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    My teacher told me that he will probably win and i was thinking like who in their right mind would vote for him again??


    The same 60 or so million people who voted for him the first time.

    That is, the federation of people on the public dole, stupid people, and people with guilty complexes about being successful who think they will find satisfaction in forcing others to part with their money.


    People who don’t want him to win need to get moving and start speaking their mind. If you sit back and take anything for granted, then you deserve what you get and we certainly can’t afford another 4 years of misery and neither can Israel.


    People who don’t want him to win need to get moving and start speaking their mind. If you sit back and take anything for granted, then you deserve what you get and we certainly can’t afford another 4 years of misery and neither can Israel. Having Obama in the White House was a true ONESH from Shamayim.


    Unfortunately he still has a decent chance of winning. There are millions of democrats who will blindly vote for him no matter what. The majority of college students are liberal thanks to all of the liberal professors.


    I want him to win so that he leaves the White House in 2016 a broken shell of a man, responsible for the utter discrediting of his shallow ideals and of his party that is now a European socialist party.

    The Republicans have no one good, and if their candidate is elected on a spite Obama platform, his successor will be another Obama or worse. Letting Obama win again (which is what happened in 2008 – McCain was a hopeless case) allows the Republicans to find another Reagan while the Democrats end up as disdained as Harding or Grant.

    ☕️coffee addict

    I don’t think so, unless a miracle or calamity happens


    PBA: There’s one more that you forgot. Our dear Dr. Hall. Unless you think that he fits into your third group.

    The Repubs need to put up a quality individual; someone with no skeletons in his closet. Because you know that an Obama scandal get put in the public media for a half day, and a republican scandal gets beaten to death daily. There has to be nearly nothing on such a person. He also has to be really naturally likable. That way, maybe some of you fence sitters will see through the media painting of the GOP winner as some sort of ogre. Also the ideological purists on the right (TEA party types, including thye one and only Rush) have to not let the perfect become the enemy of the good and decent.

    The repubs in general beat him comfortably now. But once it is pinned down to a specific induhvidual, each one has his own private mum that makes it more difficult to compete.

    A single candidate that can overcome all that doesn’t really exist in the group of people out there today. The closest one, IMHO, would be Mike Huckabee, who regretably did not get in.

    So yes, I think there is a chance that Obama can lose, but we should not be overconfident. There are hoards of people out there who are unemployed, but love Obama, because he gives them unemployment benefits, rather than getting his regulatory bodies out of the way, and allowing those same people to get a productive job.


    600 Kilo Bear- Thats pretty twisted logic. We want him the heck out of there before he does irreversable damage to this country with his old, brainless cronies Pelosi and Reid.

    Gumball- Why dont you speak up in class and voice your question to your teacher? The only way you will learn is by asking questions, and I dont mean in the CR.


    Ah yes, and the fourth group is our dear Dr. Hall.

    We can expand it and say academia.

    I will denigrate academia a different time, when I don’t have to be insulting Dr. Hall.


    600 kilo,

    IF Obama is CH”V reelected, by 2016 the banana republic formerly known as the USA will be beyond repair by any reincarnation of Ronald Reagan.

    Oh, and Obama wouldn’t leave as a broken man. He would leave with his head up high, proud of having destroyed the evil USA single handedly.

    yaakov doe

    Considering the quality of the Republicans seeking the office, he will probably win. You’d think that their leadership would find a candidate that has a chance instead of the current field.


    Yungerman – I fear that if he gets out of there now and is replaced by a mediocre Republican, he will come back in another incarnation (perhaps Pelosi herself) in 2016 or 2020. I would not say what I am saying if I saw a clear leader among the Republicans.

    Better to let the rot fully expose itself, fester and then die a clear death than to get rid of it part-way and then have it come back. If he gets in again, he faces at least one Republican house and will not get much done anyway. That is why he will leave a broken man with everything he stands for finally discredited.

    Charlie Hall is in group 1. His continued employment depends upon continued public funding of scientific research that can and should be farmed out to India for better and cheaper results. That is assuming his work is even necessary. Trimming funding for useless research is something neither party has ever done, but it is long past time.


    I dont think he will win re-elections…Lets hope that will be true!!

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