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    Israel seems to want to strick Iran including it’s nukes
    Till now Iran was listening not to make nukes or get some from Korea or Pakistan if Israel does hit Iran facilities it seems that unless they finish the regime a nuclear war will come
    But before that if they send aircraft to Iran most probably the Russians will give them good anti aircraft and the syrians
    The Iranians already figured that there ballistics aren’t working and that might cause them to make airplanes instead
    How long do you think it might take them to make a f35
    In today’s world you can’t say they don’t have the technology
    If Israel attacks with bombs from outer space it will cause the world to do the same
    This means you really can’t win Iran without destroying the regime cause they can have the same army sufficticated


    In all honesty the world doesn’t see Oct 07th as a carte blanc to engage with every country Israel has a problem with.

    The US pulled this stunt with 911 with horrifying, demoralizing and pitiful results. Many of the soldiers that returned have depression knowing they were duped. American moral hegemony has disappeared probably never to return.

    The emphasis that Oct 7th was somehow worse (of course it was to us) than any other tragic event in contemporary history is falling upon deaf ears outside of Jewish adjacent communities. The messaging is failing, and honestly won’t work with the younger generations that are embarrassed by American neocolonialism in the Middle East.

    For those of you that think the US will back Israel outside of material or proxy support you are sorely mistaken. Ukraine is a perfect example, pouring money wishes and prayers into Ukraine is not staving off the Russian incursion. No matter how much propaganda was put out nothing will be done, not even Ukraine joining NATO will stop it.

    America is tired of wars, US intervention will be mulled by the exceedingly more left leaning officer class in the military using bureaucratic means to stifle any real war. Real war means risk to cushy retirements.
    American youngsters shouldn’t have to die for Israel regardless as millions of Jews live here like Ben Shapiro.

    If you want to see extreme antisemitism arise in America on the right, ordering boys from Nebraska to go die in Iran to protect Israel is just the way to do it.

    If you live in America and you want victory in Israel move there and fight for it, America can’t do the job for you.


    They can’t even build a non-stealth jet how are they going to build a stealth jet?

    Happy new year

    Ben shapiro????????
    Is he your figurehead????
    He’s the image of American jewry.
    When did this happen?

    Am I still living in 2015?

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