Will Israel be the korbon of Trump’s desperation.

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    President Trump is in a desperate situation & he’s not managing well under the stress. His poll numbers are terrible, the government is shut down with no end in sight, his legal troubles over possible collusion with Russia are not resolved, & the economy is slowing. I certainly support Trump over any Democrat in office,
    but he needs to show some big accomplishments before the 2020 election.
    In this desperate situation, he may try sacrifice E.Y. with his “Deal of the century” as a way to show some accomplishment. Hakol bidei shomayim.
    Hashem Yishmor.



    Trump is doing very well. The economy is doing well. The Russia investigation is a farce. He’s had a major accomplishment revamping America’s tax laws. He’s the best friend Jews have had in the Oval Office in well over a century.



    That won’t happen, because:

    1) Too many liberals support Israel.
    2) Israel is important to the U.S. military-wise.



    This news is really surprising from the man described as an Oheiv Yisroel Par Excellence



    Please stop giving the CR leftist media fake ” lying ” points ( I refer to media, not you) in your opening.
    It’s Shabbis Shira…. sing the shira on tune, treat yourself to a coupla overnight kugels, a vodka’la or 2 can’t hurt, remember the miracle of the Man, don’t let the bloodthirsty mob ruin your Shabbos….have yourself a Shabbat Shalom Um vorach.
    We have the right man in office.



    Proposing a peace offer that allows for Israel to continue as a viable Jewish state is guaranteed to be rejected by the Palestinians. If the Arabs ever change their mind and offer to agree to anything that would permanently end the war and lead to Muslims recognize that a large chunk of Eretz Yisrael is no longer part of the territory of Islam, it would end the war, but that won’t happen. Trump knows that.


    Sam Klein

    Hashem runs the world and Hashem runs the USA

    NO the country is not shut down. It is being run in full operation by Hashem-the king of kings- directly and currently this is the correct way Hashem wants the USA to run (with Donald trump as president and the white house on pause)

    Vote for HASHEM for 2020 president to run the USA and.the world by putting your trust in Hashem alone and NO one else (not trump or any segulah or Rebbes etc….) turn directly to Hashem when you need any help from health issues to livlihood or any other issues for that Matter. Hashem is Waiting to hear your call for help



    Sam Klein: Thank you for the mussar shmooz enlightening us about the Ebeshter running the country rather than the Trumpkopf. However, many of us would regard your words as mamash kefirah since the country is so screwed up there is zero likelihood that Hashem has HIS hands on the nation’s steering wheel.


    Haimy, what does that mean sacrifice EY? I think you are confusing EY with the secular state which actually is the worst enemy of EY.



    Does anyone here really believe that Trump would really care about throwing EY “under the bus” if it suited his needs at the time? He has lied and cheated throughout his life and literally thrown his former colleagues and wives under the bus when they were no longer of value. WHy would EY be any different. While I’m not a big fan of Natanyahu, I’m certain he realizes the dangers of becoming overly reliant on Trump (or any other American politician) and has contingency plans for the day he knows is coming.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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