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    So many beautiful dresses to buy, but it’s always something else. Either the collar is too low, the back is completely cut out, and if there are any, the sleeves are see-through. I’m trying to dress modestly, but it’s so difficult to find fashionable clothing that is tzniut.

    Where do you purchase dresses that are both beautiful, trendy, fashionable etc. and modest?

    Thank you


    Why are you assuming women buy tznius dresses?


    Most of the problems you mentioned can be solved if you don’t mind wearing a shell underneath. Although I think I read in the CR that Rabbi Falk objects if the dress isn’t “Kosher” to begin with, most women I know don’t follow this ruling.

    Little Froggie

    Being a good hand at sewing certainly helps. You buy if you can pull up the neck, lengthen the bottom etc. Frogette does it all the time.


    I think it depends on whether a dress just happens to be not tznius or was designed with bad intentions.


    I have the same problem. While I will wear a shell underneath to make a neckline a little higher or for sleeves, I don’t buy dresses that have cutouts, dips in the back, v-necks or very low necklines in front, etc. It makes for an extremely difficult time.

    What I try to do is find a dress that’s workable- meaning, it has enough material in most places, but needs to be lengthened a little. Then I’ll buy material and add to the bottom. It’s expensive, but with my standards of tznius and also my desire to look nice (not trendy, but put together and attractive), it seems to me to be the only way.

    Lord and Taylor sometimes has good sales on dresses that are “less problematic.” Nordstrom is very popular among frum people, but I always wonder why, since most of their dresses have weird cutouts and are also extremely expensive. Some of the frum stores can have dresses without the cutouts that “only” need a hem down.


    “designed with bad intentions”

    what type of kavana is required in the manufacture of dresses?


    nordstrom is awesome and you can get things at their rack for great prices


    APY: Some dresses are designed to look immodest, even if technically they follow the rules of tznius. That’s “designed with bad intentions”. You know it when you see it.


    “Some dresses are designed to look immodest”

    so, you are saying that if one alters in some way the original product it is not tznius despite said alterations? wouldnt it really depend on the ultimate finished product one wants to wear?


    APY: If the dress is cut so that it is very close fitting on the body – not too small, just made to be tight, then if you add material to widen it, fix the neckline, lower the hem, etc, I don’t think you have anything resembling the original dress, but rather your own creation.


    i always find dresses on nordstrom, saks or neiman marcus. it might need a little fixing but its worth all the money to be tzniut


    As long as you don’t mind a shell/sweater and/or skirt, I’ve had luck at Lord and Taylor, Macy’s, Nordstrom (super expensive, though), etc.

    You don’t even necessarily need a skirt under anymore- longer dresses are coming back in. It’s amazing. (I’m lucky enough in this area to be on the shorter side, though…)


    Ann Taylor it just needs a bit of tailoring and sometimes even not!! Why not try Jewish stores? Fame, blew


    Here is a store dedicated to tznius and the owner is a real Bar Tzeduka https://www.junees.com

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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