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    Yeshiva students sue Palestinian Arab for 100,000 NIS in reparations

    Two yeshiva students are demanding 100,000 shekels from a Palestinian Arab who attacked them in Jerusalem.
    Israel National News, Aug 24, 2023

    Two ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students who were violently attacked a year ago in the Old City of Jerusalem with punches and kicks by a Palestinian Arab filed a civil lawsuit against him for 100,000 NIS.

    The Arab man was arrested and convicted of assault and was sentenced to six months in prison and 1,000 NIS in compensation.

    The indictment filed against the Arab describes the violent attack: “On August 19, 2022, the accused was standing with others on Malavia Street edit in the Old City of Jerusalem. At that time, the complainants came out, both of them wearing haredi garb, one of them with tefillin on his head. The accused and the others noticed the complainants approaching them and decided to attack the complainants. The accused ran towards one of the complainants and kicked him hard in the back. As a result of the blow, the complainant fell to the floor. At this point, the accused and the others began to attack the complainants together with kicks and punches.”

    “At the same time as described above, the accused picked up a wooden pallet and together with the others began to run after the complainants with the pallet in his hand, while the complainants fled the scene, and as the complainants fled, the accused threw the pallet he was holding in his hand in the direction of the complainants, all with a motive of racism. In his actions described above, the defendant attacked the complainants when two were present who teamed up to commit the act, illegally, and caused real damage, all with a racial motive.”

    Attorney Chaim Bleicher, Director of the Hate Victims Department of the Honenu legal aid organization, said that “the bodies, blood, and honor of Jews in the Land of Israel and in Jerusalem are not ownerless, and we must not let any Islamist terrorist with feel that he can harm, trample, and desecrate the lives and honor of the children of Israel. We in the Honenu organization will continue to work to create a clear equation of a heavy price for antisemitic terrorist attacks on Jews and to bring about the strengthening of deterrence against those rioters, their friends, and supporters.”


    Murderous hate against ALL Jews is taught in schools run by:
    The “Palestinian Authority” and Hamas in Gaza, and Jordan, Iran, and most Arab nations.

    Every year, many millions of Arab children are taught to hate AND KILL ALL JEWS.

    This hate starts as-early-as-possible, at the age of what Americans call “Kindergarten”.
    This anti-Jewish hate “education” is taught every year, until students graduate from school.

    One typical example:
    If there are 25 Jews in a bus, and Achmed kills 10 of them, how many Jews are left alive?

    This anti-Jewish hate is also taught by Arab television programs specifically aimed children.

    Children as young as 4 or 5 years old are taught that:
    “Jews stole Palestine, and the only solution is to kill them all.”
    These lessons come from the Arab equivalent of Sesame Street or Disney characters.

    Please note that Arab children are taught to hate-and-kill *** ALL *** Jews, even those Jews who are non-Zionist, even those Jews who are anti-Zionist. They make no distinction between Secular Jews and Chareidi Jews. They make no distinction between religious and non-religious.

    In conclusion, it is not enough to sue individual Arab terrorists.
    We must also sue the schools and television programs that teach hate to Arab children.

    We must also sue the”Palestinian Authority” which PAYS people who KILL JEWS.
    (This is known as the infamous “pay-for-slay” program.)


    Palestinians, driven by religious nationalism, will never be beaten into submission, whether it’s physical or financial pressure.

    It only makes them angrier. Why hasn’t Israel learned this lesson in 70 years?


    AviraDeArah, Arab racism is the main motivation. This was true since 1913.
    Then fomes, came, so called “nationalism” – the added layer.

    Regarding your glorification of murderous terror, you should know, that it is the baby gloves by Israeli courts system that gives preferencyial traamnt to to Arabs – that it is at fault, after incitement by Palestinian Authority.

    In contrast, in the 1970-80s, there was less terror.


    @AviraDeArah, Arab racism is the main motivation. This was true, at least since 1913.
    Then comes/came, so called “nationalism” – the added layer.

    Regarding your glorification of murderous terror, you should know, that it is the baby gloves by Israeli courts system that gives preferential treatment to to Arabs – that it is at fault, after incitement by Palestinian Authority and its controlled imams too.

    In contrast, in the 1970-80s, there was less terror.


    From 2 weeks ago:

    Fighting terrorists through the pocket

    Anti-Semitic attacks in Israel have become a painful routine, but the police often close cases even without an investigation. The Honenu organization stepped into the shoes of the authorities and are filing civil lawsuits against the violators.

    The haKol-Hayehudi, 7th Elul, 5783 – 08/24/2023



    Thing, am i missing something? Who’s glorifying terrorism? I’m saying that being tough on them, including demolishing their family’s houses, etc… Doesn’t work in deterring terrorism when people are religiously and nationalistically motivated; they don’t care if they die in the process. They are driven by an evil idealism; that’s a lot harder to address than stam angry people.


    Not all terrorists are suicidal. Why do most of them run away from authorities? Your weird and wrong phrasing: “beating into submission[sic]” hints glorification and misrepresenting the facts and the picture as a whole. It’s not about “submission” but about survival and of the Jews. Well, of course it starts from the pay-for-slay leadership which has to be broken.
    You said that being tough on the racists make them more angry. What a silly statement is that. Would you oppose arresting crime-comiting KKK members (also driven by “ideology”) because it makes them “angrier”?


    When an enemy submits, they’re accepting defeat; halevai the terrorists would be beaten into submission – but that’s not what happens lemaysoh. It only strengthens them and then they get to teach people that they’re martyrs, etc..

    Maybe not all the terrorists live up to suicidal jihad, but it’s what they’re taught. But not wanting to get arrested and sent to rot in hail doesn’t mean that they’d choose not to die for their terrorism.



    1. You’re confusing: bombers or stabbers or car-rammners who some of them are willing to die on that Death Cult – with other thiusands of tacist-Arabs (with either Israeli or “Palestinian” ID) who attack Jews every other week and some put it on social-media and get thousands of likes from other Arab-supremacists.

    2. Re your wording “rot in hail”[sic].
    You obviously don’t know how comfortable the Israeli jails are for the Arabs. Take for instance, the ’21 Gilboa prison escape, they were asked, why they didn’t escape before, their reply was that it was actually very comfortable, and that the reason they decided to escape, was, they heard a right wing government is about to be formed and got cold feet…


    I think it should work both ways, sue the parents of the Hilltop Youth


    No equivalence, neither moral nor in proportion…

    While someone here tried to pick a few extremists among the settlers and your Wikipedia style reminds Haaretz’s anti-Jewish defamation (“Israelis aren’t racists, they’re worried” – JPost, 24-Jan-2007).

    Asides from masses of fatalities and injuries. How many would be Jewish victims from the thousands of weekly (failed) attempts by racist Arabs?


    WW2 POLL:
    Most Arab Palestine = pro Hitler

    Did Palestinians Back the Nazis in World War II?’
    Daily Alert, May 19, 2022.

    … from the moment it became evident that the Germans may pass through Egypt and reach Palestine in spring 1942, Palestinian Arabs switched sides. About 78% of the Arab volunteers deserted the British army, often stealing weapons for the purpose of helping the Germans fight the Jews when the time came. Additionally, a survey in 1941 showed that 88% of Palestinian Arabs supported Nazi Germany, while only 9% backed the British Mandate.


    Morris, Benny. ”1948: A History of the First Arab-Israeli War.” United States, Yale University Press, p. 21.

    The Palestinians, Khalil al-Sakakini, a .. Jerusalem educator, jotted down in his diary, ”rejoiced [as did ‘the whole Arab world’] when the British bastion at Tobruk fell .. to the Germans.”

    One of the first public opinion polls in Palestine, conducted by al-Sakakini’s son, Sari Sakakini, on behalf of the American consulate in Ierusalem, in February 1941 found that 88 percent of the Palestinian Arabs favored Germany and only 9 percent Britain.


    Cohen, Hillel. ”Army of Shadows: Palestinian Collaboration with Zionism, 1917–1948.” United States, University of California Press, 2008, p. 175.

    In February 1941, 88 percent of those polled expressed support for Germany, while only 9 percent supported England.


    Anti-Semitism and Ignorance.
    F. Meiton: The Arabs and the Holocaust.

    Fredrik Meiton, November 29, 2010.
    …the poll carried out by Sari al-Sakakini, which, in February 1941, put the figure at 88 percent.


    – In general: the major Arab newspapers (Falastin, Ad-Difa’, Carmel, etc.) praised Hitler in the 1930s. [Ehrlich, 2002:81 (Heb.)] (it should also be noted ‘Palestine’ who called Hitler “noble” [Palestine Post, 22-May-1933]).
    In 1936, T. Wurst, the German consul in Jaffa: “The Muslim Palestinians .. deeply impressed by fascist teachings and views, especially from the National Socialists.” [Mallman, Cüppers, 2010: 38].

    – The cry of ‘Heil Hitler’ became a key word that rang brazenly throughout Palestine.” [Ziff, 1938:430].

    – In 1934, an Arab Nazi party was established [ibid]. In 1935 there are groups: Arab-Nazi [JTA, June-25-1935]. Also in Haifa, a Nazi-Arab club ‘The Red Moon’ was established [JTA July-1-1935]. In 1936, the ‘futuwa’ – modeled on the ‘Hitler youth’. [Rosen, 2005:109].

    – New York Times, May 23, 1937, ‘All’ the Arabs of Palestine, [even non-Muslim Arabs] celebrated Muhammad’s birthday with a flying Nazi swastika and pictures of Hitler. [New York Times, May 23, 1937].

    – Hilda Wilson, a teacher in Beer-Zeit throughout the rebellion of 1936-9, noted that most of her students were pro-Nazis and approved of Hitler. [Segev, 1999:343].

    – In March 1935, the Templar newspaper wrote: Many Arabs saw Hitler as the most important man of the 20th century and almost every Arab knew his name. Fascism and National Socialism with their anti-Jewish attitude were welcomed by many Arabs. [Canaan, 1968: 53 (Heb.)].

    – In 1937, Walter Dohle, the German consul in Jerusalem wrote: “Palestinian Arabs in all social strata have great sympathy for the new Germany and its Fuehrer…” [YNet, 7.5.2006]

    – Awni Abd al-Hadi (of the Istiqlal institutions and the Supreme Arab Committee) in January 1937 told the Nazi magazine that the Arabs like the Nazis. [Sentinel, Feb. 25, 1937].

    – In 1938, Arabs respond to Hitler’s words with cheers from the newspapers [for example, in the Petersburg Times – Sep 16, 1938].

    – 1938, about a hundred Arabs, including from Palestine, are represented in Nuremberg a.j.n. September 23, 1938 when Fauzi Kaukeji welcomes them. [Davar, Jan. 5, 1947].

    – Journalist John Gunther in 1939: “The greatest contemporary Arab hero is – Adolf Hitler.” [Gunther, 1939:528].

    – Ahmed Shukeyri testifies in his book (in 1969, pp. 196, 201; Encounter, vol. 39, p.76. S. Spencer, Irving Kristol, 1972) that they sympathized with the Nazis and “prayed” for their victory, referring to the years 1940-1.
    (The same Ahmad Shukeiri helped with propaganda for Hitler [Congressional Record.. Vol. 107, Pt 24, 1961, p.5735 (p.35); Detroit Jewish News, 3-Feb-1967,9], with Jamal Husseini – both justified the holocaust in 1946 [B’nai B’rith, 12-Jul-1946], promoted neo-Nazis in 1962 [JTA, Dec.3.1962; JTA, De.4.1962; Congressional Record: Proceedings and…’ US Congress, 1965, PA15915-6], was associated with Issa Nakhle [Herut, Nov-29-1953 (Heb.)] – who glorified Nazi Germany [DAIA, Apr. 1958], denied the holocaust [Nov.13.1972 at UN; 1978 in his memorandum to Carter, Sadaat ahead of Camp David; etc.] and worked with neo-Nazis for most of his career. [1963 corresponding with A. Arcand; Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, 1969:.425; Anti Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, 1983:49; The American Spectator, 1986:20].

    – Jaffa Arab activist, Muhammad Abu Sarrari: “Most Arabs in Israel were in favor of Nazi Germany.” [Arbel, 2000:19 (Heb.)].

    – Dr. Zaid Hamzeh (who was 9 years old in 1941): “We Arabs supported Hitler during World War II because he hated the Jews.” [Memri, according to an interview with him on 9-Oct-2019].

    – In 1941, Aref Abd-Razak meets Himmler, meets Goebbels – who, according to his words, made a “great impression on him”, and who suggested that he recruit Arabs for the SS. [Yom Yom, 21-June-1949 (Heb.)].

    – In 1942 when the rumors came about the fate of the Jews, there was public jubilation among the Arabs. [Cohen, 2014, according to the journalist’s testimony].

    – August 1942: The CIA reports on the anti-Jewish sentiments of the ‘majority’ of Palestinian Arabs, influenced by propaganda. Expect Rommel… [Herf, 2009:139].

    – In 1944, ‘in secret ways, Nazi propaganda material, authored by Hajj Amin, was also stolen into Palestine.
    Throughout the country his supporters drank in his words with thirst, and the phenomenon of the years of the rebellion returned: in the Arab circles they were already debating the distribution of Jewish property after the victory; And in Jerusalem and Jaffa, in Tiberias and Safed, the fate of the young Jewish women has already been determined: for each one, her future Arab rapist has been determined. [Lebl, 1996:98 (Heb.)].

    – Before the Farhud (in which they threw babies into the water in front of their parents, raped women before killing them), the Palestinian teachers in Iraq incited the mufti. [Julius, Huffington Post May 25, 2015]. And the Jenin born poet Bohan al-Din al-Abushi called for genocide [Shasha, 2008:6]. He also wrote pro-Hitler poems in 1942-1940. [Hazkani, 2021].

    – According to Edward Said, the pro-Nazi mufti represented the consensus of the Arabs of Palestine. In his book (1983:7): The Arab Higher Committee; It operated… especially since 1946… This committee, headed by the national leader of Palestine, Haj Amin al-Husseini, represented the Palestinian Arab national consensus, backed by the parties The Palestinian political parties that operated in Palestine, and were recognized in some way by Arab governments as the voice of the Palestinian people, until the PLO….


    Recent Nasizm at Arab “palestinians” are massively recorded at pwatch[dot]org for example.


    The Arabs of Israel
    Are they a ”persecuted minority?”
    In a recent poll, 70% of Israel’s Arabs declared that they identified with and felt loyalty to the Palestinians, and not to the state of Israel. Significantly, however, the same percentage (70%) declared that they would much prefer to live in Israel than in any other country in the area.
    (F.L.A.M.E., 2001).

    The Nation, Volume 272, 2001, p. 25.

    The American Spectator, 2001, Volume 34, p. 15.


    Poll: Israeli Arabs happy with Hamas win – The Jerusalem Post.
    Staff, Mar 9, 2006.


    Survey finds 28 pct of Israeli Arabs deny Holocaust.
    Dan Williams, Reuters, Mar 20, 2007 — According to the Haifa University survey, 28 percent of Israel’s Arab citizens do not believe the Nazi killing of six million Jews during World War Two occurred.

    Israeli Arabs between Palestinanization and Islamism.
    Barak M. Seener, JCPA, 1 January 2008.

    Fadi Eradat, ”Poll: Over 25% of Israeli Arabs Say Holocaust Never Happened,” Haaretz and AP, March 18, 2007.
    With 721 Arabs interviewed, the margin of error is 3.7 percent.

    Poll Shows Israeli-Arab Holocaust Denial, Support for Hizbullah.
    Ezra HaLevi, Israel National News, Mar 18, 2007.
    — A new Haifa University study reveals an alarming trend of Holocaust denial and sympathy with Hizbullah among the Arab citizens of Israel.


    More than 40% of Arabs in Israel deny the Holocaust.
    Ahmadinejad effect? A new study reveals that since 2006 there has been an increase of about 12 percent in the number of Arab citizens who claim that the genocide did not happen at all.
    Yonatan Hilleli, Maariv, nrg, 5/18/2009.

    Poll: 40% of Israeli Arabs believe Holocaust never happened – Haaretz
    Fadi Eyadat.
    May 17, 2009 — Survey also finds that only 41% of Israeli Arabs recognize Israel’s right to exist as Jewish state.

    Poll: 40% Israeli Arabs deny Holocaust.

    Radicalization of the attitudes of the Israeli Arabs: 41% Recognize Israel’s right to exist, 40.5% of Holocaust deniers, 47% do not want a Jewish neighbor.
    Globes, 18 May 2009.


    Arabs: J’lem Not for Non-Muslims.
    Maayana Miskin, Israel National News, Jul 3, 2009.
    Poll: Most PA Arabs reject Obama’s call in Cairo to make Jerusalem ”a secure and lasting home for Jews and Christians and Muslims.”


    Itamar massacre: Fogel family butchered while sleeping.

    Names of Itamar attack victims cleared for publication Saturday evening: Udi Fogel, 36, Ruth Fogel, 35, and their children Yoav, 11, Elad, 4, and three-month-old Hadas were stabbed to death. Surviving kids staying with grandparents

    Yair Altman, Ynet, 03.13.11.
    …They saw children sleeping in the home, and entered the Fogel family residence. … Immediately after entering the home, the youths set their knives on two young brothers sleeping in their beds, 4-year-old Elad and 11-year-old Yoav. … The two then left the house. One of the suspects, however, returned and stabbed to death three-month-old baby Hadas after she began crying in her crib. … Amjad said that he was unaware that there were two other children in the house, and that if he knew, he would have stabbed them as well.


    Poll: 32% of Palestinians support Itamar attack
    Israeli, Palestinian pollsters find that 63% of Palestinians opposed attack that left five family members dead in West Bank settlement
    Associated Press|Published: 04.06.11.


    Poll: 40% of Palestinians support suicide bombing – The Jerusalem Post

    Staff, May 2, 2013 — PEW survey finds a substantial amount of Palestinians believe bombings are often or sometimes justified.


    Israel’s Arabs growing more extreme in views on state, poll shows.
    Ariel Ben Solomon, JPost, June 26, 2013.
    — 59% agree intifada is justified if political stalemate continues..


    The 10 most anti-Semitic countries.
    And the 10 least anti-Semitic, according to a new global ADL survey.
    Marissa, Newman, TOI, 13 May 2014.

    West Bank and Gaza: The Palestinian territories were found to be the most staggeringly anti-Semitic in the world with a 93% overall index score. Among specific age groups, 92% of those between the ages of 18-49 were shown to have anti-Jewish views, and the figure jumped to 98% among those 50 and older.


    Poll: 93% of Palestinians hold anti-Jewish beliefs.
    Global survey by ADL reveals that almost half the world does not know that the Holocaust happened; suggests over 1 billion people are anti-Semitic.
    By Rebecca Shimoni Stoil, TOI, 13 May 2014.


    Poll: Most Palestinians want to eliminate Israel.
    Less than 30% back two-state solution, though most are opposed to violent resistance, and Hamas seems to have gained little support from kidnapping.
    By TOI Staff, 25 June 2014.


    Poll: Most Palestinians Oppose ‘2 State Solution’ | Israel National News
    Yaakov Levi.
    Sep 21, 2015 — A new poll shows that most Palestinians no longer support the ”two state solution,” but they do support violence against Israel.


    57% of Palestinians Support New Armed Intifada: Survey – Algemeiner.com
    Eliezer Sherman, Algemeiner, Sep 22, 2015.


    57% of Arab Israelis: We are Islamic Movement.
    Ari Yashar, Israel National News, Nov 17, 2015.
    Survey shows 42.2% of Arab citizens support or are activists of outlawed pro-terror group, 18.2% of Muslim Arabs say ISIS isn’t terror.


    New Poll: Palestinians Overwhelmingly Support Violence Over Diplomacy.
    By Eliana Rudee, Observer, Jan 4, 2016 — With 85 percent of young Palestinian adults getting their news from social media, 72 percent support violence against Israelis.


    Poll: Most Palestinians support return to an armed intifada – The Jerusalem Post
    Abu Khaled Toameh, JPost, Mar 22, 2016.

    New poll: Palestinian majority interested in continuing wave of terrorism.
    A poll conducted by the Al-Quds Communication Center among the Palestinian population and published today states: Most Palestinians are interested in continuing violence – among Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem more than half oppose, Kol Hazman, 13.03.16.


    Poll: Arab citizens think higher of Israel than its Jewish citizens do.
    Herb Keinon, JPost, May 1, 2017.


    Survey: 60% of Arab Israelis have positive view of state – Israel News
    Ben Lynfield, JPost, Sep 27, 2017.
    — ”The bottom line is there is more identification with Israel than with a possible Palestinian state,” said one of the survey’s directors.


    Poll: Palestinian Arabs approve of murder of Israeli teen.
    David Rosenberg, Usrael Nationsl News, Sep 18, 2019.
    Support for terrorism up among PA Arabs, support for 2-state solution drops as nearly 2/3 approve of bombing attack on Israeli family.


    If Israel is so terrible, why do so many Arabs prefer to live under Israeli rule?
    Jane’s Sinkinson, JNS, Dec 28, 2021.
    — The privileged American and European elites who purport to speak for the “Palestinian people” rarely understand their reality…
    This survey is hardly an outlier, and other Arabs feel similarly. A poll undertaken by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung at Tel Aviv University’s Dayan Center in 2017 found that 60 percent of Arabs in Israel had a favorable attitude towards the State of Israel.
    “The bottom line is there is more identification with Israel than with a possible Palestinian state,” Michael Borchard, Israel director of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung said, in an interview with The Jerusalem Post. “They want to be recognized in their specific identity but have no problem to be related in a way to Israel.”
    A 2019 poll by progressive researchers Dahlia Scheindlin and David Reis tells a similar story. It revealed that while 14 percent of Arab Israelis identify as “Palestinian,” 19 percent identify as “Palestinian Israeli” and 46 percent choose “Arab Israeli.” That’s 65 percent who identify as some form of Israeli. Only 22 percent identify as purely “Arab.”
    In 2020, Israeli social statistician Camil Fuchs found that only 15 percent of Palestinians picked “Arab” as their identity, and only seven percent opted for “Palestinian.” On the other hand, 23 percent chose “Israeli,” and 51 percent went with “Arab Israeli.” That’s 74 percent choosing some form of Israeli identity…


    A poll for Arabs, in which about 9,000 answered, if Adolf Hitler were alive today and were to stand trial, what do you think the verdict would be for the leader of the German Third Reich? -77.4 – Eligibility.

    [Edy Cohen, on Twitter 2-Feb-2019].


    New poll finds Palestinians overwhelmingly reject Israel’s deals with Bahrain, UAE.
    While the results show some despair about recent developments in the region, it offers some hope for a positive way forward.
    October 9, 2020.
    Written by Mitchell Plitnick.


    ADL. / Global 100
    West Bank and Gaza 2020:
    Index Score, 93%.
    People in this country
    harbor anti-Semitic attitudes.
    Adult population.


    Poll finds dramatic rise in Palestinian support for Hamas | AP News
    Joseph Krauss, Jun 15, 2021.

    Intelbrief / IntelBrief: Hamas Enjoys A Surge In Support After May Confrontations With Israel
    June 28, 2021.


    Public Opinion Poll No (85) | PCPSR

    Two-thirds think it was right for Abbas to use the “Holocaust” in reference… during his visit to Germany; 26%
    think it was wrong for him to use that term.
    (13-17 September 2022).


    Radicalization of Arab-Israelis is a threat to Israel – opinion
    David M. Weinberg, JPost, Feb 10, 2022.

    Two new studies warn of radicalization among Arab-Israelis and urge robust government action.

    In recent years, I have been quite optimistic about the forward-looking integration of Arab-Israelis in broader Israeli society. So many positive polls and helpful government initiatives suggested that better Arab-Jewish relations were on the upswing.

    But in the wake of May’s violent Arab riots and two just-published, in-depth and ill-boding studies, there is ample reason to worry that the progress could prove ephemeral. It is up to Israel to act swiftly against Arab-Israeli radicals so that Arab-Israeli moderates (the majority, I believe) can win the day.

    Ostensibly, Arab-Israelis have gradually but inexorably moved to acceptance and even preference of life in the Jewish State of Israel. Recent polls suggest that 71% of Arab-Israelis feel that Israel is a good place to live; 68% prefer to live in Israel than in other countries; and 60% even says they feel Israel to be a home and a homeland. Ninety-three percent of Arab residents in eastern Jerusalem prefer to live under Israeli governance than that of the Palestinian Authority!


    Survey: 75% of Israeli Arabs against Israel as a Jewish state.
    Yoni Kempinsky, Israel National News, May 11, 2022
    — Israel Defense and Security Forum poll finds surprisingly large percentage of Israeli Arabs would not side with Israel during a war.

    Poll: 75% of Arab citizens believe Jews have no right to sovereignty in Israel.
    Hanan Greenwood, JNS, May 11, 2022.
    The survey, conducted by Israeli NGO Habithonistim, found that should war erupt between Israel and Arab states, nearly equal numbers of Israel’s Arabs would fight for and against the Jewish state.


    Majority Of Palestinians Favor More Armed Groups – Poll – I24NEWS
    15 Dec 2022 — 72 percent of the Palestinian public said they favored forming armed groups like the Lions’ Den.


    Arab crime in Israel: 47% of murders are committed by Israeli Arabs.
    Israel National News, Dec 29, 2022.
    — Over a third of Israelis fear for their personal security. ”Israel is turning into a violent country.”


    Most Palestinians support Huwara terror attack, poll finds.
    According to the results of this poll, 71% of respondents said they supported the shooting of the Yaniv brothers in Huwara, while 21% expressed opposition to this and similar armed attacks.
    By Khaled Abu Toameh, JPost, March 18, 2023.

    Poll: 71% of Palestinian Arabs support Huwara terrorist shooting.
    David Rosenberg, Israel National News, Mar 20, 2023.


    Most Palestinians support ‘armed struggle’ against Israel – poll.
    By Khaled Abu Toameh, JPost, June 15, 2023.


    Fixes at #2223011 :

    1. Regarding the Farhoud, (Farhud) – Arab Palestine teachers such as Darwish al-Miqdadi and Akram Zuaiter incited together WITH the Mufti.

    2. Nazism today among Arab Palestinians – recorded at palwatch[dot]org


    Fixes for #2223011:

    A poll for Arabs, in which about 9,000 answered, if Adolf Hitler were alive today and were to stand trial, what do you think the verdict would be for the leader of the German Third Reich? –77.4 – exonerated him.

    [Edy Cohen, on Twitter 2-Feb-2019].


    Christian Arabs have been just as big into Jew hate. A Christian Arab murdered Robert F. Kennedy Sr. because of Kennedy’s support for Israel. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine was founded by a Marxist from a Christian family.


    Let’s start by holding the Hilltop Youths parents responsible.


    Dear Modern.

    This is why I used ‘Arab racism’ terminology. BTW, Issa Nakhleh, the one who was of first Arabs to “continue” Arab-Nazi alliance (60s-’80s, after his 1950s Nazi regime glorifyibg pamphlet in Argentina) post WW2/Mufti, was – a born xtian, though he authored a book dedication for their Muhammad and had served for Muslim org. including when defending Swedish Holocaust deniers Ditlieb Federer.

    Though xtisn Arabs who are racists have used Islam, including vis-a-vis Temple mount, where Muslims claim their Muhammad had a dream he was there… in fact, May 1937 NYT article states ‘all Arabs clerbrate’ his birthday with pix of AH ym”s included.
    And of course Falastin newspaper, especially in the 1920s where under Mufti’s thumb.

    Yet, there are xtian Arabs who are far from that. Including Yoseph Haddad.

    All in all. The Mufti al-Husseini ym”s laid the main foundation for Islamizing thevconflict 1920s/30s/40s.

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