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    Dear frieands from U.S. i would like to hear your piece of mind regarding my situation im writing now from EY just arrived here from ny- boro park finding here a job is not from the easy things & the demand of parnasa is much bigger then in usa so my plan was finding here a job that peaple would really need me to do but becose im new here its hard finding just a standard job 1.the lang. Is new for even tough i mostly understand it but its not enough to work with people talkinig ONLY hebrew so the best idea of what i thought a a over the phone job in US like this im a usfull worker (i can work on hours that thay cant and it pays for them too like this thay have a worker answ. Phone calls around the clock…) so please dear reader let me here your whats on your mind or maybe if you’ve got somthing for me over the phone


    IDT hires English speakers in Israel.


    Don’t know whether they still exist. But I worked at IDT, for 3,5 years. Started less than a month (seriously) after moving to E”Y and stayed there in 3 different projects for a total of 3,5 years. Without them I would never have made it.

    (They had, back then, jobs in not just English but in several other European languages as well – basically, every possible European language. We even had Finnish-speakers!)


    try citybook


    There are people who do work for medical records collections companies. There are also people who do other types of phone call work. You should ask around by your neighbors and see who does what and what you might be interested in.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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