfare. And every Yid in that position should accept all the aid the government entitles them to. Just as the non-Jews do.


    …why didn’t you just start the thread with that post? It’s just about as subtle… -_-

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