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    Anyone know of some great women speakers in the NY area?

    Think first

    Rebetzin yungreis


    Dr. Biberfeld

    Rebbetzin Jaeger

    Mrs. Kaisman

    a mamin

    Rebetzin Dina Fink

    Be Happy

    Mrs. Devoirele Blau


    Chevi Garfinkel

    Alti Bukalov

    Rebbetzin Ruthy Assaf

    Rebbetzin SHira Smiles

    Mrs. Aviva FIner


    and racheli shaifer


    Alti is the best:) Good friend of mine


    musicaldignity, shes a fairly new no? and very young good for a teenage audience! she had some stories in the Jewish Press look her up, http://www.jewishpress.com/sections/magazine/teens-twenties/as-a-friend/2012/01/30/


    omg i heard alti bukalov speak a few times… a real treasure I tell you. She’s amazing! Look out for her! She’s taking over teh female jewish community by storm! Like legit! Anyway, totally hire her for whatever event you need a speaker or writer for…. You don’t want to miss out on an oppurutinty like that and in a year she’ll probably be booked for twenty years. Beleive me, shes beyond amazing!


    ultimate – when did you you hear her speak?


    musicaldignity- i bet u ultimates heard alti plenty times. and besides, you dont even need her opinion. u ahev mine. alti rocks.


    i heard her speak over pesach and yes i totally agree a real treasure! Happens to be she started working on a book recently hopefully it will be available soon!


    No way! She’s writing a book? Whats it called? omigosh whats it about? i didnt know that! ultimate how did you know that? are u sure? OMIGOSH ITS GONNA BE A BESTSELLER!


    well when i heard her i talked ot her afterwords and i asked some questions and she said oh thats something I was going to discuss in my book. she told me its going to be a book for regular main stream teenagers and discussing some nisyonos they go through. not extreme otd issues more like normal girls, not sure what her title will be but ya i totally agree it will be a bestseller!


    i have sat through quite a few speeches of her’s and let me tell you, she is deffinately something special. she is not only really holy but understands people really well, after her s[eeches i always go over to talk to her and she’s always so warm and understanding. i didnt know she was comingo ut wuth a bookj but am really excited, the topic sounds incredibly interesting and from someone like her i can only imagine how wonderful it will be.


    I never heard of her.. Where’s she from?


    i think east coast…but she might speak all over?


    she is from the tri state area i believe


    ya i heared she’s connected to Rabbi YY Rubenstien


    idk y but theyre not letting me post her email but ya shes from ny and rlly answrs hashkafa qs rlly well cuz she connects rlly well with young ppl especially being young herself. definatly sum1 to get in touch with! she spoke in MHS today for Rosh CHodesh and i think they liked her..

    edited: You never know who is reading this site. Posting phone numbers and emails is not the smartest thing to do. Most people who come here are ehrlich but this is not a private site.- Mod.



    i think of heard of her sometime-not sure when though.

    i think i was gonna go to one of her speeches, but something came up and my plans changed.

    but i think she’s supposed to be good


    Ok, I’m always the person who knows everything. I know everything about every person. If her shoes matched her outfit and if her stockings had a run – i know it all. (And only if your good will you be able to get it out of me ;). Some people even have the nerve to call me a “hocker”. But amazingly, I’ve never heard of Rebbetzin Bukalov… I, for once feel out of the loop. I can’t believe this is happening!

    Please give me more info about her immediately!

    What are her favorite colors, her hobbies etc.

    My Appreciation.


    from her speeches it seems like she like skiing n hiking n extreme sport type of stuff she rites too (check out her jewish press stories i put one link)ummm she sed her fav color is green n i wudnt no if her shoes always match but that not all that counts! so yentaoftheblock hope this helps but btw i dont think she goes by rebbetzin


    yentaofftehblock- shes quite amazing, but not a rebitzen.

    gorgeous101- i heard that too!

    ultimateskier- U HAVE HER EMAIL???


    I googled her for her number so she could speak in the school i teach in, and i didnt find any indication that shes a real speaker i got some weird results


    ya i have her email but as u see its not safe to post so idk maybe try google+ing her though idk if she rlly uses it…


    apparently she makes some sort of halacha slideshow and sends them to schools … i found it on google… How can i possibly get in touch with her to find out more?


    shkoyach- prob cuz shes a teenager which is y most teens rlly connect so idk if ull find her # online but u shud still try finding sumtin cuz she can still speak in ur skewl


    i think its amazing how all you guys know her…i just spoke to her a few days ago and she told me about the book she is writing, sound really interesting. She is extremely appealing to the teenage audience who need someone to identify with. She is not one of those types who seems out of touch with what she is speaking about. I wish her the best of luck in the future!


    Wow. She sounds like a fruitful addition to the wonderful society of Heimishe Female speakers.

    Baruch Hashem.

    I have a Random Shailah, doesn’t really connect to the noseih but does anyone know what this young youthful ehrliche Rebbetzin thinks about Zionism?


    A friend of mine wants her to come speak in L.A. – think she would? and Yentaoftheblock, i don’t know, get in touch with her and ask her…

    pro brooklyn

    Yes. I hear Alti has gone viral. She is an inspiration the world over!

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