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    Among the clauses of the agreement being formed with Otzma Yehudit will be a law that states that incitement against the ultra-orthodox public will be considered racism.

    Rotter, 12.21.22


    Not unless they radically change how judges and prosecutors are hired. For example, “Jim Crow” was always illegal but nothing happened until post-World War II when the justice system finally started enforcing existing laws. The social reality (and this impacts on changes to the Law of Return to sharply cut the rights of secular “Jews”), is that the ultra-secular, anti-Torah elite run things.


    The front page of ‘Calcalist’ from ‘Yediot Ahronoth’ this morning was smeared with blatant incitement against ultra-Orthodox: “Secular pays 6 times [sic] more taxes than ultra-Orthodox” | A particularly anti-Semitic cartoon was published in Haaretz newspaper The ultra-Orthodox are furious: “I despise your hatred. It will only unify us more”

    Yisrael Lefkowitz, B’Chadrei Chareidim, 3rd Tevet 5783 12/27/2022
    The Calcalist newspaper from Yedioth Ahronoth published a cover this morning (Tuesday) that was all blatant incitement against the ultra-Orthodox public. Under the headlines: “The hard numbers of inequality in the burden – a secular pays 6 times more (sic) taxes than an ultra-Orthodox”, trending data are presented with the aim of stimulating the discourse of incitement in Israel and targeting it against the ultra-Orthodox public. The outgoing Prime Minister, Yair Lapid, jumped at the chance and tweeted: “It’s time to wake up.”

    Mishpacha magazine editor Aryeh Ehrlich commented on this: “After the megafadeha with the Pegasus fake news, someone at ‘Calcalist’ is thinking of becoming a bytone with an anti-Semitic flavor against populations in Israel. Bonus: the casting of Shahar Ilan, an anti-Orthodox “activist” who for years has been traveling between associations and newspapers to spread From his teaching. I am an ultra-Orthodox who pays 6 times more taxes than many secularists and I despise your hatred. It will only unify us greater.”

    Ehrlich also wrote: “The figure is distorted and made up of a tangle of assumptions and generalizations. It is clear that those who earn a higher salary pay higher taxes. How many ultra-Orthodox are accepted into public service? An attempt to paint populations and create a presentation as if if you are ultra-Orthodox you are exempt from tax and if you are secular you pay 6 times as appropriate Less for the press, more for the Israel Beitenu newsletter.”

    Media personality Israel Cohen said on Gali Israel radio this morning: “The amount of incitement and fake news being spread against the ultra-Orthodox in recent days exceeds all limits and I hope that the educated public will know not to buy this nonsense.”

    Media expert Avi Greenzeig wrote: “To the attention of the Calcalist editors, you missed a small square of empty space in which you could have pushed another juicy headline about the ultra-orthodox.”
    The media person David Hacham wrote: “Calcalist is just a cheap imitation of [Haaretz’s] De Marker, Israel’s incitement newspaper. What a fake!!! And to the point: it is certainly not true. But if it is possible to incite, then why not throw us to the dogs?”

    Journalist Avi Ravina wrote: Gafni: “Some ultra-Orthodox contacted me and said they are asking for a refund from the tax authority, because today there was an article in ‘Calcalist’ that a secularist pays 6 times more taxes than an ultra-Orthodox. Because they pay taxes and income tax according to the law and there is no such thing as an ultra-Orthodox paying less, everything A lie. The ultra-Orthodox pay like everyone else, I say to all reporters and politicians, we are not afraid of you.”

    The left-wing newspaper ‘Haaretz’ was also not left behind and published an anti-Semitic and nasty cartoon by the cartoonist Amos Biederman in which the secularist is seen carrying the ultra-Orthodox on his tired shoulders.


    They may be haters they are, but it may also be a fact that some groups pay less than others. Answering “Because they pay taxes and income tax according to the law” is a dishonest misdirection.

    How do you bring sholom between these worrying parties?
    Either you need to convince the chilonim that your spiritual contribution is worthy his tax contribution or simply reduce taxes for everyone, use private contributions to maintain your society. In both cases, you can then hope to bring other Israelis closer to the Torah.



    The issue is not “taxes.” Did you even see the hate cartoon?

    Are you serious? Of course hate has always an ADJUSTED excuse.


    You make it sounds as if there are just “two sides” and not radicals inciters in the media, that inflame emotions.


    Former MK Yitzhak Pindrus: “The secular public in Jerusalem lives at the expense of the ultra-Orthodox and not the other way around”
    “The secular public in Jerusalem lives at the expense of the ultra-Orthodox, and not the other way around, because the big money comes from rich people from outside the country. The young and secular neighborhoods are exempt from the ‘Improvements levy’ because they need to be strengthened. Where do they come from? Of all the American doss, my uncles, who came from the US and raise the levies”


    Dr. Gadi Taub: “Haaretz” is an anti-Semitic newspaper
    Dr. Gadi Taub in an interview with Orna Yashar a day after the Haaretz newspaper decided to stop publishing his column

    Tov News Staff, 01/26/2023

    “It was like an admission of weakness,” says Dr. Gadi Taub, “I wouldn’t have expected a newspaper to want to do something like that, instead of answering – you are excommunicating. The newspaper “Haaretz” worked on a massive deception of the public. He set up a wall of lies within which his big pages will hide the reality, they cannot afford someone to make a hole in this screen.”

    When asked why he wrote in the newspaper in the first place, Dr. Taub answers: “I wanted to influence those on the margins but not completely poisoned, on intelligent people… Although the newspaper is against the Zionist enterprise, an anti-Semitic newspaper, provides fuel for anti-Semitic fires in the world, neo-Nazi websites quote from it.”

    Taub explains why exactly now he was fired: “The elite in Hysteria, they are not saving democracy, they are trying to save their rule. We live in an insane regime. This is the end of their rule. This is a decisive battle between a Deep State and a Democratic State.”

    Adds Dr. Taub and says: “Publishing my article would have exposed the lie to a lesser extent than my dismissal. I was glad that they are telling the truth – we are not ready to tolerate your opinions. They protect democracy by saying that it is not allowed to express other opinions and that is not so democratic.”


    ישראל כהן @Israelcohen911

    מפירות ההסתה: ילד חרדי בן 12 הלך הערב לתומו ברחוב השומר בבני ברק, לפתע ניגשה אליו אשה חילונית בתנועה מאיימת, ירקה עליו בפניו תוך שהיא שואגת: “הנה עוד חרדי מסריח”. הילד ממרר בבכי, בטראומה קשה, והאשה האלימה ממשיכה לה בדרכה.

    Feb 5, 2023

    From the fruits of the incitement: a 12-year-old ultra-Orthodox boy went to his death this evening on Hashomer Street in Bnei Brak, suddenly a secular woman approached him with a threatening gesture, spat in his face while roaring: “Here’s another sti..ing ultra-Orthodox”. The child cries bitterly, in severe trauma, and the violent woman continues on her way.


    I don’t think you read that last paragraph thoroughly before posting it.


    @YinonMagal tweeted Mar 6 ’23:

    Leftist and Kumi Israel activist saw a Haredi. This is what came out of their mouths (why didn’t Hi…r finish…):

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