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    I don’t understand this discussion at all. I personally worked and still working since and before I even got married. But it’s NOT a woman’s responsibility at all and the husband signed in the kesuva that he is taking care of the parnassa. The woman also doesn’t force her husband to give birth to children if it’s too hard for her!! That’s her responsibility and bringing in parnassa is his. Not because I always managed to work while tskim Go care of kids and house, I expect the same from other woman.


    To ujm: I had no idea you were a grandparent, if that is what you implied. Kollel – one subject, essential, but one subject. “Career training” and “education” are not the same, not there is anything wrong with either. So, as I guessed, you have an education of a 19-year-old.


    CS: I’m sure that none of your bubbes were CSWs, RNs, had a double matters — or even a single masters, for that matter. In fact, I’m willing to wager that your own mother had none of those as well. Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if your own wife had none of these higher education papers hanging on her wall. Am I right or am I right, dear CS?

    So what’s your Rebbishe stock gotta do with the Brooklyn Bridge? I assure you that none of your Rebbishe ancestors encouraged any of this. Indeed, I’m sure they’d all rather see you using a flip phone than a smartphone. So you’re not following in their ways yet trodding them out as props to support your positions that they oppose. Putting on vayser zucken sounds like a wardrobe stylistic choice in this case rather than any heartfelt commitment to the ideals.

    mrmwlf: Yasher Koach.

    huju: Kollel is not “one subject”, it is Kol HaTorah Kula. What my secular master’s and doctoral disciplines were in is irrelevant, but they were in two separate programs.


    Hulu; are you implying that philosophical or ideological conclusions reached solely from one’s intensive Torah study without an admixture of secular education are inferior to the perspective of one who has received a thorough education in secular studies?

    Toras Hashem temimah. That is precisely the alikorsus Rav Boruch Ber in birkas shmuel end of kidushin is referring to. That there is some sort of greater understanding besides Torah. Pi le’oznaim shekach shomos, oi lehem librios mayelboneh shel Torah.

    anonymous Jew

    Noone has ( unless I missed it ) the 2 major reasons for wives going to work:

    1. The kolel system. Unless one or both parents are providing support, somebody has to bring in income while the husband is learning
    2. Yeshiva tuition. In my experience, yeshivas are reluctant to grant reductions in tuition to enable the mother to stay home

    Reb Eliezer

    When I took chemistry, I asked my teacher, why do I have to know this? He told me to see the greatess of Hashem’s creation, a miniature solar system in every atom. We understand the first Daroshos Haran how a tzibur gets formed. Every individual has deficiencies which another individual fulfills thereby creating a unity which cannot be broken. Water is made up of oxygen and hydrogen which shares the electeons which oxygen is missing. I heard pshat in the meaning of בורא נפשות רבות וחסרונן indicatung this that Hashem created humans with deficiencies which Hashem and other humans fulfill.


    RebE, thanks for the story.

    CS, if we are doing Yichus here, when my grandmother O’H was in Petersburg Empress’ school for girls (before going to college in Germany), her father arranged for a Rabbi to come and teach her when the school had their religious studies, and other Jews there joined also.


    @UJM. how about this, my grandmothers both went to public school both here and in poland, without giving away too much info, she was related to both Sara Schniner and the Kolishitzer Rav. My mother has a secular teachers license, my wife by choice did not purse a degree because she is not a bookworm.
    FYI tottaly not relevant to this discuss but I use a flip phone by choice, not because the Rabbunim assured it. so ur 4 for 4 on making wrong assumptions almost as good as your buddy AAQ


    common, curious – what were “public schools” in Poland before WW2? I listened with kids to a bunch of Ellis Island interviews, and all Jews were like – We did not have enough money for school before, and here I was able to go to a high school for free …


    “Putting on vayser zucken sounds like a wardrobe stylistic choice in this case rather than any heartfelt commitment to the ideals.”
    My kids send the kids to mainstream chasidisher schools such a Bobov, Pupa, SKver, Vitsnitz.
    They are not chilled in the least and live the life of a echter chasidisher shteeb.

    PS the number two person in the East Ramapo CSD special ed department is a Halberstam whos huband and father both have big shuls

    Reb Eliezer

    Many chasiddish clothes, (long beard, long payes, white socks, long garb etc.) was worn to protect against assimilation. They bring a proof to wear long garb from the clothes borrowed by the Jews in mitzraim were put on the children as it was too short for them but it could be that the children being clothed comes first.

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