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    I am zochech to live on a block (in an area in Eretz Yisroel) where more than 10 frum men can all see each other from their mirpesot (balconies), all more than 10 metres away from each other (or a floor above), with no thoroughfare between us, everything strictly in accordance with all health authority guidelines, and local poskim. According to all the poskim (Ashkenazi) I’ve consulted with or heard from, we are permitted to daven all dvarim b’kedusha.

    If anyone would like me to BE”H say kaddish d’yesomim for you, then please just let me know, or submit a name to try to have in mind, and any particular day (or days).

    (I’m sorry I didn’t think to offer this sooner. I’m not looking for any compensation for this (other than in OH”B), so please just regard this as a service if it is useful to you. If you’d prefer to contact me privately then let me know here and perhaps we can arrange.)

    Brocha, hatzlocha u’brius.


    The porch minyanim were paskined ok in Lakewood as long as they can see each other and keep social distaning, quite a number of rabbonim in Monsey, Brooklyn and Montreal allow porch minyan,
    That being said its a very noble gesture on your part


    What a wonderful thing to do! May we not need it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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