Will Rabbis have a better place in the world to come then regular people?

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    Will Rabbis have a better place in the world to come then regular good frum people who were not Rabbis or Torah teachers? Please provide sources. I really want to know.


    HKBH will judge each of us according to His expectations of us. Don’t worry about whether or not a rabbi will have a better afterlife than you. Worry about living the best life you can so that you can be a source of pride and nachas to your Creator.

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    there are countless stories where a simple layman will sit right next to a chassidishe rebbe


    No, everyone is judged in olam haba solely based on their free-will, so no one will be able to have any claim against his fellow that he or she had an unequal advantage in olam hazeh.

    See derech hashem


    Tachtonim Elyonim, Elyonim Tachtonim


    homer, that gem in pesachim specifically says that authentic talmidei chachamim that are elyonim beolam hazeh will also be elyonim beolam haba. the elyonim you are referring to are the well-to-do misers, inauthentic rabonim etc.

    catch yourself

    ?? ??? ????????? explains that ???? as follows:

    ?????? ????? are ??????? because of their accomplishments. People who did not reach their level of scholarship or observance are ???????.

    This is true even in the ???? ????.

    Nevertheless, in the ???? ????, the ??????? can be ???? because, as a result of their family, background, etc., they did not have to work as hard to achieve what they did. The ??????? can be ????? because they had to overcome great obstacles to reach as far as they did.

    The lesson of the ???? is, simply, ???? ???? ????.


    The mishna (Hoyrius 3,8) says that even a mamzer talmid chocham is greater than a kohen gadol who is an am ha’aretz. Obviously then, the most prized quality is gadlus b’torah. I don’t think semicha is the operative.


    Rabbis get front-row seats to all concerts in the next world. Anyone who owns, directly or indirectly, more than 5% of a company that engaged in casino gambling has to clean the toilets in the next world.


    Everyone will have a place according to what they accomplished in this world, but only Hashem knows what your challenges are and how hard they are for you.


    I always thought Egged bus-drivers get the best mansions in olam habah because they get everyone in the bus to say viduy and shema.

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