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    I never understood why people (especially in the chinuch/klei kodesh world) always assume that if someone is working (like myself), it automatically means that they are rich and don’t have any financial problems. You always here them say things in that regard, like “oh you work, so you can afford to pay a higher shul membership than mechanchim”. Maybe some people out there who are working are pulling the same amount of money as kollelim pay (and some even less). The kollel people also have government aids to help them out, while most regular working people make too much to get those aids, so if anything, there are cases where these groups actually make more (save more). I am not chv”s knocking kollel/ chinuch people, but am I just trying to figure out a perception out there of why does working = rich.

    Maybe the olam in the CR can help me understand this, if this is the norm all over or maybe its just some of the people I know, that give over this impression.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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