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    Do you believe that Mitt Romney will win the presidential election and become the next President of the United States?

    Why do you think as you do (whichever way you think)?

    Note: The question is whether you think he will win; not whether you hope he will win. Please share your thoughts on what you believe the likelihood of his victory is, regardless of who you hope will win.



    Presidential elections are decided by electoral votes not popular votes meaning each state gives a certain number of votes if a candidate wins.

    Romney is only contesting 9 States. So if you take the electoral votes in the states that are not being contested

    Obama has 237

    Romney has 191

    You need 270 to win

    In the 8 states (NH, VA , NC, OH, WI, IA, NV, FL, CO) that are being contested Romney is behind in the polls of 7 of them (He is ahead in NC) and Obama is begining to pull away in OH where the auto bailout was popular and unemplpoyment is fairly low (18 Electoral votes giving Obama 255) It will also be fairly hard for Romney to win in CO and NV because there are large amounts of Latino voters who dont like the GOP (Another 15 Electoral votes total 270)

    Privately GOP pollsters say it will be unlikely Romney will win VA or NH either due to demographics in those states (There is a large liberal population in the state dependent on Government contracts around the DC area) and Many Liberals from Boston have moved a few miles to “New Boston” for lower taxes but retain their liberal views making NH out of reach.


    I believe Romney will win the electoral college (and become the next President), but the popular vote will be close.


    zahavasdad- you are just regurgitating information from CNN or The Huffington Post. There are eight weeks to go and polls are meaningless now.


    I dont read CNN or the Huffington Post they are biased

    You need to check where the campaigns are spending, campaigns do not spend money in states they cant win . There are only 8 states that Romney is spending money in. GOP Super Pacs are not even spending money in Michigan and Pennsylvania anymore.

    They are about to begin spending money in Wisconsin, Romney’s people think they have a shot to win it, especially with Ryan on the ticket


    The Ribbono Shel Olam knows. I don’t. And even if Obama wills, he could be the best thing for Yidden ever. Even if Romney wins, he could be the worst thing for Yidden, or Vice versa.

    Lev Melachim V’Sarim B’Yad Hashem.


    I think Romney has a very good chance. Maybe it is wishful thinking, but anybody paying any attention would be a masochist to vote Obama into the office again.

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