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    Do you think that classical music (think Beethoven (no lyrics)) will have a comeback?

    How is it that fashion styles repeat themselves, yet musical genres evolve and build upon itself?

    Is music more politically and culturally influenced than fashion?

    Thanks for your thoughts


    Classical music has never gone out of style although it is evolving. The funny thing is that people today sometimes don’t realize that what we call “classical music” was the pop music of it’s time. Ever hear of Lisztomania? It was the 18th Century version of Beatlemania. Franz Liszt and other composers and performers were the rock stars of their time. When I went to yeshiva, back in the Late Bronze Age,my RY said that all melodies were kosher except for those that were identifiable as liturgy (e.g. Silent Night).


    Folk music has always been better than classical.


    Who said classical music ever went out of style?

    And, certainly, there is plenty of good instrumental music being made today.

    The Wolf


    I don’t think we are likely to ever again see urban hipsters walking down 13th Avenue with a boombox on their shoulder blaring out Eine Kleine Nachtmusik……the cacophony of hip hop and rap seems to have become embedded within the urban fabric of the U.S. When you travel “in the country” you will hear a dozen variations of the same melody with variations of the lyrics about ‘my girlfriend ran off with another man and stole our only tractor”. I wish classical music would return but don’t hold your breath. In Baltimore, recently, the famed Baltimore Symphony cancelled its summer season and may have to shut down permanently as attendance at the Myerhoff has been declining year after year. Other traditional symphonic ensembles throughout the U.S. are also dismantling as an aging population with hearing aids is simply not showing up.


    Agree with RebYidd23


    I feel like classical music in its original form will probably not come back into style. It seems like one of those things that was once in style but is then always present in the background forever, never really becoming the star of the show again. But it can.

    Amil Zola

    Litebrite your initial post is confusing. There is a difference between ‘classical ‘ music and instrumental. Some classical music pieces can be instrumental but there are other genres of music that can also be instrumental. Schubert is a famous classical composer who wrote music for a singer accompanied by a piano and in come cases choral music. (FWIW folks have a idee fixe that classical music is the likes of Lizt , Bach etc. and fail to understand that it is defined not only by the era (1730=1830) but also by the instruments of the period. )

    Admittedly I’m of the generation that benefited from Young Peoples Concerts by Leonard Bernstein, you may want to view some of them (available on Amazon). They offer a wonderful music education. In particular, episode 5, ‘What is classical music?’.

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