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    I know this isn’t an earth shatering post but does anyone know a place where I can access wifi for a whole day 8-4 in the country (Sullivan County) and a cheap place to sleep for Sun and Mon night next week?


    Empire Campgrounds on Cohen road in Swan Lake. Very affordsable. They will even provide you with a tent and cot (if you don’t have your own) and they provide free wifi for you to connect with your online daf yomi chavurah. Just google their name and you will easily find their website.


    Most public libraries provide wifi; there must be some of those in the country.
    Att: Poster who questioned value of libraries 📚


    Jellystone Park in Greenfield Park, Happy Days Camping in Swan Lake and Morningside Park in Hurlyville all have Wifi and are price $25 to 50.


    While we’re on this topic – does anyone know of moderately priced motels (not a resort) in the Catskills that are suitable for Shabbat observers who might bring their own food?

    These motels seem difficult to find, and the frum hotels seem to be quite expensive.


    None of the places above are for rooms, they are campgrounds for tents. With shared bathrooms. And I wonder how good their Wifi is. Once you get into rooms or renting a tent, it is hardly so cheap.

    You can check out motels in Ellenville, where there are minyanim year round.

    It seems cheaper than Liberty or Monticello.


    The inn in Monticello, but just be aware the person in the next room over maybe homeless


    Right Jew,
    Depending on your standard of Catskills and your standard of price and your standard of Shabbos, I might recommend Armoni inn of Orangeburgh NY.


    You are not dealing with Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons $800-$1200/night in the Catskills…..there are several old-line, full-service heimeshe hotels like the Raleigh which offer basic, family size rooms for as little as $250-$300/night, INCLUDING meals (with glatt hashgacha). These are in the older sections of the hotel. If you want to splurge a bit more, you can get more modern rooms in the newer sections and cottages. I think the Raleigh still has a shul on the premises. Other hotels are within walking distance of shabbos minyanim

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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