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    Please try to prove which is better.


    Home. Just be disciplined.


    It really depends on your job. I’m applying this to a commission based job. Everyone usually wishes for a job that they can do from home. I think once that happens they will realize that it is not the best case. Working from home can seem like it’ll be easier but NO! I understand it’s more annoying to travel, but when you work at home you’re not in an environment to work which can result in a lot of slacking off. There are so many distractions in a house which might cause you to take many breaks. Working in an office, there really isn’t time to take occasional breaks. The distractions at an office is much less than at home. At home, one may occasionally slack off if nothing is really doing and take too many breaks. When one is at an office, when nothing is really going on, they are still at the desk waiting for something to happen. At home, the breaks can be much longer without realizing the time passing by. It really all comes down to your control. If you think you can handle working at home and not taking breaks, that’s awesome but probably not going to happen. At work there is also more motivation to work. Staying in a house all day is not that cool compared to working with others side by side. If one has self-control and self-motivation then working at home could be the option.

    It also depends if you’re married or not. A single should 100% go to an office. It’s too boring in a house and you need to be out there. It can also help you get opportunities and build connections for the future. Staying at home will not get you that far in regards to the future. If you’re married with young kids then I guess you figure out if you can get work done at home or get more work done at an office plus play for a babysitter. What ever makes more sense to you.

    However, a salary job, taking occasional breaks won’t really be an option because otherwise that could be stealing. That is something you have to figure out. Like I said by working at home you will be putting yourself in a tough position because you can’t really be taking many breaks despite nothing going on with your work.

    Hope this helped a little


    for some people there is only a thin line between working at home and sleeping at work.


    Telecommuting is the best of both worlds.


    Better in terms of what?

    Surely working from home provides a better commute.

    Working in an office allows for greater and more productive interaction with your coworkers where it is required.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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