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    I can’t use my oven for Pesach but would like to utilize the stovetop as much as possible. The Wonder Baker evidently has been discontinued but does anyone know anyone who might have some old stock? Thanks!


    what’s a wonder baker?

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    a wonder baker looks rather like a tube pan (like for an angel cake or a Bundt pan); [unlike a bundt, some come with a fitted lid that has several vents or holes, all around its circumference]. it sits on a flat metal ring that is meant to be used as a heat-distributor that is placed on a gas flame. & you bake on a very low flame. thus, it’s something like a stove-top oven for people who have kitchen burners but not an oven. we always used it exclusively to bake cakes.

    I’m a little surprised to hear that they’re discontinued, but actually not so much… there is such a variety of Pesach cakes sold these days, albeit pricey.

    my shvigger, a’h, always baked a wonder baker cake for my DH as his birthday is the 2nd day of Pesach. after she was niftar, I &/or my daughters would bake him one or more… always a challenge/tricky cuz the cake’s made from eggs that if not whipped up properly & baked properly, has an eggy-custard consistency. for the last couple of yrs. I’ve bought a shmancey looking store-bought for him, but he appreciates much more the wonder baker cake my (married)daughter makes for him.

    & glad for the info, ursula.. as now I know, for sure, to give the remaining 2 wonder bakers I have to my other daughter & d-i-l. maybe you should check the housewares stores in BP? I don’t know Willi @ all; in Flatbush- the Buzz? g’luck.


    I have one, it’s called a seer pelah in hebrew, translated as WONDER POT. I got mine a long time ago in Israel. Maybe you could buy one on e-bay and kasher it.


    I have ours stored away with my washboard.


    Try Flohrs or Eichlers or the housewares stores in frum neighborhoods.

    Do you find the taste better with the Wonderbaker? Because you can buy a countertop oven in many sizes, and bake a very good cake (in a tube pan) in them. Tube pans just need a bigger countertop oven, and there are big ones for a little over $100.


    I don’t know if the taste is different. The attraction of a wonder baker for me is that it is not electric and works on the stovetop.

    The lady at Wilhelm’s told me she’s planning to give hers to her kids when she’s tired of doing the Pesach baking.


    I came up with a few just do an internet search for stovetop oven in google shopping. Additionally there is another item called a portable camp oven that is the size of a countertop fridge search google shopping you will see both items.

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    when I searched on ebay for ‘wonder baker’ I only saw one ‘vintage 50’s’.


    abcd2–thanks very much!


    If you plan to bake in a wonder baker you might want to skip the whole thing, you can buy a toaster oven big enough to fit in a 9×13 pan for around $50 with very good results just make sure the setting is not on broil when you bake.


    to deizyooger: I think it so you can cook over the gas burner on yom tov otherwise you would be right toaster/convection oven would be good but only for chal hamoed Chag kasher visameach!


    you can cook in a pot, no need for a wonderbaker, the wonderbaker is to make cake wich I assume can be done on erev yom tov or chol hamoyed


    If you are still in need of the Wonder Baker we have one that we are not using anymore and would gladly give it free. We don’t use gebrochts and it has not been used for many years. As we are moving after Pesach we are trying to eliminate any unused household items including Wonder Baker. We are in Boro Park, if you are interested.


    Lia: Thank you so much! That would be great. We’re very close to BP. Can the moderators give me your email or vice versa to get it from you?

    Thanks very much!

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