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    Did ur wife serve jury duty ? if not how did she get away with it.

    also we got the third notice to come down or get a fine.. did anyone get a fine for not going ?


    ppl lik u are y we get a bad rap. do your civic duty.


    If your wife has a legitimate reason that she can not serve jury duty, let her fill out the appropriate form with the clerk and he/she will grant an exemption for the time being (EG if she is primary care giver for a small child she will surely get a deferment for a number of years.) Simply to ignore the requests to appear is foolish.

    YW Moderator-18

    if you have children under 13 and she is the primary care giver all you have to do is send a copy of the youngest child’s birth certificate with the form and it is an automatic exemption.


    A father of a child under 13 could also exempt himself as such. The court doesn’t discriminate between mothers and fathers.


    grow up and do your jury duty


    ignoring it will not make it go away


    Shame upon you rtabs to shy away from a civic duty.

    Why is your time more precious than everyone else’s? It is no wonder that so many cases have thge wrong outcome, because so many people are evading their civic obligation.

    The fact that you rtabs may think that having a jury decide somebody’s fate to be an absurd & redicillous system, is your perogative, and I couldn’t agree more wholeheartedly with you. If a Judge or attorney or court officer has to make such decisions, their career is on the pipeline, so they will take utmost care to arrive at the correct decision. The Jury has no future career depend on their decision and simply wants to get it over with and go home.

    So yes rtabs, I absolutely agree with you, that the jury system is a miserable failure. But until such time that the system changes, no-one including you & your wife, are above the current law & system.


    In Bronx County, lack of child care is grounds for postponement, but only for a while. They expect you to take care of your child care needs and report. Jews should definitely serve on juries when called.


    To be fair, a juror could lose a week or two or even longer of his salary, if his employer doesn’t pay him for the time he is serving as a juror. And employers have no obligation to pay an employee who is on juror duty. And not everyone can afford to lose a few weeks salary for a measly $40 a day.


    Total Troll. Next time click on their name and look at their history before feeding the troll.


    147 I have to disagree with you. there are many advantages to trial by jury including the fact that no one (and for sure not all of them) have other motives


    Court in today’s day and age is no place for a frum Jew.

    Here’s what I do. Simply throw out the notice when it arrives.

    Despite the scary warnings about fines and jail for evaders this has never occurred. They can’t prove that you got it and they don’t try.


    Court in today’s day and age is no place for a frum Jew.



    Despite the scary warnings about fines and jail for evaders this has never occurred. They can’t prove that you got it and they don’t try.

    They do try and you can go to jail and get fined if you get a “Must Serve” notice

    They have a special Judge who doles out punishments for Jury Duty evadors



    They make you swear. Or affirm, but it’s the same thing. Asseres Hadibros, hello?

    People dress not tznius. Shmiras eynayim, hello?

    Courts ruled against G-d in schools, courthouses, and the pledge of allegiance. Kefirah, hello?

    As a juror you are forced to fraternize with goyim. Am segulah, hello?

    Jurors are entrusted with being the triers of fact. Only Hashem can determine the facts. Kefirah again.

    Plus of course it is Bittul Torah because you can’t learn while listening to the proceedings.

    But the main reason why court is no place for a frum jew is gezeirah atu coming as a defendent.


    Jury evaders are not punished. There are way too many evaders for them to go rounding up thousands of people a month. Every ten years or so they’ll make a show of charging five ten folks who foolishly admitted to evasion. (They cannot prove it was received in the mail if the person claims to never have received it.)


    BTW you can get put into jail for ignoring to jury duty. It almost happened to a friend of mine.

    Aren’t we supposed to uphold justice in the country we live in, isn’t that the cause of dina d’malchusa dina?


    zahavasdad- upon what do you base your comment?

    T613T- Tell us what happened to your friend.

    Dina D’Malchusa means that the law is the law not that you need to sit on the case.

    squeak- some of the things you wrote are true (reasons 2,4,and 6)the rest are funny.



    Each court system if different and they deal with those who ignore or evade jury duty differently. You might be lucky and they dont follow up, you might get unlucky and be issued a summons to appear in front of a judge to answer why you never showed up for jury duty. You might face a fine ranging from $50 to $1000 and even jail time. Before you make the stupid decision to ignore a jury duty summons, at least look into how the judicial system that called you deals with those who ignore them and make an informed decision.

    Has anyone ever heard of a Rav anywhere issuing a psak that one is forbidden to sit on a jury?


    I don’t know about a general psak forbidding jury duty anywhere, but certainly a psak that someone on a jury cannot vote to convict a yid or find him liable to another party in the absence of halachic thresholds.


    “certainly a psak that someone on a jury cannot vote to convict a yid or find him liable to another party in the absence of halachic thresholds”

    While someone might pasken that way, three different Orthodox rabbis have told me in no uncertain terms (1) A Jew must serve on a jury if called, with one exception, (2) A Jew while on a jury should follow the secular law even if it criminalizes things that aren’t against the Torah, provides for monetary penalties not according to the standards of the Torah, or sends even a Jew to prison when that would not be a Torah punishment, and (3) The exception is that a Jew may not serve on any jury in a death penalty trial, whether the defendant is Jewish or non-Jewish, because the standards for the administration of death penalties in the US fall far below even the minimal standards required for Noachide courts.


    That’s liberal gobbledygook. And you are actually contradicting yourself. If (3) is disallowed then for the same reason (2) cannot be allowed. In any event you presented no halachicly logical reasoning to backup the absurd contentions in (2).

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