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    I wrote a Tefilla to Daven on behalf of Agunos. Perhaps people might say this or any another Tefilla for them, i.e. that Hashem, who is the true Matir Assurim, should release them from their hated bonds very speedily. Please send a copy of this to a few people and ask each of them to send it to a few others etc., so that Agunos may take heart and see that people are Davening for them. Hopefully this will give them strength and courage to get through their unbearable suffering until Hashem answers our prayers, speedily.

    Our Beloved Father in Heaven, please see the darkness in the houses of

    Women who are denied their rightful Get

    Being bullied by creatures who believe


    Be forced to bear this excruciatingly dark, depressing and helpless existence

    Forcibly connected to a most hateful human being

    Who uses the bonds of Chuppah and Kiddushin as a smothering weapon


    Tatte Libbe, when these women were young girls, they were taught that You are never far from them – You are our fortress in times of distress, our banner and refuge on the day we cry out

    But now, after their lives have become so intolerable, it appears to us mortals that You are far from them, leaving them in the clutches of their tormentors to inflict suffering forever

    If You will not be their loving, merciful Father now to take them out from sorrow to happiness, who will be their father? There is no one else who can save them

    Please do not forsake them in their greatest moment of vulnerability and need; do not hide Your radiant countenance from them

    Please deliver unto them their personal salvation, from suffering to total relief, so that all will know that nothing stands in the way of Your mercy


    On behalf of the most helpless amongst us

    To take care of their children without accompaniment of constant pain

    And, to dare dream that on some future unbelievably happy day, their family may become complete with a loving mother and step-father together at the same Shabbos table


    Why must these women be forced to see happy couples walking home on Shabbos to their joyous Shabbos table?

    While they must go home where there is no husband/father to sing Zemiros and make Kiddush for the family?

    They wish to be given the opportunity to seek out a husband who will be Mashlim their life and be a dedicated step-father to their children

    But, alas, it is impossible; they must sit at a Shabbos or Yom Tov table with an endless hole in their hearts


    Our beloved Father in Heaven, once these women were radiant Kallahs

    Looking forward to an entire life at the side of their believed Bashert

    But after a few years of heart-breaking existence with a man who turned on them

    They have become broken shards, withering grass and a fading flower

    Oh Hashem will You let it end as this, with no hope for the future

    Life suctioned out of them at the hands of a subhuman narcissist?


    Please Ribbono Shel Olam, in the Zechus of the Imahos Hakedoshim

    Open up Your gates of Mercy and let the tears of these women flow to Your Kisei HaKavod

    As well as our Tefillos on their behalf

    To rid them of their hated bonds to their tormentors

    Oh Hashem, please return our captivity like the springs of the desert

    Return glad song to their lips, may sighs and groans be gone forever


    Until he could get everything he wanted out of his wife,

    Then promptly shattering this shred of hope, when his true personality emerged, dispatching his wife like a cheap sack of potatoes.

    But to add incomparable insult onto injury, he will not allow her to restart her life, by freeing her of the hated bond to him


    Our loving Father, pleas help us throw ourselves at the feet of Your Throne of Mercy to plead for Your mercy on behalf of these women

    How can they go home to their broken house, a prison, even one more time?

    Please look into the hearts of those wishing for unfettering of their bonds and feel their unsoothe-able pain and suffering

    Let it be written one more time “And Hashem saw the children of Israel, and Hashem knew”

    As Rashi interprets: “He set His heart upon them and did not conceal His eyes from them”

    And please collect our Tefillos lovingly and say “My dear daughters, now I will save you”


    Why do You conceal Yourself, do You forget their affliction and oppression?

    For prostrated to the dust is their soul, stuck to the earth is their body

    Arise- assist them. And redeem them for the sake of Your kindness


    Please free these women and set them on the path to find a dedicated, loving and noble partner -the men that you have designated for them, very speedily

    Who will lend to their wives an ever-listening ear, a compassionate heart and ever-replenishing source of energy

    To be a stalwart source of strength, stability, love and personal validation for their wives

    That You should endow their future husbands, with the desire, stamina and peace of mind to be a prodigious giver to their beloved one and a never-ending source of joy to their Aishes Chayil


    Please accept our paltry words and waning strength as we ask You to please free these tragic Agunos forever and soon thereafter to lead them together with their true Bashert

    To under the Chupah and with unlimited strength and peace of mind into life beyond

    That they should be Mashlim each other and bring to each other great Simcha all the days of their life

    To raise their children together to become true Ovdei Hashem with all their hearts

    And that they should open their home to all corners of Am Yisroel to become a haven for the needy and those seeking happiness





    Please compose a Tefila for the real “chained”, namely innocent children who are chained away from their fathers, and fathers who are not getting “parenting time” [a.k.a. visitation] which is their rightful lot.

    Unfortunately for most Agunot, most of them only have themselves to blame, for having withheld “parenting time” from we wonderful fathers, who have so much to offer to our children, using innocent children to fuel hatred.


    147: are you one of those wonderful fathers whose wife is currently an agunah?


    No doubt that there are women who abuse their power with regard to child vistation and other issues pertaining to their estranged husbands. “Control freaks” know no gender bounds. (I know sadly from personal experience since I am a male who gave my wife a Get promptly when she wanted it and now I am getting constantly manipulated in my quest to get the civil divorce.) However, I must stop you when you say “most Agunot only have themselves to blame”. I have no data to support me, but I am sure as one can be that the vast majority of Agunot are innocent victims in dreadful states. Therefore,we must support them in the fullest way, including Tefilla.

    Perhaps you are equally a victim and my heart goes out to you. May Hashem show you mercy and that all your family issues should be resolved L’Tovah in a Mazel-dik time.

    Think first

    May Hashem have mercy on all agunos.

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