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    I am so sad. Israel is in danger. This country is very liberal. Do we have any hope?

    Hashem help!


    Israel is finished. Prepare to be a Palestinian citizen.

    yossi z.

    Sure. Drop America and go to Israel. Aid it to stand on its own without foreign aid. Enforce the state and make that the world superpower. After all it’s the country that supports the Jews that usually becomes world power. I mean look back as far as golus Mitzrayim.


    Why would you “drop America and go to Israel” if you’re concerned for Israel’s relationship with the United States?

    “Aid it to stand on its own without foreign aid” means to move to Israel? Really? Given the billions of dollars that Israel needs to spend just to stay alive in that neighborhood, may Hashem protect all His children, nothing short of a major change, like Sheldon Adelson’s changing the media there, will have any positive effect on Israel’s bottom line.

    The rest of your post essentially indicates that it’s better to remain and vote in the United States for someone else next time. The support for Yahadus in this medina shel chessed is nothing to take for granted and, in the United States, the typical person on the street all the way up through the government, actually respects religion. Unlike Israel.


    4 more Yors. Get ready to pay either a fine if you can’t afford medical care or extreme high insurances fees for much less medical care. It will be like China where they have medical/dental clinics that are much cheaper than the other medical care, but you don’t need to be licensed to work in these clinics. Also, No more round the clock medicine. 9-5 unless it’s a life threating emergency.


    Everything Hashem does is for our best. But then again, we can say that about Hitler YS”V too.

    mrs. Katz

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    HaKatan – he is right as our Rav told us the Chofetz Chaim wrote that at the end of days the “she’eiris hapleitah” (not sure but might mean frum yidden) in E”Y will be the safest. Even in the holocaust E”Y was scared but ended up the safest as well.


    I cried all night. I don’t know what will be of this country. Gay marriage /being openly gay will be the new norm, anyone who isn’t in favor of it will be shunned, israel is finished may Hashem protect them. Just wait and see, Obama’s immigration policy is going to ruin this country, he will probably take down the border fences and I am not kidding. The only solace I can find is that in 4 years he will have messed us up so badly that the Republicans will win in a landslide.


    Enjoy WIC and SCHIPS, but don’t plan to open a business (well, great for a kollel family, so why complain).

    Obama’s more liberal on immigration, so they’ll let in the frummies from Eretz Yisrael if the zionists start kicking them out (and without a strong exceptional America, this may be a good time to start shorting Israeli long term bonds). Expect better relations with the Christians as they start adjusting to being a fellow persecuted minority, rather than an persecuting majority.


    OK, so we have to deal with the candidate that won. I’ve heard time and again that Obama would not be the ideal president. Being easily persuaded in things i dont really know much about, i was wondering if my fellow CR posters can help me understand why we may be in trouble with this prez.


    In Whose Hand is the hearts of kings and princes again?

    We seem to have forgotten.


    Now what do we do? Exactly what we should have been doing the last 4 years, and as we should be doing if Romney had won instead. Daven for Hashem’s protection and learn, Li’shma, His Torah fervently and passionately. We voted. We did whatever was humanly possible to do. But to be either euphoric or depressed because of an election outcome borders on Avodah Zorah. I’ve spent years rebutting the view of most Jews that liberalism and the Democratic party are “Torah mi’Sinai.” But the same is true of those who think that conservatism and the Republican party are “Torah mi’Sinai.” There is only one G-d, and He is calling the shots as to the kind of world we have to rise to. The message of last night that our ultimate vote, first, last, and always, must be to try to think of what Hashem wants and to act accordingly.


    “The heart of a king is in the hand of Hashem” (Mishlei 21:1.) What a ruler actually does while in office is up to Hashem. So we should pray, do teshuvah, do other mitzvos, etc. And try to influence government policy the best we can, though without wasting time on activism that won’t make any different.

    We should also try to influence American society to get closer to Torah values and practices — all of them (that are relevant to non-Jews), not just the ones Republicans seem to care about. That’s how we’re supposed to be a light to the nations — spreading the truth of the Torah to everyone (see Horeb by Rav Hirsch).

    Israel is not “finished.” The status quo continues: Obama, and the rest of the world, advocate for a Jew-free Palestinian state, and Israel makes slight concessions but does what it wants, knowing that the two-state solution is never going to happen. The hearts of Israel’s rulers are in the hands of Hashem too.


    MorahRach -“Just wait and see, Obama’s immigration policy is going to ruin this country, he will probably take down the border fences and I am not kidding.”

    Wake up and smell the coffee. This has happenned long ago. The problem is the Libs control the media and the Gov. The media looked and found one case of fraud with a broken machine that the vote went to Romney. Noone pays atention to the Dems side. The Dems have long been using dead voters for themselves, but now they have the Hispanic vote. All the experts say Hispanics will be the majority group here in 2045. Even right now they are a big voting block. It’s not a coincidence that the Pres. decided not to deport any illegal Hispanics under 30 yo. They obviously got them to vote for Obama.

    “But how could they vote they’re illegal?” The same way I see that they get Driver licenses, own vehicles registered in the US, get every social program, and send their kids to public school, even though they aren’t citizens. The US has been a third world country since Clinton was Pres.


    torah613613torah +1,000,000,000,000


    torah613613torah: We are always in His hands. Doesn’t mean its easy to accept the current and likely forthcoming hardships.

    Bitachon isn’t enough at this point. We need to daven For Hashem to rip up the gezeiros that were written against us.


    Morah Rach

    You watched Rabbi Wallersteins recent shiur at Chazaq on Torahanytime?


    Thanks oneofmany and uneeq – we do indeed.

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