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    If you ask the average Beis Yaakov girl the most important thing to get rid of for Pesach, they will tell you crumbs. There is nothing wrong with having inconsequential crumbs in your house, as long as you don’t eat them. Women go way overboard cleaning for Pesach, to the extent that they get overwhelmed and extremely stressed out, when in reality, everything but the kitchen should be a breeze. To quote Rav Chaim Pinchus Scheinberg, Pesach cleaning shouldn’t be any harder than cleaning for shabbos. I think a womans education program should be set in place to help combat these misguided notions about Hilchos Pesach, and to restore some Simchas Yom Tov.


    While you’re at it, you may also want to explain that it is not assur to serve, even at a Yom Tov seuda, a kugel with less than three layers or a cake with less than sixteen.

    And, surprisingly, neither Simchas Yom Tov nor Shalom Bayis will be ruined if there are less than a dozen choices of main dish at one meal.

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    To quote Rav Chaim Pinchus Scheinberg Last Wednesday was his 3rd Johrzeit. He passed away exactly 1/2 a year to the day from his birthday on Ellul 27th, as passed away on Adar 27th. Is there any special significance to passing away on a 1/2 birthday?

    Letakein Girl

    How very condescending of you.

    I don’t think that the average Baus Yaakov girl is that misguided. We do learn Halacha, you know.


    Ok, we’ll admit that a large portion of Pesach cleaning is spring cleaning. But who wants to clean for Pesach and then two weeks later do it all over again, just minus the crumb search? Also, if you dont clean the walls by Pesach, they will likely NEVER get cleaned! Unscrubbed walls! Forever! I’m being serious, its a scary thought! Trust me, when you clean them, after five, ten years or so, the schmatta will be black! Besides, even if we know 100% that there is no chometz, its still feels good to go into yomtov knowing that the whole house has been thoroughly cleaned. It makes us happy. The craziness and stress is unwarranted, true. Make a plan/schedule that includes the whole family and promise a treat if everyone helps out! Pizza on the sidewalk bedikas chometz night?


    THIS IS A TRUE STORY! (unfortunately)

    A busy mother, after spending a long time cleaning for Pesach, spotted her small son eating a wafer(!) in a room that had already been cleaned.

    When she admonished him, he replied, “it’s okay – I first made sure it had no crumbs on it”


    Jewish Thinker

    Personally, I wish there was still batel bshishim for chametz.


    Women have Yiras SHamayim and want to go lifnim mishuras hadin, more than the letter of the law. What’s the big deal?



    Were that the case then you might have a valid point. But firstly, putting oneself through a lot of agmas nefesh to do an unecessary task negates the positives here. I can think of numerous examples when undue trouble was gone to to do a completely useless task as far as chometz is concerned. And of plenty of cases when the motivation was mainly spring cleaning. The issurim are baal yeroah and baal yemotzeh. Cleaning a table which is used for chometz is good. Upending an entire room simply for the purpose of re-arranging it is not. What I’m questioning here is the lack of knowledge applied to the task, the motivation of many, who want a perfectly clean house, as opposed to a chometz free one, and those who put others to unecessary trouble to achieve the above aims. Technically, very little is needed to be done. A thorough search, and a good clean of areas chometz is eaten in. This shouldn’t take more than a few hours altogether. A bit further than that, i.e. lifnim meshuras hadin, is still far less than most put themselves through. Not that I’ve got anything against spring cleaning. But at least be honest about what’s for G-d’s sake and what’s not.


    “Lifnim mishuras hadin” is unfortunately overused and misunderstood. A chumra which has no basis isn’t “Lifnim mishuras hadin”, it is stupidity. Somebody who sits in the succah while raining is called a ?????, not a ?????.

    When the Chazon Ish saw people making Chumras which had no halachic basis, he would inform them they were wasting their time. They would reply, “Well, it can’t hurt!” He told them that he knew a man who would walk around with eye glasses that had no lenses in – just the frame. When people asked him whats the point, he would shrug – “Well, it can’t hurt!”


    Wearing glasses without lenses can hurt a lot.

    Crumbs are the enemy all year round. Pesach time you clean, so you see them.


    Its quite simple.

    Women did not work in mitzrayim. Hence, they were not freed from slavery. Hence, they need to work.


    sirvoddmort: Women know perfectly well what is spring cleaning and what is Pesach cleaning. It’s just that while you’re doing one, you may as well do the other.

    And PBA, it’s because women had to do men’s jobs, so they couldn’t clean like they wanted, and the Mitzrim’s homes always had crumbs in the corners. So now they are making up for it.


    There is a halacha saying you should not laugh at women cleaning

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