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    What are the worst life hacks?


    Sam Klein

    Drinking alcohol

    Smoking cigarettes

    Gambling your hard earned money and losing it all in a split second

    Look at the gifts Hashem gives YOU in your life and you won’t need these bad hacks in your life to hurt yourself



    Sam, those are not life hacks. Examples of bad life hacks:

    Sick of buttoning your coat? Go to Home Depot and buy some neodymium disc magnets. Sew them onto the coat in pairs so that your coat will close magnetically!

    Bad handwriting? To make your handwriting more intelligible, spell out your numbers and write each letter out fully in a phonetic alphabet. This may be difficult, but it gives people who read your work Charlie Oscar November Tango Echo X-Ray Tango to understand what you meant to say, just like it does when you’re speaking out loud!



    Duct Tape and Rags instead of a proper coat.

    A newspaper over your head instead of an umbrella.

    Washing Mayim Achronim with a cup of expensive scotch instead of water. (And do it on the floor under the table.)

    Parking by a hydrant or double parking instead of parking legally a block away.

    Using plain water instead of Anti-Freeze + water. OR using any wrong fluid in a car instead of the proper one (e.g. Motor Oil instead of Brake Fluid, Diesel Fuel instead of regular unleaded.)


    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    there are a whole bunch of car ones that are literally the worst- don’t try any of these at home:

    Use hot water to quickly de-ice a windshield

    To keep your brakes from sticking oil the rotors

    Add some nails to each tire for better traction on ice

    Put a warm wet towel on your windshield overnight to keep it warm

    Keep your headlights on overnight to keep them from freezing over

    Put sandpaper on your windshield wipers to assist in ice removal

    Loosen your lug nuts in advance in case you end up getting a flat tire

    Block the exhaust pipe with a tennis ball to keep the car warmer (this one is extremely dangerous; for anyone not aware every year there are people who die from not shoveling snow away from the exhaust pipe prior to turning the engine on)



    Want your boss to believe you’re sick? Hire a special effects makeup artist to make you look ill.



    Fry in a foil pan. Use a fork instead of a whisk. Warming up pizza in the microwave.



    Throwing bags of marshmellows at an aufruf instead of those filled with hard candies and walnuts.
    Substituting phony milk shakes for good old fashioned malteds.
    Eating farina and/or Rice Crispies in the morning and calling it breakfast.
    A certain company putting 3 oversalted potato chips in this jumbo air- puffed bag , charging almost 2$$ and labeling it “classic” .
    A museum’s display of a huge painting of a black background and very red in the middle, calling it art and charging $ 25 ” donation”.
    Suckers waiting in line to marvel at said masterpiece, pivoting their heads to various angles to better catch significance and meaning.
    Trying to explain something to some people whose ears have walls.



    … Shul bulletin announcing GALA KIDDUSH, knowing in advance it’ll consist of herring with toothpicks and duet malaga wine.
    …. Heimshe olam invitees all showing on time for a 7:00 sheva brochos call, spoiling all the fun.
    ….. Brooklynite who never shopped at at Pomegranate or Bingo and lives to tell about it.
    If these aren’t hacks, they ought to be.



    – Try adding soda flavoring to a SodaStream bottle prior to carbonating it – ignoring the multiple warnings on both the bottle and machine. A friend actually did this with spectacular results! The bottle exploded, sending soda to every square inch of the entire kitchen.

    – A nephew of mine learned the very hard way why never to try extinguishing an Oil Fire in a frying pan using water. Boruch Hashem he was not harmed, but he did need to buy a new stove and hood, and repair the wall behind it too. In short, the water turns to steam droplets, encapsulated by burning oil. It essentially creates an instant explosive fireball. People have gotten horribly burned by this mistake. Yet it is not something intuitive or so obviously stupid (like some of our other joke hacks,) so many people do not realize the danger. Mitzvah Lefarsem!

    – Put an incandescent lightbulb in the microwave to watch it glow.

    – Put a metal fork in the microwave to watch it spark.

    – Having to throw out the microwave with burnt holes in the walls from those two experiments, including a melted mass of metal that used to be a fork!



    In order to qualify as a life hack, it has to be done for a purpose.


    For less destructive microwave abuse, use a raw egg in its shell.
    (For more destruction, use steel wool.)



    Always running late? Eat breakfast the night before 🙂



    Lying awake at night thinking about your problems? Think about your passwords instead.


    speaking of passwords why are the suggested passwords on websites something like this HK%8okd!9uu who would rremember it?



    Haunted by nightmares of being attacked by stray cats? Volunteer with dogs at an animal shelter, and the cats may avoid you because of the scent.


    Put flour in the cholent to make your pot easier to clean.



    Want to do Purim shtick on the mods successfully? Invent a brilliant new life-changing invention, patent it, and become a billionaire. With a small donation of about $7 million, YWN would probably help with your schtick.

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